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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    A New Chapter.

    Wednesday, March 06 2013
    Felicia meets Frisco, Spin discovers Ellie’s project, and Kate and Sonny make love.

    Kate apologizes to Sonny at home. She made it easy for Connie to take over but she is ready to start a new life with him. She loves him but is worried he will leave her for Connie. He admits he saw another side to Connie, but he wants to put Connie behind them and be with Kate. She forgives him and they make love. After, he promises her she will be whole and they will never be apart again. When Sonny falls asleep Kate hears Connie in her head. She looks around downstairs and sees her.

    Tracy calls Spin from the Q estate and he assures her the condiment will soon be hers. Meanwhile, Lucy arrives, free from jail. She reminds a shocked Tracy that she still lives there and after her bath they can commence as co-CEOs. Tracy tells her to go to hell – they are both out at ELQ. But she is on to Duke and his accent and when she is done he will learn the hard way what happens when you mess with Tracy. Meanwhile, Lucy is ready to rebuild the nurse’s ball, rescue CoeCoe cosmetics, and reunite with Kevin.

    Spin joins Ellie in the lab and she lets him know she took on an outside project – the relish! She was contracted by AJ to extract the recipe and he asks if she has had success. She wishes she could share her findings with him but the recipe is not hers to share.

    Luke arrives at Scotty and Laura’s hotel room and demands Scotty fess up about sending the phony ice princess to Lulu. Laura thinks it was from Helena, but Luke thinks Scotty blames Lulu for the death of his son and he is here for vengeance. Laura saw Scotty and Lulu make peace and believes he wants to make up for his mistakes. Scotty accuses Luke of wanting Laura for himself. Laura asks Luke to leave but before he goes he warns Scott to stay away from Lulu. Later, Laura wishes Scott wouldn’t goad Luke since they both know he is with Anna now.

    At the Rib, Felicia gets a text from Frisco, who is waiting for her. She grabs a seat at the bar and Kevin and Mac toast to her beauty. They talk about Lucy’s release from jail and expect her to reach out to Kevin soon. Mac thinks they have an unbreakable bond. Felicia gets another text and tells them she has to rush off to a meeting. When she is gone Mac tells Kevin she is lying and off to meet Frisco. He has been after Felicia since he came back to town and Mac worries she is falling for his act. Suddenly, Lucy arrives and apologizes to Kevin for leaving him on the ground outside Ferncliff. She is madly in love with him and if he takes her back she will never mention vampires again. He tells her to shut up and kiss him.

    Anna runs into Frisco at the Metro Court bar and they talk about Duke being back. She wonders if their relationship will always be tainted now because of Faison. Duke arrives and he and Anna grab their own table. He gives her a diamond heart necklace which she tries to turn down because of the cost but he assures her he is living within his means. He places it on her neck and wants to plan a new chapter with her. As they kiss, Laura and Scotty arrive and see them together. Later, the waiter informs Duke his money is counterfeit. Meanwhile, Felicia joins Frisco at the bar and asks him to leave town. He insists he is different and wants to stay. He hasn’t forgotten the bad times, or that today is Georgie’s birthday. He loves his girls and wants to make up the time lost with Felicia and Maxie. He gives her a jewelry box and leaves. Inside, she finds a locket with the same inscription as one he gave her in the past, "Lady Of My Heart."

    Laura and Scott go back to their room. She is disgusted with Anna for cheating on Luke – unless Luke and Anna are not together at all.

    Tracy basks in the silence at home until Luke barges in and tells her Baldwin is up to something. She accuses him of not being able to think clearly around Laura.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Connie tells Kate she doesn’t get her life, or her man.

    John lets Rafe know there are a lot of people pulling for him.

    Molly asks Alexis to take Rafe home with them.

    TJ is worried about Molly.

    Anna wonders if Duke needs to tell her something.

    Laura tracks Luke down at Tracy’s house.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, March 06 2013 12:19 PM

    Sonny's right. There's no reason why Kate should apologize to him. The fact is, both she AND Connie are the victims here. If only Kate could see Connie he way Sonny sees her now, she wouldn't look at that part of herself as something to be hated or ashamed of, and if she could accept Connie, she might regain all of Connie's memories and the feisty, fun part of her personality. She would also remember her last conversation with her son, and the events leading up to his death. It's telling that Connie is aware of everything that Kate does, yet she is able to maintain her own privacy when she is in control. Connie is obviously the stronger, more dominant personality. Whichever one of them is in control, she looks HAWT in Sonny's shirt. Mama mia!

    When Kate asked Sonny if he wanted her or Connie, I was thinking he should call Spinelli for advice on how to make a choice between two desirable females. Sonny's on a roll, getting busy with essentially two different, but identical women in the same week. It's like dating twin sisters! I have the feeling that he's going to find out that whenever he sleeps with her it will be like flipping a switch. He'll go to bed with Connie, and wake up with Kate, and vice-versa, EVERY TIME! That would be fun.

    Posted by Clemben at Wednesday, March 06 2013 12:22 PM

    I know it has been a while since I posted, but I wanted to give the writers of GH ample time to write themselves out of the proverbial corner that they have written themselves into lately, but no such luck.

    VAMPIRES~~this is the worst storyline in the history of GH, with the toxic water storyline being second. We are left thinking that the vampire story will have a SEQUEL which reminds me of movies that leave moviegoers with the same hackneyed feeling--nothing is resolved--we see Caleb/Stephen/ morgue guy walking out after having put on the ring. Can we all say 'cliché'.

    STEVEN LARS~~if the rumors or tweets are true, then that will make three of the four members of Port Chuck(the band) gone from the soap. Which makes me wonder if the fourth member will bite the dust(leave, not die). I actually think that FV and RC missed a great opportunity. With the upcoming 'Nurses' Ball', I think the members of Port Chuck--Steve Burton, Brandon Barash, Scott Reeves and Bradford Anderson would have been quite entertaining, especially with Jason the hitman performing. Can we say 'missed high ratings opportunity'.

    ELQ~~tiresome. AJ has no business being CEO of anything. He's about as relevant as an appendix in the recipe of Pickle-Lila. We can live without our appendix, and I can live without A.J. He only shows strength when Jiminy Cricket(Michael) and Gepetto(Duke) are by his side. Whereas, Tracy does well on her own in MOST circumstances.

    MAXIE/LULU/DANTE/SPINELLI~~stupid, stupid, stupid. This is a storyline that must have been picked out of a hat containing 'storylines that suck' or 'storylines that will get GH posters to regurgitate their lunches'.

    SONNY~~Leave Kate and/or Connie alone. I believe Olivia is your one true love. She has a slightly-used wedding dress, so pursue her. And please, please, please do not go back to the character that is rumored to be coming back.

    CARLY~~spend more time with your daughter, and take a MEN-o-PAUSE. Your two rebounds from Jax are in prison or on their way there. Your usual astute way of separating the chaff from the wheat has suffered lately. I like the Todd character, but I like you better with him as BFF's.

    SABRINA/PATRICK/BRITT~~how lame was it that the writers would have Sabrina stand up to the most feared character in the hospital, Epiphany. I like Sabrina. And I don't believe she cheated on her test. She may be quirky, immature at times and clumsy, but I like how she cares for Emma with no ulterior motives that have been alluded to or shown. I don't think she is too young for Patrick. Why do some assume that she is only nineteen or twenty. She may be older because some people pursue nursing later on in life. Now I'm not saying she is old, but she may not be as young as she dresses or acts. Remember Agent Winifred Leeds of the FBI. She was written to look or dress like she was about fifteen or sixteen with her pigtails. I want Robin and Patrick back together, but if that doesn't happen, then 'Patrina' is my pick for a new couple. Britt, if I had the little magic wand that Emma had, you would have been gone the way of your precursor, Lisa Niles.

    HEATHER~~in the word of Lucy Coe, "Ta." You do crazy well, but enough is enough. Robin Mattson is a great actress.

    OLIVIA~~stop the histrionics already! And you can wear whatever you want at your wedding. I can just about guarantee that 98% of the brides that wear white at their weddings today are not virgins which was supposedly the symbol of the white dress in weddings which was started by companies in order to sell dresses. It no longer carries that idea in our culture. Actually, blue was the color that represented purity. Show your shoulders or your 'puppies' because you have a nice body.

    DANIEL MORGAN~~love that little cutie pie. I heard Rafe refer to him as Danny Boy- please don't make that his nickname. Leave it at Danny, which was also his uncle's name. I miss Sam's brother.

    ANNA/DUKE~~I never liked her with him. I always liked her with Robert. A.J.'s kilted crony(Tracy's words) should stuff himself into a bagpipe and BLOW!

    MCBAIN~~hopefully you will become Rafe's guardian. I like them together. He could be a positive influence in Rafe's life. However, leave Sam alone. I would rather the writers recast Jason.

    ELIZABETH/AJ ~~ her Jason fix. He bears enough of a resemblance to Jason to pacify Liz's Jason obsession. I have been reading where some posters talk about her losing Jake and Jason--GMAB--Jason was married to Sam and with Sam at the time he went into the harbor, so why is she still an afterthought where Jason is concerned?

    MOLLY~~she should have been sent away when Morgan was. She has gone from young and precocious to older and wreckless. I like her character, but she has been butchered like so many of the characters on the show- usually strong women are felled by their attraction to a man , or a boy in this sense.

    FELICIA/FRISCO~~borriiiingg!! The flashbacks were great. I remember those days.

    THANKS for your time. Talk with you again in another month or so.

    Posted by ransomha at Wednesday, March 06 2013 12:25 PM

    Sonny is bringing back the sexy! Woman can not resist this man. Kate apologizing to him was awesome.
    LOVE Sonny and his many love scenes.

    Anna looked STUNNING today. Loved her outfit. That top ,while a bit too big was beautiful.

    Looks like Duke got duped .

    Spin seems ready to steal Ellie's work. I like it.
    They are boring together.

    Laura, go after your man, Scott is creepy and lies.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, March 06 2013 12:32 PM

    Hi everyone WOW..Vintage day on GH
    It was wonderful seeing Frisco, Felicia, Mac, Kevin, Lucy, Laura, Scott, Luke, Tracy, Anna and Duke all on one day

    Also I enjoyed the flasbacks of Frisco and Felicia. But sorry Frisco it is a bit to late as she has moved on with Mac and they make a great couple.
    Love Anna's outfit.
    So Tracy's money is no good? oh oh

    I wonder if this is a 3rd alter for Kate and Connie?

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, March 06 2013 12:44 PM

    Clemben-- Don't you dare go away for a month! Your commentary was awesome.

    I got a few laughs today. Felicia in her best, breathy, little-girl voice ordering a double vodka. Please.

    Kate in Sonny's shirt was priceless. By the time Sonny ditched it, it would have been as limp as a wet dishrag. But when Kate dons it, it looks like it just came from the dry cleaners--stiff, starched & custom fitted for a woman.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, March 06 2013 12:51 PM

    Clemben ~ Excellent post. Don't stay away so long.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, March 06 2013 12:59 PM

    Why is Ellie heating an empty jar?

    Well, Duke WAS doing pretty good right up until the waiter busted him. That guy looked so pissed off that Duke was trying to pull a fast one, I thought he was going to punch him. The three things waiters hate more than anything else are bad tippers, rude customers, and crooks, which includes people who run up tabs on bogus credit cards (or pay with phoney money), or more often, just walk the tab altogether. Looks like at the very least, Duke is going to have to give back the jewelry and the expensive new suits. Tracy really got him good this time! Of course, you can bet that the Secret Service will be asking Duke where he got all those fake hundreds, and he has no reason to lie to them about it.

    Scotty's right. It IS hard to fathom what Laura is thinking. Why she would settle for a smarmy creep like him is very hard for anybody to understand, not just Luke. I'm glad Laura figured out sooner than later that Luke is no longer involved with Anna, no thanks to Scotty. Laura is like Anna's lucky charm. Whenever Laura gets within 30 feet of the Police Commissioner, some guy kisses Anna, followed almost immediately by trouble between them, which Laura never sticks around to see. Gee, maybe she's not so “lucky” after all. Anna looked beautiful today.

    Almost as pretty as Frisco and Felicia in those flashbacks. The best thing about those scenes were that they were silent for the most part, leaving us undistracted from the remarkably handsome couple on the screen. The fact that these two were married in real life, and are now divorced adds an interesting dynamic to their on screen relationship.

    Mac is the best! He deserves better than he's getting, and I'm glad he saw through Felicia's “meeting a friend” BS so easily. I just love seeing him with his best buddy Kevin again. Is there another comparable relationship between two unrelated men on the show? I don't think so, and that's just not right. I chuckled at the mention of “Norma and Eve,” Mac and Kevin's cross dressing alter-egos, but I agree with Doc that I hope it's not necessary for them to go to those lengths... at least, not right away. Only Mac could say that line about refusing to shave his legs for Frisco with a straight face, and pull it off.

    Lucy is a case study in arrested development. She has the mentality and disposition of a nine year old on a sugar rush. What woman this side of Sesame Street says “Goody-goody” in a conversation with another adult? Doc seems to have a moderating influnce on her adolescent behavior, and she loosens him up, which is why they make such a great, if unlikely pair. I'm glad to see them back together. They can both stick around as long as they want, as far as I'm concerned.

    Posted by aussie1 at Wednesday, March 06 2013 01:14 PM

    I feel a flashback. Are we back in the 80s? The only current characters they showed today were Spinelli & Ellie and Sonny & Kate. What happens when all these vets leave? What then?

    I'm still giddy with happiness that Johnny is leaving. Happy happy joy joy! I've hated his character from the beginning. Hate....hate.....hate!!!!!

    Rumour news:

    bayou, you were right yesterday. Morgan is returning after all. I see on Twitter that he'll return older and with an attitude. That should be interesting.

    Off topic: Monkey, who is this Jodi Aras you're talking about?

    Posted by aussie1 at Wednesday, March 06 2013 01:17 PM

    Hi Clemben, great post. Welcome back.

    Posted by akita at Wednesday, March 06 2013 01:27 PM

    Aussie and anyone else that would like to see below.



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