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    All In The Wrists.

    Monday, January 14 2013
    Lucy descends on the Quartermaine estate, Tracy is saddened about Trey’s condition, and Todd doesn’t plan on staying locked up.

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    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, January 14 2013 03:48 PM

    Does anyone know the time-line regarding Sonny & Olivia vs. Sonny & Connie? I'm still having a problem with Trey & Dante's ages.

    Posted by aussie1 at Monday, January 14 2013 03:53 PM

    bayou, about no comment. Don't wanna get in trouble.

    I don't even bother w/ the ages. Soaps are notorious about changing the ages of characters, I get dizzy thinking about it.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, January 14 2013 03:54 PM

    Hi everyone,
    No surprise that GH has picked up a new sponsor (depression meds) which shows in my market around the 15 min. mark.

    No need for the violence that Johnny inflicted on Todd today. Johnny should have snapped Todd's back so he couldn't escape from GH.

    I'm not feeling Lucy Coe this time around. I never watched Port Charles, so the vampire SL seems a little dated back to the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt portrayal. In any case, I don't understand why the scenes we saw today were mashed together in one show.

    I enjoyed watching Carly and AJ do their own brand of "I hate you" flirting back to back with Connie's acceptance that her son was dying and there was no reason to pick up another human shield against Sonny. I also enjoyed AJ realizing that he couldn't let Michael's mother drive herself home. IMO this was a stupid idea on the part of the writers, unless they're bent on destroying Carly next.

    Trey's death was touching. I loved Olivia's scenes with him because it was so like her to want to impart some family love to the poor Falconeri bastard (not a slur, just a title).

    I wonder just how much time will be devoted to Jason's memorial...and if AJ will be there?

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, January 14 2013 03:58 PM

    bayou - From what I remember of the original Dante story, there should have been about 3.5 years between Dante and Trey. Considering that Trey was in grad school when he met Hissy, that would work out. Connie even said that she wasn't going to go through what Olivia did, staying around as an unwed mother instead of going off to college.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, January 14 2013 03:59 PM

    rans - I'm really proud of Sonny's new calm personna. I laughed today at the look he gave AJ when he said he didn't have time for him.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, January 14 2013 04:02 PM

    OT: OR NOT

    Reading some stuff on Sean Kanan earlier and now realize why the resemblance is so strong between him & SB. Actually distant cousins.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, January 14 2013 04:04 PM

    Lily-- Thanks, I was never sure who hooked up w/Sonny first.

    Aussie-- I know where you're coming from!

    Posted by aussie1 at Monday, January 14 2013 04:14 PM

    bayou, they're cousins only by marriage. No genetics whatsoever.

    Also, Port Chuck are winding down their tour meaning they won't be much of a group anymore. I'm guessing Steve's schedule is an issue now that he's working at Y&R meaning he can spend more time w/ his family. I just wish GH would've worked out a better deal for him without ruining his character.

    Oh well, I'd welcome the recast. I give it 6 months!

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, January 14 2013 04:16 PM

    aussie - Perhaps SK has some musical skills and he can stand it for SB with the group.

    Posted by aussie1 at Monday, January 14 2013 04:17 PM

    lily, I would've preferred Johnny die instead of Trey. I just think they could've done much more w/ Trey's character now that he's related to Connie/Kate whatever her name is nowadays.

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