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    The Kid’s The Key.

    Friday, February 15 2013
    Todd is arrested, TJ and Molly argue, and Caleb finds Sam.

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    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Sunday, February 17 2013 07:23 AM

    4-ever So happy Susie got up. I think some fluids would still be good and she might need some pain medication. Between her struggling to get up and you having to use the tractor to get her up, she's probably pretty badly bruised and very sore. Maybe part of why she didn't want to get up.

    Cbru, I knew you were in Eastern Washington from some of your post on the fires last year. Now I know where.

    Posted by fromthestart at Sunday, February 17 2013 07:28 AM


    ******************OFF TOPIC**************

    So sorry to hear about your mare - Susie....I hope she continues to improve with rest, liquids and whatever else will aid her.....

    Posted by fromthestart at Sunday, February 17 2013 07:31 AM

    *****************OFF TOPIC**************

    There are hot air balloons all over the sky this morning near where I live. 80 degrees yesterday and will be 75 degrees today. Spring training starts this weekend with our D-Backs, Giants, Dodgers, Cubs, Padres, Mariners, just to name a few....I love sports BUT baseball is my PASSION !!!!

    Posted by Casey1 at Sunday, February 17 2013 07:50 AM


    Fromthestart...Word on the street is that the Toronto Blue Jays have bought themselves a winning team for the World Series. Should be interesting.

    4evergh...You continue to deal with so much, I hope Susie keeps improving.

    Pumpkingirl...I know you're enjoying GH as much as some of us are. I hope everything is well with you and the little pumpkin.

    Posted by fromthestart at Sunday, February 17 2013 08:03 AM

    Casey 1

    **************OFF TOPIC-TORONTO BLUE JAYS*************

    That's funny because I spoke to Mr. Word just the other day and he said with their major deals this year they will probably be the favorite in the AL East - also assisted by the fact the AL East may be a little weaker this year....

    Posted by raineysmom at Sunday, February 17 2013 09:34 AM


    4ever...........I will say extra prayers for you today when I go to Mass. I hope Susie continues to improve.************St. Francis....please watch over Susie and continue to lift her up!!!*****************

    I hope this is the reason your hubs couldn't get ahold of the vet yesterday...........everything happens for a reason!


    From..........Hope the improving from the flu.


    Mama.....Hope you're improving! Drinks lots of fluids and rest, rest, rest! Hope you're up and running soon!!!

    Posted by fromthestart at Sunday, February 17 2013 09:49 AM

    Rainey....Hi Red

    ***************OFF TOPIC************

    MRS FROM is improving - thanks...Maybe you had something to do with it....

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Sunday, February 17 2013 02:53 PM

    Hi Guys!


    SouthGA is NOT driving any more till the dr says I can after the surgery...I went to the local grocery earlier & as I was backing out my right leg went limp & my foot went off the brake & I bumped/rubbed a local elderly man's left front fender with my back right bumper. I went in & found him & he & I went out & looked & he was sweet as could be & kept telling me to calm down & it was alright but I gave him my # & ins info anyway...pretty much just swapped a little paint with him but his truck was pretty old. What I'm so upset about is what if he had been back there when it happened...or a child or anyone???? I am so upset that I had no control over my leg!!! The next 8 days can't pass fast enough!!! It has given me a migraine so I will wish everyone well & get off!!!

    mama & MRS FROM,,,feel better soon!!! Get plenty of rest & drink & eat as much as you can!

    4ever...glad Susie got up...will continue to pray for her , you & the family!!! glad that you the girls & all the guest enjoyed the party!!!

    Well wishes & prayers to all!!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Sunday, February 17 2013 03:49 PM

    SouthGAgirl, how scary for you. You are much better off not driving until you are better. Hope the next 8 days fly by for you.

    4ever Thinking good thoughts for you and Susie.

    Posted by raineysmom at Sunday, February 17 2013 04:09 PM


    OMG!!!!! How scary for you!!!!! I hope the next 8 days fly by for you and you will soon be on the road to recovery and freedom from pain!!!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers girlfriend!!! God bless you!!!!

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