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    General Hospital - DAILY UPDATES

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    A Moody Guy.

    Wednesday, February 20 2013
    Sam and Danny are missing, Laura and Scott have news for Luke, and Anna struggles with her instincts.

    Outside the Haunted Star, Luke worries some psycho from his past with Laura is trying to haunt them. Scott Baldwin emerges and tells Luke he’s in town for Laura – his fiancée. Laura confirms it and Luke is floored. When Luke asks Laura why, Scott replies he is just putting things back the way they were before Luke screwed them up. Luke asks Laura directly if she loves Scott. She does, and wants to marry him.

    Alexis goes to the penthouse but Sam doesn’t answer. Shawn offers to break down the door, but she lets herself in with her key. The place is empty and she worries someone took Sam. Alexis doesn’t think John committed those murders and worries Heather took them both. But what if John did snap?

    Anna walks by the pier and is surprised by Duke. She apologizes for being poor company, but she is trying to figure something outrageous out - whether there could be two John McBains. Duke read about the stabbings and they discuss how difficult it is to believe John could do it. Duke thinks it is possible that there are two Johns considering what Faison did to him. Anna is scared to use her gut because of how she reacted to Faison’s trap. Duke reveals he is still in love with her and will wait as long as it takes for her to make her choice. She reveals she ended it with Luke. He is not the love of her life, and she isn’t his. They are about to kiss when Alexis calls Anna to tell her Sam is missing. They agree to meet at the station and Duke encourages Anna to trust her gut.

    Kate wakes up in bed with Sonny, confused. She wonders why they are on Johnny’s boat, and he tells her about the party and that it is not Johnny's boat anymore. She has been gone for five months. They didn’t get married because she married Johnny, but it’s okay. She suddenly wonders why they are in bed together. Did he sleep with Connie? He admits he did and she’s disgusted with Sonny. He tries to tell her things are different now but she refuses to hear his explanations and storms out.

    At home, Olivia hears a crash, then sees Steve emerge from the bathroom with a massive stomach wound. She tries to call 911, but he is fine. The mirror broke and he was just coming out to get a dustpan. She tells him about her bloody vision and is worried about the person stabbing people. She doesn’t believe it’s John and thinks it could be Heather. She won’t believe otherwise until she sees a corpse. He assures her he is not going anywhere and they start making out. There is a knock at the door and Olivia is shocked to hear it is Kate.

    Todd and Rafe share a cell at PCPD, and John is one cell over. Todd thinks he and Rafe can help each other since they both saw John commit murder. Todd questions John if he is going to change his story now but John refuses. He didn’t do those things – Caleb did. What would John have to gain by killing Heather and stealing Danny? And what about Todd’s own case of double identity? He has been where John is, trying to convince people of something outrageous but true. Todd tells John he is a moody guy, but he will believe him if John believes Todd’s story about Heather’s murder. John believes Todd and asks for more details. Todd heard Caleb tell Heather that with the baby it would be easy to get the mother to come with him. John remembers what Lucy said, that Caleb was obsessed with Livvie. She was the reason he did everything. He realizes Caleb was using Danny as bait to get to Sam and yells for the guard to let him out. Just then Anna and Alexis come in and he immediately knows something is wrong. Anna tells them Sam and the baby are gone.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Rafe blames himself.

    Lucy tells Molly to break Rafe out of prison.

    Tracy wonders why she would give AJ anything when he will just stab her in the back.

    Steve tells Liz about Olivia’s vision.

    Sonny is determined to find Kate.

    Kate wonders how Sonny could sleep with Connie.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Wednesday, February 20 2013 12:28 PM

    Still confused….Who is the alter? Born Connie raped by Joe, Jr changed name to Kate. Also what was the purpose of showing Duke alone on the pier?

    What's the deal with Laura and Scotty? Something is not right.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 12:28 PM

    Hello everyone,
    I think we already knew that Laura is engaged to Scotty, but my question is why, especially knowing what he had done to her. Let's recap, shal we? First, we found out that Scotty had actually been the one to kill Rick Webber, but let Laura take the fall for it, which lead her in a psych ward and put her in a catitonic state. Then, wen Logan died because Lulu had killed him in order to defend herself, he had demanded that Laura go with him to talk about everything and he wouldn't have Lulu be executed. Now after all that, Laura says she loves Scotty? Please! Unless, we find out that they had an off screen conversation where they had each forgiven one another for everything that's happened to them in the past, that's the only reason how I can see things working in their favor. I guess only time will tell. Scotty I will say hasn't changed one bit! He's still blaming Luke for everything that's happened to him. Grow up Scotty and leave Luke and Laura alone!

    Go John! Rescue Sam. I don't want to see her with Caleb and have Twilight meets General Hospital.
    I knew it was only a matter of time before Kate came back and discovered Connie and Sonny had slept together. I wonder when Connie will come back? I really have no interest in the DID story though, but whatever.

    Olivia's vision of Steve coming out of the shower with blood then having him really do that was creapy. I hope that he doesn't die that way. That will be horrible, even though they never did much with his character.

    Hope everyone's enjoying their day, and will post as I read comments, and on tomorrow's GH!

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Wednesday, February 20 2013 12:28 PM

    ransom, thanks you are right it was ellie. silly me!

    i agree with the poster who pointed out that perhaps kate is back because of conflict gone.

    i just watched yesterdays show on hulu. be-still my beating heart on that past scene with luke and laura, and then scotty showing up. i rewinded that scene with luke and laura like 5 times.

    oh my goodness.

    anyway on to vampires. i have to point out, however this story arc resolves, that i do believe that GH is pulling in elements from the successful GH spin-offs for the 50th anniversary. the caleb/livvie/lucy the slayer is from PC and to me the felix/sabrina student nurse hospital drama is kinda a homage to what went on on night shift the other successful GH spin-off.

    toodles all, have a good rest of the day.

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 12:46 PM

    Hello Everyone,
    Okay... seriously, someone needs to take Olivia's visions serious because she knows what she's talking about! I hope that Steve will be careful, because I'm with Olivia. I won't believe that Heather's gone until we se a body. Even then, she may not be dead. Nobody's really dead on soaps Lol!

    Now, Kate's disgusted with Sonny for sleeping with Connie? Ug! Can we please move this story along? Let her be integrated please! This is getting ridiculous!

    Laura... Laura... Laura! How on God's green earth could you want to marry Scott again after everything he's done to you and your family? Ug! I'm thinking though, there's more to the story, but did anyone see a ring? If I were Luke, I would have asked to see some proof. ug! Scott's only been here for about two seconds and already,I want him gone! Lol!

    Feel bad for John, and he's right. Todd's been where he is, and so had Duke. I just hope that Anna can get to the bottom of this before there's more killings.

    I hope that everyone's having a good day, and will post as I read comments!

    Posted by sladest38 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 12:51 PM

    Howdy fellow GH lovers,
    OT,@southga,that &G*^%&* scheduler needs a swift kick in the...
    sending out to thoughts and prayers to all suffering today.
    OK please oh please tptb don't dumb down our darling Laura.Never in a million years would she ever even consider getting hitched to Scotty.It make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 12:52 PM

    Hey soapfan, Right on Re stupid scotty! Let's also remember that to make an awful attempt at getting gardienship over Laura, Scotty had told Lulu of Luke rapeing Laura all those years ago, and what had that accomplished? Um... let's see nothing! go back to wherever you came from Scotty! Nobody wants anything to do with you!

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 12:53 PM

    Hey Pumpkingirl! ITA with your post re the GH spin-offs.

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, February 20 2013 12:58 PM

    Hi all.

    Miracle upon miracles I feel good, I am home & I am about to watch GH live. HOLY MOLY people!!!! What a day!!!

    Posted by Midas at Wednesday, February 20 2013 01:00 PM


    "While You Were Sleeping" 1995~~Kate re emerging
    "Lockdown" 2000~~McBain, Todd and Rafe
    "Dead Man Walking" 1996~~Steven
    "The Lady Vanishes" 1938~~Sam
    "Laura" 1944~~(do I really need to explain this one?)
    "Living in Oblivion" 1995~~Olivia
    "On the Waterfront" 1954~~Duke

    Posted by Midas at Wednesday, February 20 2013 01:05 PM

    @mamajj~~so happy you're feeling good. Enjoy the show.

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