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    Potentially Lethal Whack Job.

    Thursday, January 24 2013
    Patrick makes plans with Britt, Felix gushes over Carly’s new look, and AJ shares a new plan with Michael.

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    Posted by Sabebaby at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:34 PM

    I like Felix, he's very open. I also like Carly's hair cut. She looks refreshed.

    Posted by aussie1 at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:35 PM

    Off topic:

    Sabebaby, hahahaha. Did you really live in Germany? Whereabouts? We're travelling there this year to Munchen.

    Posted by Lonnie56 at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:36 PM

    GH needs to bring Robin back and get rid of Lucy and Todd. Lucy and Todd are so annoying. I like Patrick but can't stand Britt. Ellie and Spinneli are so boring, and so is Maxie...dumb story line Maxie being pregnant. Would like to see more of Kristina...maybe with a new love interest. I used to love watching GH but lately GH hasn't been that good. Wish OLTL and AMC was still on.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:37 PM

    Those of you asking for a better storyline and a romantic interest for Liz should be complaining to TPTB for giving Sabrina not one, but TWO juicy storylines, her triangle with Britt and Patrick, and the Nurses' Ball. Liz could've easily been front and center in either or both of those sub plots, but instead, she's been reduced to sorting patient's files and acting as Sabrina's biggest cheerleader. She didn't even get to stitch up McBat, although considering the horrible job she did on AJ, it's probably just as well. She might've accidentally killed McBat and become Lucy's favorite person, but I digress.

    Don't you think a battle between Liz, Robin's hand-picked successor, and Britt for Patrick's affection would've been far more compelling (and a much more even fight) than Sabrina's schoolgirl crush on a man who is too old for her? I don't know who Liz (or her portrayer, Rebecca) pissed off, but she seems to be in the writer's doghouse even more than Felix is in Epiphany's. I'm surprised she's not doing bedpan duty. What a waste of such a gorgeous woman.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:38 PM

    Lily-- Agree about Felix. He could be Carly's Concierge. He actually knows protocol. Something GH has been severly lacking as of late.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:43 PM

    I think with all this Sabrina storyline, she is going to turn out to be someone more than just a "student nurse" person. No spoiler, just speculation.

    Posted by aussie1 at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:44 PM

    Scrimmage, I'm tellin ya. RH must've taken FV's lunch when he wasn't looking. They don't seem to think much of her character.

    Lonnie, I'm surprised. Todd & Lucy are some of the more popular characters on the show nowadays. TPTB are fighting to keep him on the show but he has to go back to OLTL.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:44 PM

    Scrimmage - You're so so right. I've never been a Liz fan, but FV had the perfect chance to put her front and center right now and seems intent on keeping her on the sidelines. Of course he does showcase the OLTL group.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:46 PM

    Aussie - Good riddance.

    Posted by Sabebaby at Thursday, January 24 2013 05:48 PM



    I lived just north of Heidleburg. I absolutely fell in LOVE with Bavaria! How long will you be there?

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