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    That Mean Lady.

    Tuesday, February 19 2013
    Michael and Starr struggle to be alone, Frisco makes a move for Maxie, and Luke wonders about Lulu’s gift.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:27 PM

    Crap! It's Kate!

    Once again we see the power of the Dimpled One's Magical Pasta! I guess that's nothing compared to vampires and people coming back from the dead. Of course you know, this IS going to short circuit Sonny's brain, but eventually, he'll see he gets what he wants (just as he said today) either way. I thought Kelly Sullivan was amazing in every scene she had today.

    Love seeing Luke and Laura together again, and with Lulu too. What a treat! I'm glad Laura didn't play any games about seeing Luke with Anna. They've been through far too much together for that, and it shows. Seeing their unspoken communication with each other was just like old times, and it's very exciting to see that they're “on the case.” They both knew something smelled rotten, and right on cue, in walks Scotty. Never liked that guy. He always comes across as a smarmy, sleazy, smartass. Revisiting the Ice Princess is a great idea! Better to chase priceless diamonds than fight vampires.

    By the way, this is two shows in a row without the vampire storyline, and I couldn't be happier.

    I'm glad that Maxie is confiding in her Dad to help her with Britt. Who better than a spy to sort out a little blackmail. Having said that, Frisco could've been a little more subtle than threatening to kill her. He could threaten to have her condo broken into and all her stuff stolen, including her identity, which will ruin her credit, get her audited and foreclosed on, and raise her malpractice premiums, all before lunch tomorrow if she doesn't back off Maxie and make things right with Sabrina. And THEN he'll kill her.


    Emma (waving a wand at Dr. Britt): “POOF! You're gone!”

    Every man wishes he had a wand that could do that to an ex-girlfriend.

    STARR!! PAY ATTENTION and GET TO WORK! As soon as you turned you're back, everybody took off, and nobody paid their tabs! The staff ran off with all the cash, and nobody's left to clean up the bathroom that flooded because of all the glittery decorations somebody tried to flush. Welcome to the nightclub business.

    Oblivia was a vision in that red dress, but I don't know whether she's seeing a vision of an eviscerated Steven Lars or the real thing. If this IS the end of Steven Lars Steve, I think it's funny that they had to get him shirtless one last time before they offed him. At least he didn't go for the guitar.

    Posted by aussie1 at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:31 PM

    Hey Casey, it's still sore and it stings. I tried the Solarcaine yesterday and I'll try the Banana Boat today. I tried watching a few scenes on YouTube but I turned off. It really doesn't interest me. I can't even watch Sam's scenes without Jason. If someone told me a year ago that I would feel this way, I'd have told them they were crazy.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:38 PM

    Great description of Scott Baldwin. Can't stand the guy.

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:42 PM

    Hi, raineysmom. Thank you.

    Posted by raineysmom at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:43 PM


    Payton is definitely not letting any moss grow under his feet!!!

    Just read that Flacco's agent is meeting with the Ravens at the Combine in Indy. I think that the Ravens will definitely lock up Flacco....with a BIG, FAT new contract, especially with the lack of talented QB's in the upcoming draft! Kind of feeling sorry for the teams that are in desperate need of a good QB!!

    Posted by nancy marie at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:48 PM


    Sure hope Julie Marie Berman will stay as Lulu.
    How could she not want to say to act with Genie Francis--and celebrate GH's 50th anniversary???

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:48 PM

    lovesdogs: I agree with you on Patrick, he needs to show who the parent is and soon.

    midas: You have great wit! Must be fun to hang out with.

    ttoyou: If you're lurking, come out!

    Does Caleb still have Sam and Danny under his big black coat? Bring back Liz and AJ, interested to see where that goes.

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:49 PM

    Hello, Aussie1 and lovesdogs980--thanks to both of you.

    Aussie1~~~maybe I'm wrong, but Emma has only acted this way towards Britt. Was she this way with Lisa Niles? I can't remember. If it is only Britt, then she's intuitive. JMO

    No child should be rude or disrespectful to adults, but Britt needs to take some of her own advice. Can anyone say, "sour grapes?"

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:50 PM

    Happy Tuesday everyone,

    Wow back to back good shows. What a great surprise.

    I have to give Emma the line of the day when she asked if her magic heart wand would make HER disappear, then later pointed it at The Britch and said "Poof, you're gone". It appears that Emma really knows how to use her special brand of spy magic. By the end of the show her sweet little poof encouraged Maxi to confide all her problems to Frisco and give him a chance to protect his daughter. Welcome to the grown up world of dirty tricks Britch - it couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

    My favorite part of the new Ice Princess mystery lies in it's last location - Switzerland. I'm not only looking forward to return of the Cassadines, but also hoping that Robert wakes up from his long winter's nap to rejoin Luke and Laura. TG and GF were stunning together. In any case, I'm hoping the writers don't mess this SL up.

    Sonny really can't catch a break. After giving Connie the happiest moment of her life and the viewers some of the steamiest kisses seen in a long while, it appears that Kate's back, unless there's someone else who's come out to play.

    I thought there was more than one stateroom on the HS, but I could be wrong. I can understand why Michael and Starr stopped looking after seeing Sonny and Connie in the hallway.

    I'm betting that Olivia's having a vision of Steve stumbling out of the bathroom. The only other explanation is that Heather slithered up through the toilet.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, February 19 2013 02:52 PM

    Scrimmage - Loved your "Crap! It's Kate!" line. I'm betting that she bans Sonny from her bed for cheating on her with Connie.

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