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    Aren't You Kate Howard?

    Friday, December 28 2012
    Lucy turns the tables on A.J. and Tracy, Connie tries to deal with Johnny, Trey talks to Connie before leaving, and Patrick makes plans with Britt.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, December 28 2012 03:36 PM

    Sonny's right about Trey, and all the reasons why he shouldn't be trusted, but he's wrong about AJ. AJ doesn't want to keep Sonny out of Michael's life. He doesn't care about Sonny at all as long as he and Michael have a relationship of their own. AJ's motivations have nothing to do with Sonny. Sure, he'd like it if Sonny just disappeared and Michael never saw him again, but that's not on his agenda. As usual, Sonny's massive ego makes him misread the situation, and he keeps confusing AJ's view of him with his own attitude towards AJ, because in Sonny's World, everything is all about him, so naturally Sonny imagines that AJ is totally focused on some competition with him, when in fact AJ's attention is on Michael and ELQ, and his real competition with Tracy. Sonny is way down AJ's priority list, but no one will ever be able to convince Sonny of that.

    At least Sonny called Nuke out on her tired habit of using emotional blackmail when she doesn't get her way. Better late than never, but none of this would've happened if he didn't strong arm her way into Yale in the first place, so again, if he's unhappy about the situation, he has only himself to blame.

    As far as the possibility of Nuke being written off the show, I have to say in this case, she has only HERself to blame if it's true. She is simply a terrible actress, with extremely limited range, and no natural talent. Emma acts rings around her.

    Unicorn Girl wrote: “It wasn't the actress's fault. The writers gave (Nuke) a horrible, horrible storyline.”

    Yes, “Mob Princess” was a bad joke, but so was the Cassadines freezing the world, and I enjoyed that! A good actor can make a stupid story compelling. I agree with Mayzo.

    Mayzo wrote: “...even when she was in what was supposed to be an emotional scene... her scenes had fallen flat.”

    But as far as Connie and Britt...

    Queensgirl wrote: “And please get rid of Britt why is her character on the show?” and

    Maja wrote: “I'm truly sick of both Connie & Britt!”

    Nobody's saying that you have to LIKE these characters, but if they got rid of all the so-called “bad girls” on the show, who would be left to stir up trouble for everybody else? That's what makes the show – conflict! Carly used to do it, but now she's not as reckless and vindictive as she once was because she's got responsibilities, and a lot more to lose. She's pretty much played out as a bad girl. A long time ago, Lucy could be counted on to mix things up a bit, and that was why we loved her, and hated her at the same time.

    I certainly wouldn't want to watch some Girl Scout Jamboree, where everybody gets along and always plays nicely. How boring would it be if all we had to watch was Sabrina pining away for Patrick if Britt wasn't around? How boring were Sonny and Kate? We NEED Connie and Britt. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it, and they are both obviously very good at it, judging by the reactions of the viewers.

    That being said, this business with Connie dragging Johnny all over town the last couple of days is ridiculous! Ever since she conked him on the head, they have gone deeper and deeper into "jump the shark" territory. I don't know where this is going, but they sure picked a stupid way to get there. This is reaching the same level of incredulity as Anna being fooled by Faison's rubber mask, which leads me to Poodles' comment.

    Poodles wrote: “Please stop insulting our intelligence... there is NO way Connie could have moved Johnnie from place to place if he didn’t want to go and now he’s in the trunk of her car---really?” and

    Bayoubtr wrote: “This is the kind of sloppy writing that I find annoying. That & Connie's ability (all 100 lbs. of her) move JZ around like nerf ball.”

    Let's not forget that Johnny was at first taped to a chair while he was unconscious, but in order to pull this latest stunt off, Connie would've had to untie him from the chair, and tie him back up and put him into a trash bin, all while he's still wide awake, and presumably not cooperating. Impossible!

    At least this time we saw how Connie struggled to move him around, and that she wasn't able to magically avoid running into someone, but all of a sudden, this parking garage is more popular than Kelly's! Where the heck are they anyway? What was Connie doing there, and why were Nuke and Le Douche lurking about?

    I don't blame the actress for this far fetched stuff, and watching Connie kick Starr's nosy little butt was great. I laughed when she jumped at the sight of Le Douche, but everything she's doing seems like something the writers came up with over a four martini lunch.

    The only thing funnier than watching Connie struggle with the “trash” (Sonny would appreciate the irony – if he knew what irony was) was watching Sabrina try to maneuver the dinner cart. Obviously, she's never pushed a cart like that in her life. It was only for a second or two, and she was doing it in the background when Patrick was talking to Dr. Britt, but you could tell it was really about to get away from her. I was expecting Sabrina to end up wearing everybody's New Year's Dinner.

    Sam is right about Todd. He IS a low down, no-good baby switcher who is responsible for denying Jason time to spend with his son, and she's also right that Carly is usually too smart to fall for his BS, and she'll only have herself to blame when he proves Sam right. However, that doesn't change one very important detail that must be pointed out.

    Sam is without a doubt the WORST P.I. EVER!!!

    Caught redhanded TWICE, in the same place, doing the same thing, and by the same guy. It takes REAL effort to be that dumb. What kind of IDIOT breaks into an office during BUSINESS HOURS??!! And even though he's missing, and presumed dead, she depends on Jason to save her. Sheesh! Is THIS what TPTB call a strong, capable, independent woman?

    Please, revoke her P.I. license and give this girl a boat so she can make a living doing something she's good at.

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, December 28 2012 03:37 PM

    lily hunter

    **************OFF TOPIC************

    You're welcome...Was it our 3rd QB (then 4th QB) or the "I must have just tripped or something" play of Beanie Wells ??

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, December 28 2012 03:42 PM

    Has everyone forgotten that Connie may have been working out at the PC Gold Gym ???? It's obvious to me.

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, December 28 2012 03:47 PM

    Hi. from!!!!

    It's about time that you showed up! LOL!! Hope you had a great Christmas!!

    Connie working out at Sonny's gym??? ! I hope she knocks herself out with a dumbbell.....!!!

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, December 28 2012 03:49 PM

    Hi Rainey

    ****************OFF TOPIC**********

    Thanks Rainey - I just got caught up on most of the posts...It looks like everyone had a nice Christmas. Looks like we're due for more repeats next Monday & Tuesday, eh ??

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, December 28 2012 03:53 PM

    Scrimmage - Yes, I so agree that Sam is the worst PI ever as she's been written since RC took the helm of the writing staff. I also agree with you about Sonny not having to worry about AJ as competition, but for a different reason. AJ has yet to drop his shirt. I guess the writers are saving that for Feb. sweeps.
    Please try to apply again for a writing gig on this show. You may be our only hope.

    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, December 28 2012 03:53 PM

    *************OFF TOPIC************

    Well I will be leaving the board early tonight. I have to catch up on the new "Cardinals Bartender Recipes While Watching Our Games" book. I am really looking forward to the Cardinals - Niners game on Sunday (yeah right FROM)...and plan on lining up a lot of drinks in order to get through the game as best I can....see ya later

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, December 28 2012 03:55 PM


    From-- Since the Cards & the Saints are out of it, who are you getting behind? I'm going with Team Rainey AFC, and Team Lily/Poodles NFC. Hope I haven't offended anyone.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, December 28 2012 03:57 PM

    Scrimmage - And by our hope, I mean that I keep hearing StevenLars playing his guitar as I watch these SLs progress.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, December 28 2012 03:57 PM

    ***off topic***

    Fromthestart – Kudos on the Inner Sanctum reference. A classic, and very scary old time radio show. My favorite episode was called “The Dark” where people would go into a room that was filled with absolute darkness that no light could penetrate, then they would feel a cold surrounding them before their bodies were suddenly turned... INSIDE OUT! They used the sound of removing a thick rubber glove for the effect, and the actors seemed truly disgusted as they went into chilling detail of how the victims' flesh was on the the inside, with muscle, bones, and organs on the outside. And then they were terrified when the horribly disfigured bodies started to move towards them, grabbing them, and dragging everyone into... The DARK!

    Good stuff!

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