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    Die From Embarrassment.

    Friday, November 30 2012
    Sabrina makes progress on the Nurse’s Ball, Shawn and Alexis get intimate, and Maxie tells Mac about the baby.

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    Posted by fromthestart at Saturday, December 01 2012 10:13 AM

    *************OFF TOPIC**************

    Speaking of that Frenchman (Roger). I think I told this story on the AMC board sometime ago. If I have told it here - stop me....WAIT you can't until I post - this is a PLUS for me. BUT, it goes along with how we are SUPPOSE to pronounce words or names....Again His name was Roger (but the French pronunciation was Roget (like Charles Boyer)...His American friends told him he was spelling his name wrong. It SHOULD be spelled R-O-G-E-T. He finally became so frustrated he changed his name to Roget. The rest is history.

    Posted by fromthestart at Saturday, December 01 2012 10:16 AM


    **************OFF TOPIC***********

    Catherine Deneuve any day....

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, December 01 2012 10:25 AM

    Cynic – Maxie brought up the subject of her heart transplant towards the end of her discussion with Mac. She said she's done a lot of research and doesn't anticipate a problem, but that she will also discuss it with all of her doctors and will follow their instruction to the letter, especially since Lulu will be making sure she does, every step of the way. Didn't you see that part?

    Weren't you also convinced that Lulu's inability to have a baby was the result of her abortion? Are you against the idea of Lulu having a baby now because she had an abortion several years ago?

    Posted by 4evergh at Saturday, December 01 2012 10:30 AM

    Ot from I worry about my son coming home from Denver at 2 or 3 am he always says he will be ok but its usually the other guy that crosses the line. One time we met a car coming at us on interstate 70 he went up the wrong entrance ramp going the wrong way . Can't imagine how scared Matt must have been having a semi pull in front of him

    Posted by 4evergh at Saturday, December 01 2012 10:33 AM

    Ot thank you bayou I know his family will appreciate your prayers they are doing a ct scan last I heard

    Posted by fromthestart at Saturday, December 01 2012 10:33 AM


    *************OFF TOPIC**********

    I always taught my daughters "defensive driving." You know what YOU are doing. Just last week a driver (while texting) nearly drove MRS FROM off the road. She was shaking when she got home.

    Posted by akita at Saturday, December 01 2012 11:09 AM


    Monkey – I don’t know who you’re referring to but since I was part of the Tea thing I want to elaborate.

    I’m Cuban, born there but I’ve lived in this country 43 years. I spent my first 4 or 5 years living in an all American neighborhood so I barely have an accent…if any. If there’s someone that is tolerant of an accent it’s me, considering my older family members still speaks with a one. What I find annoying about Tea; and it’s just that…”annoying”, is that she speaks “almost” perfect English, but yet when she saying a Spanish word………… know what, forget it. My writing skills suck so I wouldn’t make sense explaining what I’m thinking. I’m not criticizing her, I give anyone credit just for trying.

    On topic

    I think it’s funny that Carly and Skye were killing each other one minute and the next forming a sisterhood trying to convince Blair of Tomas’ true identity and how dangerous he is. As kind as that gesture might be, I can’t get over the fact that they have small kids, are NOT besties with Blair and yet abandoned the kids without giving it a second thought to get on a plane with Todd in order to save Blair??
    The one thing this show is consistent with is the bad parenting skills of most of the adults.
    Starting with Luke/Laura, Robert/Anna, Tracey, Frisco/Felicia, Heather, Carly… They all have the ability to take off whenever, however and leave the kids behind like leaving furniture. I know they love their kids in their own way, but Jesus. Although I guess they are better than Helena, considering she PURPOSELY killed her daughter.

    Posted by lovesdogs980 at Saturday, December 01 2012 11:19 AM

    After reading the information on wikpedia on the Quartermaines, it seems to me that Tracy should be getting friendly with Carly Jacks, she is a 30% shareholder, and Sonny is a shareholder as well. Bet they would be more than happy to help Tracy go against AJ.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Saturday, December 01 2012 12:02 PM


    SouthGA: T-minus 58 minutes. Are you ready for some football??? Go DAWGS!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Saturday, December 01 2012 12:09 PM

    Lovesdogs980 – I don't normally read posts marked SPOILER, so I may be missing something, but the mention of Wikipedia in your post caught my eye, and it didn't really give anything away, but after the reading of Edward's will, and seeing where the lines are being drawn in the coming fight among stockholders for control of ELQ, I wrote this on Monday's board:

    “I think we're supposed to assume that Edward held 100% of the ELQ stock at the time of his death. Apparently these writers have forgotten, or are choosing to ignore the fact that both Sonny and Jax are minority shareholders in the company. If they're not concerned about continuity, than in this case, neither am I.”

    While I don't dispute what's in Wikipedia on the subject, I also don't think the current writers feel particularly bound by anything that's happened in the past, if it conflicts with their plans for an upcoming storyline. If they were, we wouldn't have this ridiculous Duke impersonation, and Robin would have been killed in the lab, just like we all thought that she was. I don't like it, but in this particular case of who is, and who isn't a shareholder, it's not really that big of a deal. They obviously want to keep this dispute all in the Q family, and to use it as a way to get Sam involved with her in-laws.

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