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    Gone Soft.

    Wednesday, February 06 2013
    Todd says goodbye to Starr, Caleb finds Lucy, and John is shocked by the fingerprint results.

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    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, February 07 2013 08:12 AM

    *****Rant on PP & small rumor at end******

    These PP people are getting on my last nerve!!!! They cannot have John, Starr or my "Poopie-Head" Todd!!! They CAN however have Dr B!tch, Sabrina, Ellie, Krissy, Heather, Dr SL/S & Connie. I know that they have said something in the effect of sharing the characters/actors BUT I believe that will be too much commute for the actors going from one coast to another everyweek...I wouldn't want to spend that much time in the air!!! Between shooting scenes for both shows & travel time they wouldn't have time for anything else! I still say ABC/Disney is a GIANT...PP is a munchkin...ABC/Disney can smash PP (buy the rights to the characters from PP) Hey...maybe that's why they are rumoring that Jax is coming back...maybe he is going to corporate raid PP & save Todd, John, & Starr?!?!? One could hope!...LOL!

    Posted by Monkey83 at Thursday, February 07 2013 08:16 AM


    Lovesdogs~ sooo sorry for your loss of sweet Annie.

    I had my first Chem 150 test yesterday but won't know score till next week. But here are my scores for the quizzes so far. Q1-10/10.. Q2-15/20 (Yuck)... Q3-20/20 and Q4-20/20. Really enjoying it.

    Hope everyone is well. Oh!! Btw the 49ers shouldve won.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, February 07 2013 08:19 AM


    Hey Monkey (my trip)! How are you doing today? Glad to see you post...hope school & work are going well! If you don't think that Caleb is a vampire then what are your thoughts on him? An evil long lost twin of John's??? So were there really 3 McBain bros & a sister???? The whole vampire thing is just strange to me on GH anyway! ANd I LOVE vampires...just not sure I want them on my soap..unless it's the original "Dark Shadows"! Now that vampire soap I LOVED!!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, February 07 2013 08:21 AM


    Monkey...I see you answered my question about school as I was typing it....GOOD JOB, SMARTY PANTS!!!!! Congrats on the good scores!

    Posted by Monkey83 at Thursday, February 07 2013 08:31 AM

    South*thanks trip. Idk what I think bout Caleb yet. But I'm not sure he's a vamp so I won't condemn the show yet. But I love vampires so I'm okay lol if he is.

    *OT* I have my first physics test today. Wish me luck.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, February 07 2013 08:33 AM


    GOOD LUCK MONKEY!!! I know you will ACE it!!

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, February 07 2013 09:00 AM

    Hi all.


    OK well I took the wrap off & showered. I don't look as bad as I thought I would. still sore though. Felt good to shower though. Now I am going to lay here all day til 3 then I have to go to school for J's art class. don't worry i am just going to sit there. Nothing crazy. Promise.

    Monkey....Good job my friend!!! proud of ya.


    Ingo tweeted he would be back.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Thursday, February 07 2013 09:17 AM


    Hi mama...glad you are feeling better & that you had very little disfiguring...I'm sure it will get even better as you continue to heal! You better take it easy at art class...don't make me have to come all the way out to Cali & put you in your place..LOL!!! (Since that place is in the bed resting I guess you really aren't that worried, are you?) Take it easy & continue to heal quickly! Lots of love to you & JJ!!!

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, February 07 2013 09:36 AM


    south...LOL I knew you would say that that's why I said don't worry. LOL I usually help clean up but I won't do that today. i am sure the teacher won't let me left a finger so no worries.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, February 07 2013 09:41 AM


    I don't know too much about the conflict between ABC and Prospect Park over the characters who have come over to GH from OLTL, and are now supposedly expected to go back for the online reboot of the show, and I'm amazed that the armies of lawyers employed by the network would've ever allowed it to get to the point where GH was writing stories about characters they did not own or control the rights to, but it just goes to prove that no good deed goes unpunished.

    There was no real reason to bring these actors over to GH after their show was canceled, but apparently out of loyalty to the actors and out of sympathy for the viewers who lost their favorite soap, RC clumsily wedged these three into the GH landscape, disrupting ongoing storylines and long established relationships on BOTH shows to make it work. Perhaps he was motivated to do so in an attempt to bring displaced OLTL viewers over to GH to boost ratings, but the also move threatened to alienate long time loyal GH viewers who were dismayed at the emphasis on the refugees at the expense of their favorite GH characters, especially when it seemed as if RC would bring over a half a dozen or more OLTLers if he could.

    Fortunately, that didn't happen, but he did jump through several hoops to clear the way for Todd, Starr, and McBat by killing off Abby, Hope, and Cole, and by breaking up the finally married Sam and Jason through a series of increasingly horrible plot twists (brain surgery, evil twin brothers, rape, fake paternity tests, switched babies), and making them both behave so far out of character that it ruined their relationship and forced Steve Burton to leave the show. Now as it turns out, all of that effort over the past year, however misguided, was for nothing, and now they're in damage control, trying to salvage something from this debacle by coming up with the most ridiculous and confusing plots in the history of GH, which is ruining it's continuity, and is disrupting the remaining characters and established storylines so much that the viewers don't know what to think or even what's going on.

    It would've been much better if the OLTL cast members had never come to GH. Ironically, the attempt to save some vestige of OLTL may be the thing that finally kills off GH for good, and they'll ALL end up doing some cheap online version of the show.

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