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    All In The Wrists.

    Monday, January 14 2013
    Lucy descends on the Quartermaine estate, Tracy is saddened about Trey’s condition, and Todd doesn’t plan on staying locked up.

    Tracy apologizes to Michael at the hospital about ELQ. Starr tells her they have to get back to Trey. Tracy is instantly concerned and they fill her in on the accident. Tracy is devastated. She was with him when Scully passed. She tried to let him know his father loved him. Tracy is sorry for their loss and apologizes for going on about ELQ. She rushes off and Michael admits Tracy can sometimes be decent. He is worried about AJ though. Meanwhile, Steve tells Olivia, Alexis and Kristina that there has been an accident. Someone needs an organ donation that matches Trey. Alexis applied for a court order to bypass Connie and later they learn it has gone through.

    Lucy lets herself into the Q mansion, much to Monica’s chagrin. Lucy tells her to take it up with their sister-in-law. She even appointed her co-CEO of ELQ. Monica is disgusted and worried about AJ. Later, Tracy makes sure Lucy is settled in. Lucy request’s Cook’s salmon Florentine and Tracy lets her know Cook died. Lucy is totally fine with Tracy cooking it in honor of cook. Later, Tracy serves her the first thing she found and Lucy deems it five-star cuisine. Tracy gives her some Pickle-Lila to top it off her duck. Lucy spits out her food. How could she when she knows about her precious Sigmund! Later, Lucy runs off to get some dinner and Tracy invokes Lila to help her.

    At Kelly’s, Sam shows Danny one of the three pictures of him with Jason. She comments how handsome both of them are. John joins them. She apologizes for taking so long to face the truth. Now she has to put Jason to rest. He went to see Todd to make sure the charges would stick. Todd offered him a bribe on tape, so that should be the insurance he needs. Monica arrives and dotes on Danny. She is devastated to learn how Jason’s life ended. She had been holding on to hope along with Sam. But Jason would want her to have peace, to live her life again. Together they will get through the memorial. Later, Lucy walks in and his horrified to see John. "Caleb," she gasps.

    Sonny arrives at The Floating Rib and sees Connie and AJ making out. Carly sidles up next to Coleman to enjoy the show. Sonny pulls AJ off Connie and threatens to put him back in the hospital. He tries to convince Connie to come back with him. Alexis got a court order to take Trey off the ventilators so she has to come back to be with him. She breaks down in tears and leaves with him. Carly joins AJ and he lets her know that Lucy signed with Tracy. She laughs. He is still the same loser he always was. She tries to leave, but AJ won’t let her drive and throws her over his shoulder.

    Olivia says goodbye to Trey in his hospital room. She hopes he can feel her love and take it with him. She sees him open his eyes and tell her everything is going to be okay. She grabs his face but realizes it was just a vision. Later, Sonny and Connie run up and Kristina reaches out her hand to Connie. They will do it together. Connie signs the papers and they all gather around Trey’s bed and suffer through their goodbyes. Starr, Michael, Steve, Sonny and Alexis all hold hands. They are not leaving until Trey does. When he passes, Olivia sees his soul leave the room and tells them he is at peace.

    Todd is like a caged animal in his cell. Johnny returns. He won’t go to Pentonville until after his sentencing. Johnny heard about his bribe. Todd isn’t worried. He is going to escape. He is going to bang his head on the wall until he needs medical attention. It is easier to bust out of the hospital. Johnny doesn’t want any blood on his cot. Todd goads Johnny into beating him up by telling him he banged the hell out of Carly on New Year’s Eve. Johnny assures him he will die before he gets help and pounds on him until a cop comes in. Todd is wheeled off to the hospital.

    Monica returns to the Q estate and is overjoyed that Lucy is gone. Tracy assures her it is not for good.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Carly tells AJ she is there for revenge.

    Johnny lets Diane know she is going to lose two cases unless she stops Todd from escaping.

    Connie doesn’t believe that Sonny doesn’t want her to fall apart.

    Lucy yells at John that she knows who he is.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by Diana8254 at Monday, January 14 2013 12:29 PM

    Last Fri Jan 11 is Liam and Ryder's 2nd BD.

    I was hoping that GH would address that with John. Haven't seen show yet. Maybe he does but not in recap.

    Posted by JadeLola at Monday, January 14 2013 12:31 PM

    Did watch today episode same old same.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, January 14 2013 12:37 PM

    Sad scene watching Trey go. Thought it was sensitive and well done.

    Looks like they are reliving a Sam and John match up.
    I think they should start off friends and let it progress slowly but, I do the chemistry between these two characters.
    That baby is just beautiful.

    Posted by jumps at Monday, January 14 2013 12:54 PM

    Find it funny how the Falconaries care about Trey NOW that he is dead.
    Sorry if that is in bad taste.

    Posted by Midas at Monday, January 14 2013 12:54 PM

    I agree, ransomha, Trey's scene was very poignant. The ensemble surrounding his bed and Olivia's vision of his 'spirit' leaving his body added a lot to this scene. It was well done...Bravo!

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Monday, January 14 2013 01:03 PM

    From the recaps, I guess it was a great death bed scene from a character WHO DIDN'T NEED TO GO! That was just DUMB! So much potential.

    I really could care less about a vampire story. That's why I stopped watching Port Charles in the first place.

    Sweet AJ...being a decent human being and not letting the low life heifer that is Carly get on the road and potentially hurt someone else. I'm sure he could care less what she did to herself, and who could blame him. If the roles had been reversed she and Sonny would have killed some nameless hooker and set him up for murder. So, KUDOS to AJ.

    Olivia had love for Trey? Really? Did they ever meet?

    Posted by Clemben at Monday, January 14 2013 01:17 PM

    If they are going to upchuck that whole vampire mess from Port Charles, then the writers are lacking in creativity. Why must they rehash this one. "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "The Vampire Diaries", "Twilight", etc. are so yesterday. Anyway, I read that Michael Easton will have to go to the revamping of OLTL since Prospect Park owns the Character of John McBain.

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Monday, January 14 2013 01:34 PM

    Hello Everyone,

    Ug! Not more vampire references again! Please stop! He's John, not that guy from Port Charles!

    Now Olivia's able to see souls? Hmm...! I'm still trying to feel some sort of sympathy for Connie, but not feeling it, and nor am I feeling it for Kristina!

    The Quartermaine scenes with Lucy were hilarious!I also love that Monica and Sam were able to talk about Jason and how they'd get through this.

    Wow, Carly! Is AJ a loser now that he's actually concerned about how you're gonna get home? Someone (Scrimmage I think?) commented about Josslyn being with Jax which I'm glad about where Carly seems to be more concerned with drinking and drowning her sorrows over Todd! And yet again, AJ didn't drink! He gets props from me for that! So, I think Carly's the loser here!

    I hope everyone's having a good day, and will post later on as I read comments!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, January 14 2013 01:53 PM

    Oh, no! Not vampires.

    I thought that the events on the show “Port Charles” happened in some alternate universe, similar to, but separate from General Hospital, because Livvie and Sam could not exist in the same reality. Leave it to Lucy to screw that up! I guess it's not much of a jump from psychics, zombies, and ghosts to vampires, so I shouldn't be surprised, but they need to go easy on the cheese here, or this thing could ruin the whole show. It's too soon to panic, but I see fins in the water, so I'm putting up a Shark Alert! RC and company may be jumping one any minute, if they're not careful.

    It was hard to go from light comedic fantasy to the brutality of Johnny's savage beating of Todd in this episode. I know I've been calling for Todd to be punished for his misdeeds, and I suppose he was literally asking for it, but I was shocked by the violence of that scene because it seemed so disconnected from the rest of the show, as if we suddenly switched channels to the middle of a Quentin Tarantino film. Not only did it have all kinds of sadomasochistic overtones to it, but it was jarring to see that on daytime TV. One second we're oohing and awwwing over Baby Danny (Serious Danny today), and the next we're seeing Todd's face being bashed in at his own request! Ugh!

    On the other hand, I really enjoyed the scene at Kelly's with Monica and Sam. That seemed so real, and Monica's reaction to the details of Jason's death echoed the outrage of several posters like myself who thought that Jason deserved a much more dignified and noble exit. I even think I once used Monica's same analogy that he was literally treated like garbage.

    I hope nobody eats with the spoon that McBat had on his nose, mugging for Baby Danny. Yuck!

    Lucy has some nerve calling Monica rude. And this whole storyline is getting sillier by the minute. Lucy is giving up on Coe Cosmetics far too easily, and why does she need to move in with the Q's? I know her corporate assets have been seized, but is she flat broke and homeless too? If so, why is Tracy acting as if this is all a one way street? It's SO out of character for her to allow Lucy to push her around like this. Tracy doesn't cook, and she doesn't grovel either. I think she'd rather lose ELQ than have to live with Lucy, and why does she think she can invite anyone to live in Monica's house without Monica's permission?

    Sonny is such a bully, especially with women. He walked into The Rib, snapped his fingers and told Connie “Let's go!” expecting her to follow him like a dog or something. When to his surprise that didn't work, he finally had to appeal to her like an actual person, but he was certainly less than sensitive to what she was going through when he did it. At the hospital Sonny once again completely ignored his own heartbroken daughter. It was obvious to anyone watching that he was there for Connie, or more accurately to see if this tragedy might bring Kate back to him, which is his only interest in all of this.

    At least when AJ realized what this whole drama was really about, to his credit he backed off, knowing that despite Connie's efforts to use him as a distraction, this was not any of his business. He was also pretty funny with Carly, reminiscing about their one night stand. She wanted him to get drunk with her, and despite her declarations of hatred, she was definitely flirting with him. There's no doubt that they would ended up knocking boots in the room upstairs if AJ had succumbed to her temptations, but once again he triumphed over his demons, and did the right thing. I laughed when he easily tossed her over his shoulder like a sack of flour, and I think Carly loved the caveman treatment herself. I just hope for his sake she doesn't puke on AJ's back. Barf!

    As for the whole scene at the hospital, it was fairly predictable, as were the performances of all involved. As usual, Connie was brilliant, and Nuke was terrible. I won't pick on her any more than that because I'm sure she's trying her best, but she's just not a very good actress, and the more you become aware of her shortcomings, the more obvious they seem. Oblivia showed what acting is supposed to be in her brief monolog with Trey. You got the impression that she actually felt regret over never having the chance to get to know him, and I could see the shock, and then the understanding in her face as the realization came over her that Trey had not actually woken up, but had communicated with her anyway. Now THAT'S acting! Not only that, but she is one woman who can really handle an extreme close up in HD and still look great! What a beautiful woman she is.

    I do have to point out the Disappearing Breathing Tube. After Connie signed the papers, Dr. Steven Lars excuses himself, presumably to remove Trey from life support before he allows Connie and Nuke into his room, but when we next see them at his bedside, he's still hooked up to the ventilator. Then later, as we see more of the support group squeeze into the room, suddenly the tube is gone. What did Steven Lars do? Squeeze past Trey's friends and family and say “Oh, excuse me. I forgot to pull the thing that's keeping him breathing out of his throat,” and do it right in front of everybody?

    As for Oblivia's vision of Trey shuffling off his mortal coil, if I were her, I'd be disappointed in the lack of production values involved in heading for the afterlife. No trumpets, no bright lights. He just hopped out of his body, and walked out the door, wearing a plaid shirt no less. PLAID? For all ETERNITY? I guess Todd wasn't the only one who was punished for his crimes today.

    It looks like we're still an episode behind. This was obviously supposed to be a Friday show. It will probably be another month before they get back on schedule, when new episodes filmed after December 14 and the holiday break, will start to air.

    Posted by maja at Monday, January 14 2013 02:02 PM

    I feel be-treyed for the way Trey didn't have a ghost of a chance..ok sorry! I will miss the actor and I will sure because he is talented (also easy on the eyes) he will get plenty of work. Unless...what if Trey had a twin brother that not even Connie/Kate knew of named Ray, or Jay or not even a name that rhymes.

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