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    Public Relations Nightmare.

    Monday, March 04 2013
    A decision is made about the escapees, Steve is arrested, and Olivia refuses to give up.

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    Posted by Dexdon at Monday, March 04 2013 02:02 PM

    *******Spoiler Talk**************

    NLG tweeted that she did not say Tyler was returning...just visiting her on set. Sounds like she let the cat out of the bag before she was supposed to? I am SO glad that he is returning...he was my favourite with Liz. They had amazing chemistry.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, March 04 2013 02:02 PM

    Navarro....Just finished watching the last scene....Yes it was the Morgue attendant on the table.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Monday, March 04 2013 02:06 PM

    Hello everyone,

    What a borring episode! The best thing that happened, IMO was when Patrick threatened Brit would be fired, if he found out that she was behind Sabrina failing the test that resulted in her not graduating from the nursing program.

    I agree with Kristina, although, it's not just "a little thing" that molly has for Rafe, I thinkMolly is in love with him, as in love as any thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl would be (lol).

    I hope that when John leaves GH, Sam gets a better story, because this vampire stuff is so lame for Sam's character, and I want something better for her.

    Steve was right to tell Olivia that getting arrested the day of their wedding is not a way to start a marriage. What I don't understand though, is why he's getting arrested. I mean, it's not like he had planned to have Heather come into Maggie's house and told her to poison her. Never the less, that's what happened, and it's good to see he is taking responsibility for it. I just hope we don't see Olivia wining and crying for months on end about how she was supposed to marry him, and it shouldn't have ended like this.

    Laura, please bring some excitement on GH! A week without seeing you is too long for me (lol). I also miss Lante.

    Hope everyone has a good day and will post as I read comments, and on tomorrow's GH!

    Posted by lovelymarlena at Monday, March 04 2013 02:06 PM

    Yep I wonder why when they opened the morgue door and that attendent ,looking like a vampire, was standing there I knew he was going to do somrthing like what he did with the ring.

    Posted by raineysmom at Monday, March 04 2013 02:06 PM



    I had the same reaction!! I LOVE Nikolas!!!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, March 04 2013 02:06 PM

    From-- You can cancel the appt. with the eye doctor.

    Posted by aussie1 at Monday, March 04 2013 02:11 PM

    Dexdon, NLG did the same thing with Sam's pregnancy. She tweeted she would be a grandma before it aired on screen.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, March 04 2013 02:16 PM

    Did anyone read about the old soap The Edge of Night on the home page? It was one of the first soaps I watched. The very first soap I watched was The Secret Storm.

    Posted by Winealittle at Monday, March 04 2013 02:17 PM

    LOL: "Sweeps" has nothing to do with ending the old story lines and bringing on new ones. It is so the stations or alliliates can set the pricing for local advertising. During "Sweeps" they bring in big name stars or bring back fan favorites or setup an whopper storyline so they can get more viewing and can set higher prices for local advertising for the three months following the "sweep" month. Thats why they have them 4 times a year.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Monday, March 04 2013 02:17 PM


    Ita! I always try to give recasts a chance in a role, especially when it's a huge role such as when Jen Lily came on as Maxie. Even the new Kristina, I had tried to give a chance. It's not their falt that Maxie as a character is written to be selfish, manipulative and self-centered, and it's not Lindsey Morgan's falt that Kristina has been written as a spoiled brat who when she doesn't get what she wants throws a fit.

    I say, if there's a recast for Lulu, we should give her a chance and see what she does with her character and how she's written, because it could work, or it may not work. To me, Julie Marie Berman will always be Lulu, but if whoever they get to recast does a good job with her character, it may not be that bad. I guess we'll see. Do we know when a recast will be spotted on our tV screens? When I checked soapcentral's website, they said there wasn't an airdate as to when we'd se Julie's last portrayal of Lulu, so I'm curious as to if anyone has information on that.

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