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    All In The Wrists.

    Monday, January 14 2013
    Lucy descends on the Quartermaine estate, Tracy is saddened about Trey’s condition, and Todd doesn’t plan on staying locked up.

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    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Tuesday, January 15 2013 08:06 AM

    On Jason's memorial...I agree guys IT NEED TO BE BIG! Like you said..if it's not then we know something else was going on when he left. And I hope that they will show it & not just talk about it like they did Edwards. ANd I hope there is a bigger turn out than at Robin's! That was just pitiful! I know she is still alive but no one in PC knew that! She was a talented dr & most of the GH staff should have been there & some of her ex-patients too!

    Just have to say "That little stud-muffin" Danny is SOOOOOO DANG CUTE!!!! What a lucky mom...she has 2 of those little handsome darlings!!!!

    Posted by siliconvalleysally at Tuesday, January 15 2013 08:07 AM

    Great poem Midas. I see you like rhyming couplets too.

    I've been reticent to express my views of yesterdays events, but I have to -- so here goes. Could the death scene been more schmaltzy? Watching poor Trey's spirit get up and leave the room made me wonder why he didn't get up and leave sooner.

    The whole concept of his spirit leaving reminded me of an old picture my father had (he loved fey things also), it was soon after Al Capone died and it showed Al Capone and Enrico Caruso slowly ascending upwards where angels were waiting for them. It was as hoaky as anything I have ever seen but a stunner. Come on writers that is lazy writing you can do better than that. The whole thing made me feel very uncomfortable as this was a man that was reviled once his background was discovered and now everyone was falling all over themselves to wear sackcloth and ashes. It was like the final scene from Aida with Radames and Aida in the tomb, all that was missing yesterday was the elephants and the grand march.

    Carly's meaness and hate for AJ really comes through clearly. I wonder if there is any chance of those two ever getting together. They are very much alike and there is a real spark between them.

    Ran out after yesterdays show and bought myself a string of garlic to wear, if Jon is a vampire I want to be ready.

    Will be happy when Connie/Kate both of her decide who both of her really is. I think it is difficult for the actress too as I see sometimes she morphs into a little bit of both at the same time. I hope they are giving her a bonus as she is doing a great job at a difficult role.

    Here I sit in breathless anticipation
    Fingers crossed in great expectation.
    Hold your breath and think, think, think.
    Will AJ ever take that drink?

    Love, fun and bubble gum!

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, January 15 2013 08:43 AM

    Double thanks, lovesdogs980 and from.
    TipsyTess, we know the memorial hasn't taken place yet...we were just speculating on it.

    Posted by thundering herd at Tuesday, January 15 2013 08:47 AM

    Midas great poem.

    I liked Trey's send off, even Olivia's visions. At least these visions seemed more true to her character rather than the ditzy visions she has been having.

    AJ is acting like a good guy, not surprised, it would be too simple to make him all evil in the beginning. The writers will build up on his "goodness" for awhile, then let his true nature come out.

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, January 15 2013 08:52 AM

    Hi, siliconvalleysally... Yes, it is my hobby, of sorts. If you have time to peruse some old posts, I have penned a few. The last one was around Christmas. I just enjoy any form of creative writing...poetry, scene writing(Scrimmage is the best IMO with that), free-verse, doggerel(thoroughly enjoy yours),etc.

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, January 15 2013 08:53 AM

    Much appreciated, thundering herd.

    I have to leave for now...I will try to post layer this evening. Have a good day, everyone!

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Tuesday, January 15 2013 08:54 AM

    ITA thundering herd on AJ.
    Iteresting article on GH Happenings Rumorville on the situation with Prospect Park and the three OLTL actors currently on GH.

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, January 15 2013 08:54 AM

    Later...not layer. Quick typing!!

    Posted by thundering herd at Tuesday, January 15 2013 09:32 AM

    Lovesdogs, Checked out the GHH article.

    Rumorville, looks like Morgan is returning.

    Posted by akita at Tuesday, January 15 2013 09:50 AM

    I’m getting a little tired of Connie and all her issues. It is perfectly normal to feel scared, not want to commit, not want intimacy or even to be afraid of the “mob”, but here’s my question. If she was so afraid to reunite with Sonny and blames him for her troubles because he supposedly only brings trouble, then why is she such a biotch to everyone, why is she sleeping with anything that resembles a male, why was she up for hitting Johnny and then trying to kill him, why did she steal a teenager’s book? To me, this is the behavior of a very dangerous and bad person…………………………….so why is she running from Sonny? Does she think she is displaying a better person???

    I realize this is just a soap and everything goes, but sometimes things just have to make sense. It’s bad enough that they’ve dragged this damn story for so long, but they also write the dumbest stupidest things.

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