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    Die From Embarrassment.

    Friday, November 30 2012
    Sabrina makes progress on the Nurse’s Ball, Shawn and Alexis get intimate, and Maxie tells Mac about the baby.

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    Posted by shepmajor at Friday, November 30 2012 01:17 PM

    jumps - Carlivati tweeted that Robert's call was NOT to Helena, and that we'll find out on Monday who he DID call.

    Posted by enad19 at Friday, November 30 2012 01:26 PM

    akita: Olivia may have had a vision of Steve as Patrick because Sabrina told a lie that her crush was on Steve when it's in fact on Patrick. I haven't watched to see the sequence of events, but that's the only logical answer I could come up with.

    As for Sabrina, she seems like a nice girl, but I don't see Patrick being attracted to her in any way, shape or form. Before Robin, Patrick's perfect woman would have been Brit, beautiful, confident and easy. After Robin, I see him with someone that is beautiful, confident, gracious, giving and mature. Sadly, a fashion make over is not the only thing that Sabrina would need to become a serious competitor for Patrick's heart, she lacks the self assurance needed to be an equal partner to him. Patrick has a massive ego and needs someone as strong as Robin was to keep him in check and not let him run roughshod over her.

    Posted by ransomha at Friday, November 30 2012 01:28 PM

    Shawn, shawn shawn.......good LORD, that man is too much.

    While i'm glad to see Liz in the nurses ball s/l, i's rather have her in a more "meaty" s/l.

    Sabrina should go hang out with Molly and her boyfriend. She acts like a kid not a grown up.

    Olivia seeing the puppy and not recognizing Steve was odd.

    Helena looked fantastic.

    Sonny was so cute when they were all talking. Love his facial expressions and seeing him in supportive dad mode.
    Have I ever mentioned that I love Sonny?

    Posted by enad19 at Friday, November 30 2012 01:29 PM

    Unicorn Girl: I'm not sure if my ears could manage to sit through a scene with Carly and Tea while they are both over heated, like you said they are both so high strung and IMO, incredibly shrill, especially Tea who shrieks a lot more than she acts.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, November 30 2012 01:41 PM

    Robert Scorpio is on the case, and he's as smooth as a well made martini. He knows he's right about Faison, he just has to work out the details and get proof, and now he's bringing in the BIG guns. Hels yeah! I was wondering who contacted whom, but I'll bet it was Robert's idea to fight fire with fire. I don't know if Faison and Helena are enemies or not, but even if they were once allies, I'm sure Helena would take great delight in helping Robert squash him like the disgusting little bug he is. It would probably amuse her to have Robert Scorpio in her debt, especially after the whole Ethan thing.

    Gee, I wonder where she stands on THAT? It's a good thing Luke is in Turkey, but I don't think he's locked away in prison. They probably just confiscated his passport when he tried to pass himself off as that stupid Von Schimmermann character, and won't let him leave the country until he swears to never do that again. What a great tease for next week!

    Alexis is a skilled litigator and she has the training and experience to tell when someone is hiding something. I'm glad she nailed Shawn... on his part in Connie's kidnapping, and then, seeing as how she's always found criminals irresistible, she couldn't resist nailing him again – TWICE – to illustrate just what he has to live for. You GO Alexis! Get you some, and then get you some MORE! That should calm her down for awhile.

    Judging by the sit-commy way that Maxie broke the news about her surrogacy to Mac and Anna, it looks like they are going to keep this storyline light, if not play it for laughs outright. The best part of this is that I'm hoping it means we get to see more of Mac. He is one of the most under used and underrated characters on the show.

    I'm hoping that the significance of Oblivia's vision of the stuffed puppy(?) in Lulu's arms is just a sign of hilarious hijinks to come. Maybe part of the process is getting Lulu used to the idea of carrying a baby, much like they sometimes make men wear padding so they can relate to what their pregnant partners are experiencing. Of course, that doesn't explain why they wouldn't use a BABY doll, but maybe that's where the hilarity comes in.

    I didn't get the part about Oblivia mistaking Steven Lars for Patrick, though. We didn't actually “see” that vision with her, so it's different than the other times, but it's very confusing. Maybe she strained herself giving Duke Lavatory the evil eye.

    Can we please be spared any more snooze inducing meetings of the Nurses' Ball planning committee? It sounded like a bunch of high school students planning the Homecoming Dance.

    As for “Lady Gaga to the rescue in Llanview”...

    Todd is a brave man. He's outnumbered four to one, surrounded by ex-wives and his current girlfriend, and yet he doesn't back off an inch. You've got to admire raw courage like that. He gave us the LINE OF THE DAY watching Skye and Blair wrestle while Tea tried to separate them.

    Todd (munching on candy): “This is better than Pay-Per-View!”

    Skye is an IDIOT! She tipped off “Lorenzo” so of course, he'll be on the next private jet out of the country. He's not as brave as Todd is, because he doesn't have the guts to face his ex-wife, his baby momma, his so-called sister, and his fiance' all in the same room, and who could blame him? Hearing Skye shriek a name he hasn't used in years would make any man's “resolve” shrivel. I'd run like hell too!

    Posted by NBAddie at Friday, November 30 2012 01:44 PM

    I haven't seen the show yet, but sounds interesting!

    I sincerely hope that Olivia's vision of Lulu holding the stuffed puppy isn't from Lulu having to place it on her little one's casket, sadly that is what I also thought.

    I wish someone would be able to shove Brit's schemeing butt down an open elevator shaft, I just can't stand her. Sorry guys - I know you think she's HAWT, but she is too much of the if you got it Flaunt it, I'm easy type.

    Sabrina, needs to become an adult, I can see being awkward around a crush, especially if you aren't that conifident at the best of times.

    I can't wait to see the fight between Blair and Skye... I kinda hoped that it wouldn't have been interrupted, Cat fights are what makes soaps fun!

    And FINALLY! How long has it been for the Beautiful Ms Davis, and to have Shawn as the willing partner, I am Jealous!!!

    @MamaJJ, WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Finally your patience has paid off, I am so happy that your job beginns tomorrow.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Friday, November 30 2012 01:52 PM

    I thought what Olivia saw was Lulu holding a toy bear, the kind that would be for a baby.

    If Connie steals and publishes Molly's novel which is the way this story line is headed, shameless advertising of book on AMAZON to be available in March 2013.
    They need to bring back Molly's Dad Rick Lansing to sue Connie. Hope they don't go that way, don't think I can stand another 3 months of Connie.

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Friday, November 30 2012 01:53 PM

    enad19, totally agree about Tea...and like Scrimmage mentioned last night, she kind of turns me off with her need to prove she's bilingual. I thought about it, then came to work and made my co-worker from Colombia pronounce Tomas and Daniella and then had my Puerto Rican co-worker do the same. They both used accents but it didn't rub me the wrong way. wasn't as HARD, if that's a good description. Then they wanted to know why and when I told them they both said they knew people who talked like that. Anyway, I needed to know.

    Posted by akita at Friday, November 30 2012 01:58 PM

    First let me say, WHAT A GREAT SHOW TODAY!!!!!!! After this I’ll need to celebrate with Kim Crawford.

    Sonny/Olivia/Dante/Lulu - Nice, touching, warmed my heart.

    Alexis/Shawn – It’s great to see Alexis let loose. If anyone needs it, it’s her. She acts like a 16 year old.

    Robert/Duke/Helena – can’t say much, but we’re off to a great start…finally something to look forward to….can’t wait.

    My favorite – Sabrina/Liz/Patrick/dodo bird & the BI0TCH – Little mousy Sabrina is finally breaking out of her shell. Britt wanted to play like a big girl, well honey get ready because I think Sabrina is FINALLY reaching for the gloves!! I am confident that once Sabrina’s fairy god mother gives her the makeover she needs……….Britt will be Britt no more. Britt is such a bi0tch, she reminds me of that girl that made everyone’s life a living hell in school and got her a$$ kicked by the fed up underdog.

    Posted by willowk at Friday, November 30 2012 02:09 PM

    Mrs. C --too funny. Echoes of Max calling Carly that, and since its the season, Mrs. Claus. But this Mrs. C is altogether different, and great to see Helena back in PC. Think Luke would have a stroke if he knew Robert was in cahorts with Helena. Luke, oh Luke where for art thou?

    Robert was the star of the show for me today, he just sparkled.

    Is Olivia getting her wires crossed, or will Lulu give birth to a baby bear? Odd. Think she might have seen Steve as Patrick due to Sabrina's supposed crush Steve is really Patrick.

    Was again disappointed in the Skye/Carly/Todd/Blair and Tea scenes. Meh. Now if Tomas/Lorenzo shows up that might be something, but somehow I think he's going to "disappear" and break Blair's heart.

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