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    A Moody Guy.

    Wednesday, February 20 2013
    Sam and Danny are missing, Laura and Scott have news for Luke, and Anna struggles with her instincts.

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    Posted by akita at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:49 PM

    Rans - I agree. Sonny needs to run and never look back. I feel bad him, if it weren't for BAD luck, he'd have no luck at all.

    Posted by akita at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:50 PM

    Hi midas.

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:51 PM

    It must be nice to have a direct line to the Police Commissioner, who drops everything to respond when you call.

    The Haunted Star doesn't seem to have any waiters. when Lulu and Star both wanted to leave on one of the very rare nights when they actually had customers, who would have kept the drinks flowing? they have let Duke Lavery go already.

    Judging by the costumes for St. Valentine's day, I think the haunted Star should be themed like Jackrabbit Slim's in Pulp fiction, where all the staff dressed as movie stars and famous entertainers, or at least with GH's budget they could have cardboard cut outs.

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:51 PM

    OK so I watched both yesterday & today's show.

    Looks like people are starting to believe John. Even Todd!!1 The jail scenes were funny. Anything Todd does is funny.

    Scotty really??? Nothing has changed between these two. Or I mean 3. Laura just stands there quiet while they throw insults at each other. I wish they would write her stronger. geez. just tell them both to STFU. I must say though there was no love between Laura & Scotty. They mind as well have been brother & sister standing there. They weren't holding each other nothing. They didn't even hug or kiss when he showed up. GMAFB BORING!!!!! Hope that doesn't happen.

    OH Now Kate is back & will never forgive Sonny for sleeping w/Connie. SMH GMAFB I hope Olivia slaps her & tells her to go back to him.

    Olivia & her d@mn visions. Enough already.

    Britt told Patrick that Emma needs to treat adults w/more respect!!! LMAO I wish he would have told her she does to the one's who like her. I hope Britt doesn't take Frisco seriously & she disappears.

    FINALLY Maxie told the truth to someone. Frisco is in charge now.

    WTF happened to our cute lil Cam? Man I was bummed. And what's up w/them replacing the actor & not aging him. He looks the same age!! Aiden is older but not Cam. Makes no sense. Liz's kids will never age. Cam should be Molly's age by now.

    Hello to all my poster friends.


    Thank you everyone for the get wells. I feel so much better today. Still have a lingering cough but I am good. Hope all of you are doing good.

    South....geez girl you are having some unnecessary issues. You need to put that lady in her place. Accusing you of lying on your time? The nerve!!! That hospital sounds like it's being run by jacka$$'s. Are we sure we want you to have surgery there? Take care of yourself. ♥

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:52 PM

    bayou....your comment about oily people....LMFAO!!!!

    Posted by ttoyou at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:55 PM

    I was right at the very end of a most insightful comment when my son called and so I lost it. But, I shall try again.

    May I say that I'm rather enjoying Duke. I love his suit and coat, and his tie. I love his patience and gentleness with Anna. Can't believe she,d forgotten already that Duke had his identity stolen by Faison. He actually had to remind her. So now we have two mcBains. Will there soon be two SAMs as well? Duke and Spinelli. Duke seems to have arrived from the forty and fifty film noirs, and Spinelli dreams of coming from there.

    I'm enjoying the arrival of characters from previous years, although I hope they're not permanent fixtures. And boy did our man Sonny look hot today.

    Are we really to believe that Kate is put out because Sonny and her alter were having sex? Doesn't Kate know that Kate is Connie and Connie is Kate?

    Hope all fellow posters are having a great day. Those of us in New England have been warned of a possible other snow storm. I should hop a plane and head to FL

    Posted by Casey1 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:55 PM

    Kate is reacting to Sonny sleeping with Connie. She's a mess and she doesn't even know yet that she's responsible for her sons death.
    I would have to agree, Run Sonny Run.

    Midas...Excellent titles.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:57 PM

    Bayou...Wonder if he leaves a ring around the tub.

    Posted by akita at Wednesday, February 20 2013 03:00 PM

    I hate complaining again, but how many dumb stories can we tolerate? Kate/Connie thing has been going on for months, does this mean we better get confy with the vampire thing? Is there no end to this horror? I spend more time FF then actually watching.

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, February 20 2013 03:01 PM

    lovesdogs...LMAO You guys are killing me!!!!

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