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    It’s About Time.

    Friday, February 01 2013
    Patrick ends it with Britt, Ellie goes home, and Liz helps AJ calm down.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Sunday, February 03 2013 10:22 PM

    ***off topic Superbowl Review***

    I LUV OLTL – Yes, I'm a life long, loyal Cowboy fan, ever since the days when Don Meredith quarterbacked the team in the Cotton Bowl.

    What a game that turned out to be after a completely uncompetitive first half. It had a little bit of everything, including a blackout! Here's what I thought about the game, the presentation, and the commercials.

    The GAME
    1st half:

    In this game, mistakes are magnified. San Francisco's first penalty on their first play on offense cost them a 20 yard gain and a first down, and then they went 3 and out. Their second penalty, this time on defense, gave the Ravens new life after stopping them on third down, and they turned that into a touchdown. I don't think they ever relinquished the lead after that. Baltimore was up 14-3 before they were called for their first penalty (which was offset), and 28-6 before their first assessed penalty or turnover. The Ravens simply don't make mistakes, a hallmark of a well coached team.

    Boldin has been an absolute BEAST in the playoffs, and he's Flacco's go-to guy. He's my favorite player on the Ravens, and I was happy to see him play such a big part in their victory. Jacoby Jones is an up and down receiver, and he was UP tonight. That was an incredible TD catch and run, followed later by a game breaking kickoff return. I was afraid when the Ravens tried that fake field goal that they left too much time on the clock at the end of the half, but they were able to hold the 49ers to a field goal, and went into the half up 21-6.

    2nd half:

    The Big Blackout was an embarrassment for the stadium and the league, and it seemed to give the 49ers a chance to regroup and compose themselves after allowing Jones' record tying kickoff return. They made a game of it, and Colin Kaepernick is a very difficult man to contain. Vernon Davis is a mismatch for anybody trying to cover him, and I've been a fan of Michael Crabtree since his days at Texas Tech. They had every opportunity to pull it out, but in the end, they fell short. Joe Flacco cemented his reputation as a clutch Quarterback, and made himself millions of dollars with his flawless performance throughout these playoffs because his contract is up, but fittingly, it was the Ravens defense that made a very dramatic goal line stand to end the game. Good stuff.

    The presentation:

    I love “America the Beautiful,” and think it should be out National Anthem, but did they really need to bring Jennifer Hudson on to show up the kids from Sandy Hook Elementary? I thought they did just fine on their own before they brought out the former American Idol winner to sing the song AGAIN(?), using the children who survived a national tragedy as backup dancers. I thought it was just a little too tricked up.

    Alicia Keys was wonderful in her simple, self accompanied, obviously live, jazzy rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.” It was a little slow, and she shouldn't add her own extra lyrics to our Anthem, but she is a EXTREMELY talented and beautiful young lady, and she did a fine job. It was very tasteful instead of the usual vocal gymnastics we're so used to being assaulted with. I'm so glad we're finally no longer letting performers get away with lip-syncing during a supposedly live performance. Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and the Beatles always sang live. If it was good enough for them...

    Beyonce is a very talented performer, and she actually sings quite well, but she relies more on her looks and nookie dancing than her voice, which is evident because her songs mostly consist of repetitive little “hooks” as opposed to actual memorable melodies. You can only sing along with PARTS of any of her songs. It was good to see her reunite with Destiny' Child, but I thought the mix on their vocals was horrendous, and I couldn't hear the other two girls very well. There was no “wardrobe malfunction” this time around, but I thought her very enthusiastic bumping and grinding performance was a little PG rated for a show watched by millions of families, and kids of all ages.

    Little boy: “Daddy, why was she licking her finger and smiling like that?”

    Dad: “Go ask your Mother in the kitchen, and bring me back a beer.”

    All in all, I would've much rather seen a set by New Orleans' own Harry Connick Jr.!

    The Commercials:

    I lost interest in the commercials after halftime, but I here are the ones I watched:

    First, the Good:

    “Going Stag to the Prom” was like a movie in a minute.

    I hope “The Team” with the Super Kids playing the bullies in football is just the first in a series. Heck it should be a TV series.

    I didn't really like “The Coke Chase,” but I'm pulling for the Vegas Showgirls with the non-lethal glitter cannon anyway.

    The new Star Trek movie looks GREAT! So does “Iron Man 3.” The Rock was deadpan funny in “Outta Milk,” and Amy Poehler was hilarious asking a million questions at Best Buy. She may be the funniest woman in America.

    And now the Bad, or as I like to think of it “How to flush away $4 Million Dollars in Thirty Seconds”:

    GoDaddy couldn't have been more disgusting if they had Bar Rafeli snogging with that Pig from the Geico commercials. Ugh!

    Johnny Depp's stereotypical performance as Tonto in “The Lone Ranger” is an insult to Native Americans everywhere, and I would think the VW commercial was a similar affront to Jamaicans.

    I have no idea what Taco Bell was thinking, having old people act like unruly teenagers, and I think the Budweiser commercial for a new beer for “The Best of US” smacked of dangerous elitism, as I saw no one in that commercial that resembled “real” people, or anyone over thirty. That is seriously disturbing imagery to present to our young people.

    I'll bet the PETA folks will be on Skechers for depicting a cheetah being hog tied with its own tail. Yeah, they're that humorless.

    Well, if I don't complain about Victoria's Secret commercials, I guess I can't whine about Calvin Klein male underwear models shoving their er... “brand” in my face, but is it REALLY necessary?

    Both the Doritos goat and the Doritos Princesses were exceedingly stupid.

    The rest were either unoriginal, instantly forgettable, or both.

    That's all I've got (probably way too much. LOL!).

    Happy Superbowl Sunday everybody!

    Posted by aussie1 at Sunday, February 03 2013 10:40 PM

    Jeezaloo Scrimmage. I have to skip your novel. No offence. LOL......

    Posted by raineysmom at Sunday, February 03 2013 10:41 PM


    Excellent post!

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, February 04 2013 06:05 AM


    Mamajj: Thinking of you today. Good luck and pop in when you feel up to it so we all don't have to worry.
    Sending lots of prayers and hugs.

    OT: Great football!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Monday, February 04 2013 06:30 AM

    Good Morning Everyone!


    Great game last night...I was worried that the 49ers were going to pull it off there after the blackout...(mama, were you the one that turned the lights off so you could go give your boys a pep talk???..LOL!)

    mama, you know I am thinking of you & send you many well wishes & healing prayers & praying that GOD guides your surgeon's hands & you come out looking & feeling GREAT!!!! LOVE, (((HUGS))), & PRAYERS to you & JJ, my sista!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Monday, February 04 2013 06:33 AM

    OT glad to see you back, girlfriend! I hope you had a GREAT vacation/holiday!!! Sure missed your input!

    My favorite commercial for the SB was the Tide one with the 49er fan husband getting the Joe Montana salsa stain & the Ravens fan wife washing his jersey...and I ALWAYS love my E-trade baby! He & baby Danny are my fav babies on tv!!!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Monday, February 04 2013 06:34 AM


    Not much else to say right now...really tired...didn't sleep well, in a lot of pain last night & this morning so far!! Will post more later...Everyone have a wonderful day!

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, February 04 2013 07:03 AM

    **********OFF TOPIC-SUPER BOWL**************
    WHAT A GAME - I got my wish...CLOSE game 34-31 (even tho' I came close with my 29-28 prediction and to be decided in the last seconds of the game !!

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, February 04 2013 07:06 AM


    **************OFF TOPIC-SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS***********

    hey !! As they say - great minds....Those were MY two favorite commercials also !!! I don't believe I was on the fence about it (if so just take away my jewels and hide them in MRS FROM'S closet)

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Monday, February 04 2013 07:24 AM


    Hey from! I know those 2 commercials were the best! During the whole "Joe Montana stain" one I was thinking WHAT is this all about...then the jersey was missing & the wife came out with the laundry basket & told him she washed it..then she had on a Ravens' jersey & said "Go Ravens"! I really did LOL!!! And like I said before I LOVE all things E-Trade Baby (that one...not so much the others even though they are cute too!)He's just my fav!!!

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