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    I Love You Both.

    Thursday, March 14 2013
    Starr wants revenge on Todd, Molly gets her credit, and Sonny gets through to Connie.

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    Posted by aussie1 at Thursday, March 14 2013 01:54 PM

    Hey, Sonny can have a ménage a trois with Kate & Connie. His very own Bensonhurst sandwich.

    Posted by zphib_96 at Thursday, March 14 2013 01:54 PM

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Okay after "lurking" today, I just had to log in and say: So I guess Sonny's "third leg" is the cure for DID??? Really?? Wow, so instead of wasting Kate/Con's time with all the doctors, all she's needed to do was "turn off the lights and light a candle" because Sonny is in a "sexy mood." His "third leg" is about to work "miracles" and soon Kate/Con will be CURED!!! Whoo-hoo!!

    Really, sometimes I just shake my head at RC...

    Oh yeah, and again, WHY DOESN'T SHAWN HAVE MORE AIRTIME??!! I'm tired of seeing him with the "tweens." This is a GROWN ASS MAN!!! Can he NOT get his own MOJO going in Port Charles??

    **Spoiler talk**
    I'm not liking Sam's "daddy" coming in town either because he and Alexis had this "thing" back in the day. That just means Shawn will get pushed OFF when he is already hanging on a string. Me not likey at all!

    Okay, I'm done; back to my lurking now. Everyone have a great evening!

    Posted by aussie1 at Thursday, March 14 2013 01:57 PM

    zphib, great stuff about Sonny's magic appendage. Funny!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, March 14 2013 01:57 PM


    Did anyone notice that Lulu's appearance is looking more like the new actress Emme Rylan. It's like they are trying to make the transition to the new actress easier.

    Posted by zphib_96 at Thursday, March 14 2013 01:58 PM

    Oh yeah, want to add: if Rafe sticks around, Molly is going to lose her mind and TJ will be left in the dust. For someone who used to be "nerdy" Molly sure has "come up" in the past year. But while she's busy "feeling herself", she needs to remember that it was TJ who took an interest in her when others wouldn't even look her way. I hope the writers don't end up writing both TJ AND Shawn out of Port Charles...that would suck BIG TIME for me.

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, March 14 2013 02:00 PM

    Hello, aussie1, 'my person'. How goes it?

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, March 14 2013 02:01 PM

    Hi, maja. TY

    Posted by zphib_96 at Thursday, March 14 2013 02:02 PM

    aussie1: Thanks! When I read about his "invitation" I was like, really?? I guess Sonny is now the "sex god" of GH.

    I watch Scandal and I really like that show! Shonda Rhimes throws all kinds of monkey wrenches in where you don't know what's coming or going. It's truly a SCANDAL and I LOVE IT!

    Posted by aussie1 at Thursday, March 14 2013 02:12 PM

    Midas, it goes very well my friend. How you doing?

    zphib, no woman can resist Sonny right? Give me a break!

    Yeah, I'm enjoying Scandal. I have about 4 episodes to catch up to then I'll be up to date.

    Posted by maja at Thursday, March 14 2013 02:17 PM

    ot: aussie...LOL..Who could forget Tea's pronunciation of her beloved screech brat's name. Is this the last week we see the OLTL characters on the show? Are is it next week. I wonder what Danni was yelling at Todd about and does that have to do with the sudden departure of Starr, John, & Todd...Speculation: Wonder if Tea is ill.

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