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    Potentially Lethal Whack Job.

    Thursday, January 24 2013
    Patrick makes plans with Britt, Felix gushes over Carly’s new look, and AJ shares a new plan with Michael.

    At Kelly’s, AJ tells Michael about his plans to work with Heather. She told AJ there is something in Edward’s will that will give him leverage. Michael demands AJ stay away from that murderer. She tampered with DNA results to make Sam think she was carrying Franco’s baby, then switched Sam’s baby with a dead one – all over a letter. If AJ goes into business with Heather, Michael can’t be a part of it. AJ switches gears and asks what he knows about Johnny. Skye gave info to Anthony that proves Tracy was laundering money. He just has to get it from Johnny. Michael wants to do it.

    Sabrina and Felix gossip about Britt and Patrick’s shower sex at the MetroCourt. He encourages her to confront him, but she thinks it is better if she steers clear. Carly arrives for their meeting and Felix digs her new look. He is happy to hear she showed Todd what he was missing and thinks Sabrina needs to try some of that on Patrick. He asks Carly about the guy who took her home and she is disgusted by the thought of AJ. They sit to talk business and while Carly wasn’t close with Robin she is happy to help. She signs the contract and Felix goads her again about AJ. There is a thin line between love and hate. Later, AJ visits Carly.

    Britt stitches John up in a hospital room while Epiphany reprimands him about him leaving in the first place. Sam assures Epiphany that John won’t be leaving again. Epiphany and Britt leave while he fills her in on Lucy’s attack in the courtroom. She got thrown into Ferncliff, and Manning is about to join her. Sam worries he won’t pay for his crimes. John encourages her not to let revenge eat her up. He will take care of Todd. Later, Sam finds John’s watch and Epiphany tells her he is a good man who is not too hard on the eyes. Patrick looks for Sabrina at the nurse’s station, but she has switched shifts. He tells Elizabeth she is avoiding Emma and he doesn’t understand why. He asks her if there is another reason Sabrina might be avoiding him. Liz won’t break Sabrina’s confidence. He reveals that Emma doesn’t like Britt. "Smart girl," she replies. Patrick is concerned Liz has a problem with Britt too. Elizabeth admits Britt singles Sabrina out to be mean. He is confused as to why and Elizabeth is exasperated at his ignorance. Britt arrives and asks Patrick to go skating with Emma. He isn’t sure that is a good idea but suddenly changes his mind and they make plans. Later, Britt is rude to Liz and she returns the attitude. Britt tells Sabrina she is taking the rest of the day off to go skating with Emma. Emma is not Sabrina’s problem anymore.

    Todd wakes in his cell after dreaming of Carly. He tells Johnny how great Carly’s new haircut looks. Johnny is sure she wasn’t at Todd’s arraignment to support him but rather show him what he was missing. Todd reminds Johnny she hasn’t cared either way to visit him at all. Todd tells him he is going to Ferncliff instead of Pentonville and soon after that, home. Johnny assures him that no matter what, Carly is through with him. Later, John arrives to accompany Todd to Ferncliff. Later, Michael visits Johnny and asks for help.

    Tracy meets with Ned at ELQ and bares some fangs. They are a business ploy to keep Lucy crazy. Ned is glad she called because if this is the best she has their chances are non-existent. Lucy is crazy, not stupid. Tracy is concerned AJ is not as incompetent as they think and can’t afford to dismiss him. Ned has another idea – let AJ take over and step aside. Why fight for a company that has given her grief over the year? She thinks she deserves it a hell of a lot more than Pickle-Lila relish. She tells Ned to get on board or step aside. He agrees and demands to know if there is anything else out there that can hurt her. She assures him, then calls Sonny for help crushing AJ.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Carly accuses AJ of trying to manipulate her.

    Liz asks Sabrina how she can let Britt take her place.

    Britt asks Emma why she doesn’t want to be her friend and Emma replies she doesn’t like her.

    Sonny asks Tracy what she needs him to do.

    Connie is startled by something at Manning Enterprises.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by DetroitGHer at Thursday, January 24 2013 12:33 PM

    I like the story of Patrick/Sabrina/Britt. It is a classic soap triangle. I know we all would want Robin to come back and I am sure she will eventually but I am enjoying this now. Britt isn't the crazy that Dr. Niles was she is just a pretty girl who is used to getting what she wants when she wants it & right now she wants Patrick. Then you have the classic mouse in Sabrina who will of course be Cinderella at the Nurses Ball & Patrick will really "see" her. I know it is corny but what can I say. I like it.

    Posted by ransomha at Thursday, January 24 2013 12:38 PM

    It's too bad that they never show Emma with her grandmother. Maybe if she had a relationship with Anna she wouldn't be so clingy with Sabrina.

    Sam needs to remember that she can't take the law into her own hands anymore. She has a son that relies on her.
    When Epif' mentioned John being good to look at, I thought Sam would say something about not looking at him in that way. Looks like they are moving forward with Sam and John.

    And Carly and AJ.
    Carly really does need to be single for a minute or two. But, they do have chemistry.

    Why is Patrick, the hot shot surgeon, who use to be a lady killer, player now so clueless about woman? This is totally out of the character he use to be and I find it unbelievable .

    Go Ned, be on your mother's side. Nothing I love more then a supportive son!

    And Michael is being AJ's pawn.

    Carly's dress looked great on her today but, liked her old mane better.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, January 24 2013 12:46 PM

    The writers really need to make up their minds about Michael. He starts off the convo w/ AJ saying "I'm the world's worst liar", and ends up saying "I can handle Johnny". Yeah, right Mikey. On what planet? Tracy with those fangs was a scream. Can't wait to find out what Heather knows.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Thursday, January 24 2013 12:46 PM

    To all who have said prayers and good wishes for Annie I have a bit of good news. After several bad days, she has started to gain some weight. This is very important for her to have a good recovery.
    I will coment on today's show after I watch it.

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, January 24 2013 01:04 PM

    Hi all.

    UGH GH is starting & I have to go to work. BOOOO You all have a great day. Talk to ya later tonight.

    LOL Tracy & those fangs!! HA HA HA

    Posted by raineysmom at Thursday, January 24 2013 01:05 PM


    That is GREAT news about Annie! I will continue to add her in my prayers to St.Francis (patron saint of animals!!

    Posted by raineysmom at Thursday, January 24 2013 01:13 PM


    I just read some great news about Ed Reed.....HE'S NOT RETIRING!!! He made the announcement today. There was speculation that he would retire along with Ray Lewis. In reference to something RL said..: "This is my last ride!"....ER said: "This is NOT my last ride.....I just bought a bike!!" LOL!!!

    He's really looking forward to going back to NO....Louisiana is his home state!.....And wouldn't it be great if he left there with a SUPER BOWL RING!!!


    I really think that the Ravens are going to go ALL THE WAY and win the SB!!! They've overcome so much this year and I really berlieve that this is their year!!!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, January 24 2013 01:17 PM


    Lovesdogs-- Glad to hear the good news about Annie!

    Rainey-- Good news about ER!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, January 24 2013 01:22 PM

    I don't understand why Liz can suture AJ, but McBain requires the services of a fertility specialist, endocrinologist, ob gyn. I would think a few loosened stitches could have been handled by Epiphany.

    Posted by zphib_96 at Thursday, January 24 2013 01:57 PM


    I read the comments everyday but I am truly a LURKER! lol!

    However your comment about the Ravens and the Super Bowl FORCED me to login...Ha Ha!!

    I am SO looking forward to the Super Bowl this year! My father used to play for the 49ers back in the late 60's so growing up I was a HUGE 49ers fan, really enjoying the Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig and Jerry Rice years. The last time the Niners won a Super Bowl was in the 90's with Steve Young as QB. So I'm super STOKED that they're in the game this year.

    However I'm also happy that the Ravens are in, especially since they haven't won since 2000 and it's Ray Lewis' finale. I think it'd be great for them to pull this one off, too.

    So I guess I just logged in to say, either way I'd be SUPER happy for one of the teams to take the trophy home this year. This is actually the first year I've felt like this about a Super Bowl game in YEARS!

    Sorry about the long-winded OT comment folks! Now back to "lurking"...

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