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    Aren't You Kate Howard?

    Friday, December 28 2012
    Lucy turns the tables on A.J. and Tracy, Connie tries to deal with Johnny, Trey talks to Connie before leaving, and Patrick makes plans with Britt.

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    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, December 28 2012 06:17 PM



    You really gave a lot of us a fright because you are as regular as clockwork in posting everyday!!!

    So glad you had a great Christmas, but so sorry you got the flu!! Please rest and take it easy! Glad you've got the back surgery process going! It won't be long before you are pain free!!

    Please rest and take care! God bless you!

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, December 28 2012 06:20 PM

    Casey - I have to pose this question: What's more romantic than Robert not telling Anna that he was right all along?

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, December 28 2012 06:25 PM

    Casey-- Sorry to disagree. Anna was a "super spy" back in the day. No one like the evil incarnate Faison would have ever gotten by her. She didn't employ her skills, and was taken advantage of. 007 would shudder at the thought.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, December 28 2012 06:30 PM

    Casey- I enjoyed Jason and Sam’s wedding s/l. From the proposal to the honeymoon (before Franco ruined it) I also enjoyed the reintroduction of Anna. I’m hopeful that that the writers will stop the dumbing down of this strong and capable woman. I also love Robert.

    SouthGA- Glad you had a Merry Christmas—wishing you the very best with your upcoming surgery.

    Canadagirl- It was nice to see your post from last night. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Friday, December 28 2012 06:34 PM

    evening all,

    casey1 thank you for your comment, i can think of so many touching moments from this year on this soap.

    my first and most memorable one is john ingle giving his cure to emma. and that wave of his.

    second is jason and sam, finally getting back together with baby daniel that last night, and him waving out the door.

    third is jason and sam again, when she thought she saw him in the penthouse, and realized it was a vision and her on the stairs heartbroken when she realized it wasn't real.

    and in fourth are all the many many many comedic moments and awesome one-liners that had me laughing my behind off.

    it was a great year for the show. in my opinion. so i thank the writers for giving me this gift. the ratings are very high and i pray for the show to continue, and am thankful.

    loved you post scrimmage, as always incredible insight.

    Posted by Casey1 at Friday, December 28 2012 06:37 PM

    Lily hunter...I would have to say, nothing is more romantic.

    Bayoubtr...Anna may be a super spy, but she was also a mother who was still dealing with the death of her daughter, after the search Heather set her on. I'm sorry, but Faison's plan to eliminate Robin and use Duke for information to gain Anna's trust was brilliant. Alas all great plans go astray.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, December 28 2012 06:37 PM

    Hi bayou, lily & cbru! So glad you guys are doing well!!! Thanks for worrying about me! I've missed you guys too! I'm both worried & glad about the upcoming surgery!! I am scared to death about the thought of having my back cut but I AM SO ready to get rid of the pain!!!!

    Posted by Dexdon at Friday, December 28 2012 06:39 PM

    Good evening everyone! Not caught up on posts yet...and sorry for the negativity ...but...

    Kristina/Starr: Sick of them. Really sick of them. Oh, and they can't act either.

    Sam: ???? Why even have a storyline for her, she's all about DWTS and Val anyway. Really, she gets caught again, in the same office, during the day. Twit.

    Sabrina/Britt: Neither of these two are growing on me. They are on so much they should be...but they're not. Britt is cold and way too much ego for me...and Sabrina is way too immature. Neither of these women are good enough for Patrick. They can't give this absolutely amazing actor a better storyline than these two?

    Lucy: I can't believe I'm actually enjoying the fact that she is back..she drove me crazy with her "perky" ways a long time ago. Thank god she is back.

    AJ: Loving him being back. Like the Q's being front and centre again.

    Olivia/Lulu/Maxie: Ok, I'm over it. The dog thing is stupid. Just stupid. I loved Olivia, pair her with Robert or Sonny. This kooky mother-in-law, supportive surrogate grandmother thing is beneath her. Give her a storyline, she can hold her own.

    Luke/Anna/Robert/Duke: WTF????? Where are they????? The filler shows are weighing too heavily on the show right now. Is it because its Christmas holidays and viewership is generally down at this time of year?

    Bring back Ned. Bring back Nikolas. Bring back Jagger. Bring back the Jax brothers. Bring back Lucky and Ethan. Bring back Jason. Get rid of Britt, Sabrina, Ellie - it's embarrassing that the above actors are not on..and these three are.

    Rant over. Thanks for listening. LOL.

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Friday, December 28 2012 06:41 PM

    Hi raineysmom, casey1, & poodles! thanks for the well wishes for me & for missing & worrying about me! I will be checking in off & on now...just didn't feel well the past few days & want to rest & get better for surgery!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, December 28 2012 06:42 PM


    SouthGA-- A really good friend of hub's had back surgery in October & was back at work in December. He's totally pain free and even playing golf again! But then, he never was good at golf!!!

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