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    Enough To Move To L.A.?

    Wednesday, December 26 2012
    Many arrive at Sonny’s. Maxie has a medical emergency, Ellie is stood up, and Kristina makes a big decision.

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    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Wednesday, December 26 2012 08:13 PM

    off topic:
    Monkey: So glad you are ok. I bet that gave you a fright.That God nobody got hurt. We got hit with snow since 5pm. First snowstorm for winter.

    Posted by Canadagirl17 at Wednesday, December 26 2012 08:14 PM

    correction: thank God nobody got hurt.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, December 26 2012 10:06 PM

    May you all find peace in the simple beauty of the season.... May you find happiness in all you share, all you do.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, December 26 2012 10:16 PM

    Hi everyone... I do not understand why on Monday, Dec.24th GH showed a rerun. Ok so they say it is a holiday...but we have an episode that has not been shown yet. The day of the shooting was not aired and played on the following Monday. That means there still is a show. Could this be the Christmas one at the hospital we all look forward to watching each year. You can't tell me that lame one with Spinelli taking around the dog in a Santa's suit was the hospital's part at Christmas. If so very poorly done. I sure hope they are not going to rip us out of the episode we have not watched yet. That is why I could not understand the rerun. And why put on a sad show when it is a happy time of the year.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, December 26 2012 10:21 PM

    Well todays show highlight has to go to the Q's...Lucy knew just why she came over. She wants Tracy to fund the Nurses Ball and maybe even a bit more money to help her with Coe Coe company. She loves every bit of how AJand Tracy are working at getting her 1% share. Love the part with Tracy and Q's are great to watch.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Wednesday, December 26 2012 10:32 PM

    gulla, I'm surprised you are not on as Starr had on a stunning bra today. Let me know what you thought of it. I think Micheal's choice was wrong as Christmas is about family and he should have been over at Sonny's. Also on Micheal's cell phone it says next to AJ's name "dad". AJ is just a sperm donor. You have to earn been a dad.

    Not surprised Kristina has decided to go with Trey. Just lack of storyline or her.

    Posted by Monkey83 at Thursday, December 27 2012 12:33 AM

    Thanks everyone for the nice words..

    Scrimmage-what makes it more amazing was that there were cars on the road.. I don't know if he just happened to get lucky and keep the car in/next to the carpool lane and people were able to avoid hitting us to what. But I do recall seeing cars speed past us and not one stopped to see if we were okay. :-( so much for the holiday spirit huh?

    He drives an old La Sabre so Idk if there's air bags or not, but they didn't deploy.. I'm thinking the seat belt locked and that's why I have the pain.

    Rainey- I fully believe that God protected me and that I haven't done what I'm supposed to do yet. I have a strong belief and faith in God and know its because of Him we didn't slam against the median. And it was not a metal guardrail but those cement ones so I don't think I wouldve come out on top of that meeting.

    Just a scary situation and I URGE people, please don't drive tired. We won't always be so lucky.

    Posted by sladest38 at Thursday, December 27 2012 04:57 AM

    Happy Thursday my fellow GH lovers.
    OT:@monkey,wow I'm some glad everyone is ok,what an experience that must have been.
    Great show on Wednesday
    Loved Todd and Carly's Christmas tree. The post its shaped as stars were awesome!
    Let the power struggle of Q's begin again!Loved the"we are sisters" scene with Tracy and Monica.

    Posted by redbloom at Thursday, December 27 2012 06:11 AM

    I just love Sonny-I feel so bad for him. He really did love Jason as a brother,and Kate he really needs back, and he feels like Michael has abandoned him and forgot how much he loves him.

    Posted by Luv GH at Thursday, December 27 2012 08:06 AM

    Well I was quite happy that they actually had Lulu mention Lesley's name!!! Would love to see her and Rick come back with Laura!!

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