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    Anything Is Possible.

    Monday, December 17 2012
    Robert and Anna find loved ones in Switzerland, Patrick has visions of Robin, and Dante, Lulu and Maxie move forward with the baby making.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, December 17 2012 02:26 PM

    I don't think I could express my disappointment with the Frau Blucher triumph any better than Scrimmage has. It's no wonder that Anna keeps so many men in her life. Apparently, according to these writers (and I use the term loosely) she always manages to lose one of her team just at the point when Team Anna is winning. I guess there aren't going to be alot of happy Christmas scenes on GH this year.

    IMO a little of Sabrina goes a very long way. I so hope they keep Rocco around and he does start talking to Olivia, so she'll have something to distract her from journey of her son's sperm to the birth of her grandchild.

    Why do I think that the message Patrick found in his stocking was put there by Robin last Christmas when she thought she was going to die? Why do I think the Robin mess will continue on for years...if the show lasts that long.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, December 17 2012 02:29 PM


    Lily, did my e-mail go thru? We only got restored around noon today. It showed it was sent.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, December 17 2012 02:29 PM

    Odd moment of the day for me was the fact that Mac named everyone in the family he'd shopped for, but left his brother Robert out. Did Olivia help him make out his Christmas gift list?

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, December 17 2012 02:35 PM

    bayou - Just checked, yes I did, and sent you a reply.

    Posted by Cynic at Monday, December 17 2012 02:44 PM

    Scrimmage, the woman playing Bree is Meredith Viera, who was a leading news anchor on the national networks for many, many years. She was also on one of the morning shows. My first thought was "What the heck is Meredith Viera doing on General hospital? Is this stunt casting?" Who next, Diane Sawyer? Christiane Amanpour?

    The sappy sentimentality of the sperm donor story line is making me hope they have a half human half dog baby. Perhaps Brit works for Dr. Moreau. the way everyone is trooping in and out of the hospital and discussing the procedure I would not be surprised if a fly got in the test tube.

    I am baffled as to why Robert did not break Frau Blucher's arm when they were grappling, or better still her neck. He was an agent of the WSB for gosh sakes and should be well versed in killer combat moves. She has got it bad for Der Fuhrer.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, December 17 2012 02:52 PM

    I'm starting to have an aversion to this Swiss clinic. Nothing good ever happens there. These writers had better not let Robert die. There will anarchy (and blood). Whatever happened to kicking a persons feet out from under them? Come on Robert, old boy.

    Posted by akita at Monday, December 17 2012 02:57 PM

    Since I couldn’t watch the show I’ll just vent.

    Jason leaving was horrible for me, but I understand his decision. The only thing they had this guy do was be an enforcer. Let’s face it, how boring and UN-fulfilling for an actor to play this character that does NOTHING ELSE? 

    Robin – Same thing, she’s a very good actress and for some reason they did nothing with her character.

    Letting the old Christina go was a bad decision in my opinion. They wanted an actress that appeared to be a little older…ok, what about Starr? This girl has been playing Starr since she was little and we’ve seen her grow as much as she was going to grow and to me she looks as young as the old Christy. Bad decision, no rhyme or reason for the switch.

    JJ – I loved him as Lucky, he is one of my fav. Actors, but the only thing they had him do was…CRY! Who

    Anna – I always loved Anna & Robert, great team! Now they bring her back for such an important part of the story and she plays a dumb spy????

    COME ON WRITERS, SNAP OUT OF IT AND GIVE USSOMETHING SIGNIFICANT AND SUBSTANTIAL, THE WAY IT WAS IN THE OLD DAYS. And while you’re at it, stop the nonsense with Connie and get Olivia and Sonny together. Everyone knows she is the only person that can put up with his issues and put him in his place when he needs it. She’s good for him.

    Posted by akita at Monday, December 17 2012 03:00 PM

    regarding JJ - what I wanted to say is WHO WANTS TO PLAY A CRYING CHARACTER EVERY DAY?

    Posted by raineysmom at Monday, December 17 2012 03:02 PM

    Hi, everybody!


    I haven't read the recap or comments yet, but I wanted to tell CONGRATS to Mama for the 49niners win!!! I didn't get to see all the game, because I went to Mass last night, but I WAS SO HAPPY that the Niners kept "Mr. Gisels's" Team from winning!!! TAKE THAT PATS!!!

    Colin Kaepernich is a real fireball!!!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Monday, December 17 2012 03:03 PM

    Akita-- Agree with your post. I read an article in which JJ said the constant situations they put him in started to affect him and he had to leave for sanity reasons.

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