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    The Kid’s The Key.

    Friday, February 15 2013
    Todd is arrested, TJ and Molly argue, and Caleb finds Sam.

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    Posted by bayoubtr at Sunday, February 17 2013 05:08 PM


    Poodles-- Your party sounded like a great time! Granddaughter's party was fun, a Minnie Mouse them complete with a 4' helium Minnie that the little girls tried to dance with & the boys used like a Joe Palooka.

    4ever-- So sorry to hear about Susie. Hope she continues to imrove. Thinking of you & your ordeal. You're in my prayers, friend. Always.

    South-- Girl, I can understand the terror you must have gone thru. Please stay safe for the next 8 days!

    Rainey--Ribbit my friend! Hope your weekend was fun!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Sunday, February 17 2013 05:09 PM


    Lily-- Are ya'll still getting snow? I love to watch it coming down. It's so peaceful & serene.

    Posted by poodles at Monday, February 18 2013 04:22 AM

    **OFF TOPIC**

    SouthGA- glad you’re ok and the gentleman’s truck you hit seems ok too. We can always think about what could have happened, just remember in this case it didn’t and everyone is fine. Just focus on how much better you will feel after your upcoming surgery. In the meantime, allow Mr. SouthGA or friends to doing the driving for you---think of it as your own personal car service.

    Bayou- Minnie Mouse sounds like a precious birthday them for a little girl. Glad you had a nice time.

    Rans- Thank you for the beautiful complement. I have loved & enjoyed these babies every day from the moment they were born. I can’t believe four years have gone by so quickly. Hope you had a nice weekend.

    4ever- you’re in my thoughts today, I continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Hope we have a good show today- I’m not sure if I will be able to watch live as we have a lot to do. Happy posting.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, February 18 2013 07:49 AM


    *******************OFF TOPIC**************

    That would have been a frightening experience for anyone. Glad everyone was OK though and just minor damage otherwise. Don't beat yourself up about it as SOMEBODY was watching over you and the gentleman..

    Posted by 4evergh at Monday, February 18 2013 07:51 AM

    Ot. My drs office just called my appointment @ the cancer center is tomorrow @ 11 am.. I have read all your prayer and am so grateful for you my gh family

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, February 18 2013 07:59 AM


    ***************OFF TOPIC**************

    I will be thinking of you and praying for you tomorrow. And how is Susie doing ???

    Posted by 4evergh at Monday, February 18 2013 08:14 AM

    Ot. From....I haven't told my hubby I am having a lot of pain don't want to worry him too much. It was 4 years ago this week that I was diagnoised with cancer ..

    Susie is better hubs got her to drink yesterday. We hauled 10 gallon to her and she drank it and a few horse Apple cookies out of his hand

    Posted by thundering herd at Monday, February 18 2013 08:18 AM

    off topic

    4ever, I so hope all goes well tomorrow.

    From, Saw Zero Dark Thirty, didn't really like it as much as Argo. My picks for the Oscar so far are Silver Linings, and Django.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Monday, February 18 2013 08:19 AM

    4ever, I will be thinking and praying for you and Susie.
    Really good that she is drinking.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, February 18 2013 08:29 AM

    Thundering herd

    **************OFF TOPIC************

    I also liked ARGO better than ZERO DARK THIRTY - although I found the latter movie interesting too.

    Admittedly I haven't seen SILVER LININGS or DJANGO but I am sticking with ARGO as best picture....STILL need to see LINCOLN.

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