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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'General Hospital'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates, which we strive to ensure are posted before 6:00pm ET!

    The Good One.

    Tuesday, February 26 2013
    Sonny chases Kate, Caleb bites Sam, and Steve gets stabbed.

    Sonny chases Kate to the spot where Connie killed Trey. She wants to remember the night he died because she never knew how he lived. She screams for Sonny to leave but he promised he would stick by her no matter what. She tells him he already left her the minute he slept with Connie. He abandoned her when she was sick and sided with Connie instead. He insists he never left Kate – she left him. It was difficult to see her every day and not have her look back at him. He breaks down about Jason’s death. She apologizes for not being there for him, but she has no control over Connie. He wonders if that’s really true and thinks she let Connie take over instead of turning to him when she found out about Trey. He wants to start over but she wants to mourn alone and asks him to leave.

    Elizabeth stabs Steve in the arm at the hospital with her pen in order to make Olivia’s vision come true. They chat about his wedding plans and he asks her to be his best man. She is ecstatic and he thanks her for being her. Now they just have to work on her taste in men. Later, AJ runs into Liz after seeing his new shrink. He tells Liz about his session. He wants to share things with her.

    Heather surprises Olivia at their apartment with a knife. She blames Olivia for forcing her to replace Steven Lars. Heather just wanted to have some time with Steven, have some BLTS. Olivia may have survived the LSD but she won’t survive this. Heather slashes Olivia’s arm just as Steve comes home. He rushes to intervene and Heather stabs him in the gut. Olivia tries to get Steve stable and yells for Heather to put pressure on the wound while she calls for help. Paramedics arrive and Heather sneaks off.

    Steve is rushed into the hospital and Olivia yells to Liz that Heather is alive.

    Shawn visits Molly at PCPD, but he doesn’t have any new word about Sam, Danny or the escapees. Molly is upset that she hurt Alexis and TJ. She is supposed to be the good one. TJ visits Molly and tells her she is all over the news. He can’t believe she threw her life away over a guy she doesn’t even know. Shawn leaves them alone and Molly tries to defend her actions. They were the only people who could save Sam and Danny. He understands but he cares about her and doesn’t want to lose what they have because of Rafe.

    At Wyndemere, John, Rafe and Lucy wonder where Sam and Caleb went. It’s obvious Danny hasn’t been alone for long. Lucy pulls out her weapons and tries to think where they could be. John thinks they must be in the tunnels. He finds the opening and Rafe helps him push it open. John and Lucy demand Rafe stay with Danny and Lucy gives him a St. Michael’s medal to keep them safe. Lucy and John split up in the tunnels and alone, Rafe chats with Danny. He misses his mom and knows Danny misses his mom too. Rafe apologizes for handing him over to Heather and later, Heather shows up.

    Caleb carries Sam down in the tunnels. She struggles to get back to Danny, but he refuses to release her. He assures her the life they shared will all come back to her. He throws her on the table and bares his fangs again. She screams as he bites her neck. He wonders if she is starting to remember, but she is dizzy. She feels strange. He tells her it is time for her to leave this world and cross over into his and lets her rest so she is ready for their final union. Later, he sprinkles rose petals on Sam, who is now in a wedding gown with her arms tied up. He shows her a picture of them from their first wedding and tells her to say goodbye to this life. Soon she will be born again and their minds will merge. He leans in to bite her for the third time but John stops him just in time.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Tracy rushes at Duke with an umbrella.

    Anna asks Alexis who Sam’s father is.

    Olivia screams that Steve’s crazy mother is alive.

    Heather is ready to trade one son for another.

    Lucy is shocked.

    John attacks Caleb.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, February 26 2013 12:18 PM

    Nooooooo Steve. . Hope this isn't it for him.
    So sweet he wanted his sister to be his best ma'am .

    More Shawn in that sexy grey sweater. Hot, hot, hot.

    Run Sonny....... she's not good enough for you.
    She'll be knocking on his door in no time.

    Sam looked like the bride of frankenstein laying there like that with that spooky hair do.

    OT: Happy Birthday to Ttoyou....many many more

    SouthGA: Hope you are on the mend.

    4ever: Please check in, we've all been thinking of you.

    Akita: Was glad to see you check in.

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, February 26 2013 12:18 PM


    "Payback's a bit€h"~~Heather

    Not only is payback a bit€h, but so is "comeback." Heather has come back from a fall off a roof and now from being strangled and dropped in the icy harbor. What will it take to be rid of this whack job--a silver bullet? No, that's for werewolves. A stake? No, that's for vampires. Drench her in gasoline and set her on fire? No, that's for zombies....hmm........I got it! A red pen. The writers need to take one and put a red line through her name. Swoooossshh, she's gone!!!
    And Lucy Coe thinks that she's a Slayer....ha, ha, ha.

    Posted by raineysmom at Tuesday, February 26 2013 12:32 PM


    LOVED your post!!! (especially the part about Lucy being a vampire slayer....I feel the same way!!)

    Posted by JadeLola at Tuesday, February 26 2013 12:38 PM

    We really notice Heather was alive again.What Heather did to Steve is Crazy.Steve ask Elizabeth to be his best man at wedding to Olivia.AJ run into Elizabeth they start talk together.They bring Steve to the Hospital Elizabeth see him what happy to him Heather again.

    Posted by Wavel54 at Tuesday, February 26 2013 12:41 PM

    Sorry that Steve is being written off - we've known for a couple of months he was leaving. Liked him alot.

    Will Heather ever really be dead?? Don'think so.

    Somebody PLEASE fix Maurice Benard's toupee!!!

    Anyone know if "Robin" is coming back for sure? We saw Kimberly McCulloch (Robin) for 5 minutes in Switzerland, and then nothing.

    Posted by maja at Tuesday, February 26 2013 12:46 PM

    Geez I'm so over this vampire tale and Heather! Caleb knawing on Sam like she's a samlicious snack. Crazy-eyed Heather gutting her precious StevenLars and making yet another disappearance. Has StevenLars strummed his last guitar? Will dasterdly Heather be put down by the teen dream? Has Caleb bitten more then he can chew? Will Kate's grief split her in two? Sorry, I can't help myself! The answers to these questions will be on the next GH (I hope).

    Posted by raineysmom at Tuesday, February 26 2013 12:50 PM

    Maja: you're too funny!!!

    Posted by grayrobert at Tuesday, February 26 2013 12:58 PM

    So done with KatCon and Sonny! This isn't working Sonny, move on and let Connie return and fall in love with Johnny Z when he's out of prison. I was ok with the vampire story at first, thinking it would be quick and go away, but the biting Sam's neck and her laying there whining, is too much. Please, Lucy wake up from your nightmare and go plan the nurses ball. TJ is a bit much for a teenage boyfriend in my opinion. He really should have more of a life with friends, school, sports, etc.

    Posted by Molly the Cat at Tuesday, February 26 2013 12:59 PM

    I am new to the boards. I have to say I was, am a huge OLTL fan, originally AMC, but AMC lost me in the waning years. I did enjoy GH during the 80s, and then the years that Tamura Braun played Carly. No disrespect to Sarah Brown or Laura Wright, who both did amazing jobs, but for me, Tamura Braun was the best Carly.

    I got tired of GH during the 2000s because of the mob storylines. When Ron C took over last year, I became engaged with GH again. However, this vampire stuff really has me tuned out. I think the focus needs to be brought away from this whole Port Charles stuff. GH and PC were never connected during the years PC was on the age.

    So many other stuff to explore right now: Laura, Luke and Scotty, Tracey and Luke (love their friendship)Frisco, Mac, Felicia and Maxie, Carly and Todd (Laura Wright and Roger Howarth sparkle)AJ and Michael.

    This is meant respectfully and not to offend anyone.

    Posted by justluvsoaps at Tuesday, February 26 2013 01:00 PM

    Interesting recap .... can't wait to see the show tonight.

    OT .... sort of

    Having trouble focusing today. Every time I try I imagine seeing Ingo in tight pants and shirtless. Anxiously waiting for DWTS to start now.

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