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    Good For Both Of Us

    Tuesday, February 05 2013
    Britt and Maxie make a deal, Patrick and Sabrina have a heart-to-heart, and Doc catches Lucy escaping Ferncliff with Heather and Todd.

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    Posted by poodles at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:48 PM

    Rans- I think we might be long lost twins. I feel the same way about Sabrina, even to the point of throwing her to the wolves (Britt & Maxie). Actually, my meanness is more from my frustration on how the writers are portraying others in this boring s/l.

    ****OFF TOPIC****
    Lovesdogs- I’m so sorry to hear the sad news of Annie passing. I and others were rooting for her to make a complete recovery. I sure you will miss her terribly.

    Hi Mama. Hope you're doing ok. We are thinking about you durring this time of healing and recovery.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:49 PM

    Casey1,Rans, Lily hunter, Thanks for the condolences. Yes I was happy that she passed at home. Cavaliers are the sweetest, most loving little dogs.

    Lovelymarlena, My Mom had diverticulitis and had flair ups which are very painful. Thing good thoughts for your SIL.

    mamajj, Hope you have a smooth recovery. Sending healing thoughts your way.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:50 PM

    And the race is ON to see who will give birth to the first Corinthos grandbaby! Obviously, both Lulu and Starr will become pregnant from today's sexcapades. These “bom-chick-a-wow-wow” scenes came out of nowhere, with no build up, so I'm thinking there HAS to be a reason. Why would sending her father to prison make Starr (who looked super HAWT in her skivvies) want to get her freak on? Why would a stakeout make Dante so randy? The fact that BOTH these scenes were inserted so clumsily, and on the same day, it HAS to be significant.

    It looks like Maxie, Lulu (who WILL carry to term), and Starr will all have babies around the same time, and Lulu and Starr will probably do it on the same day, in true soapy fashion. Maxie will give birth to Spinbaby, and then Lulu will hatch the NoodleBuddhaBaby, and Starr will have the Whipped Cream Whippersnapper simultaneously, while Sonny blows a gasket waiting to become a grandpappy. We're going to be up to our eyeballs in Babies and Vampires, and still NO PETS!

    Um, Starr and Michael? The ice cream is melting.

    OH NO! Steven Lars is singing again! Nothing good can come of this, although Sabrina did look pretty cute in the shower, and that smug look she gave Oblivia was Brittworthy! Apparently what Oblivia saw was her fiance's fantasy about a student nurse that he fancied had a crush on him. That's the problem with having a psychic girlfriend. If your sexual fantasies aren't about her, there will be as much hell to pay as if those fantasies actually happened. I'm just thankful that that Oblivia didn't see Steven Lars and Heather in the shower together. Ewww!

    Britt picked the wrong ally. Maxie may try to “destroy” Sabrina, but her borrowed heart won't be in it. She did get the LINE OF THE DAY when she described Sabrina.

    Maxie: “She's the walking embodiment of BEIGE!”

    True, true. I'm sure to Maxie, that's as insulting as it gets.

    Britt should've teamed up with Oblivia. After Oblivia's vision, it wouldn't take very much for Britt to convince her that Sabrina is up to no good. Now Sabrina's got Britt comparing her hair to a rat's nest, Maxie calling her beige, AND Oblivia accusing her of being a floozy, and we also know, Epiphany is on her case too. Even so, I'm really tired of this “poor Sabrina” routine, and her unrequited crush on Patrick. If a woman can't tell a man she's interested, then she shouldn't be surprised when he doesn't think she is, and just because Drake Jr. says that he won't date a co-worker NOW doesn't mean he won't. That's never stopped him before

    Lucy behaves like a spoiled seven year old. A DELUSIONAL spoiled seven year old. Felicia just talks like one.

    Posted by poodles at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:51 PM

    Hi Lily. I just recieved a spring planting catalog and thought of you.

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:52 PM

    Hello everyone:
    I really like gh today. Todd/Heather/Lucy was funny.Bad Heather knock out Kevin then high five Todd.Too funny for words.Olivia screaming at Sabrina for wanting her man. I couldn't stop laughing. Really Sabrina a threat.High school retro memory.Brit needs to go. She says Sabrina is bad but Brit is blackmailing Maxie to fix her mistakes with Patrick.
    Brit is a loser.Glad Patrick mentions he isn't ready for dating yet.Too bad Sabrina but give him time.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:54 PM

    Shades of Gray, Very good post. ITA on AJ. The actor does a very good job of portraying a somewhat shifty untrustworthy person. He's trying to do good, but it's his nature to to take the quick and not necessarily legal way to get what he wants.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:54 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Can we just get on to the sweeps weeks' shows? Oh, this is already considered a part of those? Kudos to FV and RC for the most entertaining daytime show I've seen in years - did I mention that GH is the only one I watch...

    Jack Wagner as Frisco has aged well as the character. I like the craggy, weather worn, yet still handsome face of the spy who came in the from the cold, or the desert. In any case, now that daddy's home, perhaps he's the one who Maxi can confide in and make the Britch go away. I think there might be an opening in a certain Swiss clinic. I know that many of you aren't Maxi fans, but to see her being pushed around by the Britch was almost as bad for me as watching Anna sucking latex or Olivia going all Bensonhurst on Sabrina. Save the Bensonhurst, Olivia - Mother Webber is coming back to town. I think she heard Steve singing in the shower...

    For the most part, this show was the same schlock we've been seeing for weeks. Yes, we did get some Love in the Afternoon, but IMO it was more whipped cream than steamy, unless Dante slipped some frozen dim sum under the sheets to warm up while waiting for dinner to arrive.

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:55 PM

    love it when Brit tries to talk to Patrick. She accepts their breaking up. Are you kidding me, yesterday Brit had a nasty hissy fit and is blackmailing Maxie. Ya Brit you are over Patrick. Excuse me if you see me rolling me eyes. I clapped when Patrick got in the elevator and said nothing to you.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:56 PM

    mamajj - Your writing reads as if you're feeling pretty good. I hope that's the case. Sending healing energy to you.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:59 PM

    Mac and Felicia are at the Floating Rib when Frisco walks in.

    Frisco: “Hello Felicia.”

    Felicia: “Tee-hee-hee. Hi Frisco!”

    Mac: “Frisco! You look like CRAP! Where have you been? What have you been doing?”

    Frisco: “I've been in the field.”

    Felicia (still giggling): “You mean doing highly classified, top secret covert ops behind enemy lines?”

    Frisco: “No, by 'field' I mean the golf course. I've been on the pro-am golf tour for fifteen years. I suppose you could SAY I was behind enemy lines, because most of the time I was in Hollywood. I auditioned for the role of “Batman,” and my voice got stuck like this.”

    Mac: “So you've been in California all these years, and yet when one of your daughters was killed and another stood trial for murder you couldn't be bothered to make a PHONE CALL?”

    Frisco: “C'mon Mac. I was under orders to remain incommunicado. They don't allow phones on the golf course.”

    Mac: “What the hell are you doing here now? Why did you come back?”

    Frisco: “I came because my wife sent me a message that our daughter was pregnant.”

    Mac: “You mean your EX-wife! Why now? You didn't bother to show up the last time we thought she was pregnant, even though it turned out she was faking. (to Felicia) Why didn't you tell me you were in contact with Frisco, and why didn't you tell HIM we were back together?”

    Felicia (still giggling): “Well, I just though he should know about Maxie. It didn't occur to me to mention our relationship to him. It's personal.”

    Frisco: “The perfumed panties, and the topless pictures of you were a nice touch, though.”

    Felicia (blushing): “Ohhhh, thank you Friscoooo. Tee-hee-hee.”

    Mac: “WTF??!!”

    Maxie (walking in): “I'm SO glad you're here. I've had a terrible da...! Oh my gosh! Dad!”

    Frisco: “I'd like to hear about your day. Is there anything I can do, princess?”

    Maxie: “Well, since you asked, there IS this doctor beeyotch I want you to kill.”

    Frisco: “Is she hot?”

    Maxie: “Oh yes, she's extremely attractive!”

    Frisco: “Well you know, I'll probably have to sleep with her before I kill her. Spy rules and all. Are you okay with that?”

    Maxie (sighs): “If you must, Dad. Just spare me the details. And after that there's this annoying redhead that I want you to make go away.”

    Frisco: “Is SHE hot?”

    Maxie: “Well, I guess she's cute in a nerdy kind of way, but she's definitely not your type. Can you still do the job?”

    Frisco: “Well, it's a little unusual. I've never killed a woman I haven't slept with, but anything for my little girl.”

    Maxie (hugging Frisco): “Thanks Daddy. I love you. Welcome Home.”

    Felicia (crying): “BWAAAAAHHHHHH!”

    Mac: “Where's the tequila?”

    End Scene

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