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    So That Just Happened.

    Wednesday, November 21 2012
    Ned and Skye return, Steve confesses to Olivia, and Heather escapes again.

    Olivia and Steve go to Kelly’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Being with Connie is not possible and Shawn tells them not to count Kate out just yet. Olivia sees Heather delivering their food and freaks out, but it is really Shawn. Meanwhile, Heather is in disguise at the bar. Shawn delivers her a BLT and they discuss Edward’s death. Heather knew him well. Heather ducks out as Steve assures Olivia that Heather can’t hurt anyone. Olivia brings up AJ’s return and Steve comes clean about what he and Monica did. She prays this doesn’t come back to haunt them.

    Sonny visits Michael at home and tells him he is sorry about Edward. He thought Michael might want to talk to his father. He asks Sonny not to turn Edward’s death into a contest with AJ. Sonny just wants the best for Michael. Michael asks if he would have killed AJ to keep him away from him. Sonny doesn’t say anything so Michael has his answer. AJ never had a chance to be his father. Sonny believed he was the better father and the best thing he ever did. Maybe he wishes AJ was around, but does he wish Sonny hadn’t been? Michael just wants to see him through the trial. Sonny advises him to keep his guard up. Michael is going to the Q’s for dinner. Sonny tells him he has plans too, not to worry about him. Sonny hugs him and tells him he loves him before he leaves.

    At the family mausoleum Tracy tells Alan that Edward is gone. How will she do this alone? Ned approaches and hugs Tracy. He can’t believe Edward is gone. She thinks back on her wedding to Luke and Edward’s approval. Ned tells her they’ll survive because they are Q’s. He leaves to go to the house and she stays behind. At the house Monica and AJ reminisce about Edward as condolences pour into the mansion. Alice interrupts – she can’t find Tracy. AJ doesn’t want to even have the big dinner, but Monica does not want to fight Tracy about it. Alice asks Monica to help her with the new scary cook and alone, AJ thinks back on his time with Edward and ELQ. The bell rings and AJ is excited to see Skye arrive. She is shocked he is alive. She is trying to be a good mother and AJ wants to try to be a good dad to Michael. Syke introduces her daughter Lila Ray to her grandma Monica. She is glad Skye is there. Ned walks in and is not happy to see AJ and encourages Lila Ray to escape. Skye and Lila Ray visit the mausoleum and Tracy is not happy to see her. Skye tells her blood does not make a family, love does. Back at the house AJ offers his hand for a truce but Ned is not having it. He apologizes to Monica for not being there more. She just wishes they could all get along. Tracy walks in and accuses AJ of killing Edward. Monica assures her she was the last one to see Edward alive. Ned stands up for Tracy but Monica snipes back. Alice comes in and asks if Skye is staying for Thanksgiving, but Tracy says absolutely not. A fight breaks out. Later, Heather breaks into the mansion and starts going through Edward’s desk. She finds his will and looks it over. She carelessly replaces it but Skye catches her before she leaves. Heather pulls a knife on Skye and tells her no one is going anywhere. Meanwhile, Michael arrives and screams for the Q’s to stop fighting. Aren’t they there for Edward? Elsewhere Skye screams and Heather bids the Q’s gobble gobble as she backs out of the house. Alice knocks out Heather from behind much to AJ’s amusement. It’s a traditional Q Thanksgiving after all! Steve and Olivia arrive as Heather is being hauled back to Ferncliff. Later, they all reminisce about their happy Thanksgiving memories from the past and toast to Edward. They realize the dinner has been ruined after Heather’s scuffle. The bell rings and Alice answers it. There are dozens of pizzas delivered despite the pizza parlor being closed. The ghost of Edward looks on as the Q’s sing fist as usual. The ghosts of Edward and Lila go off together as they renew their commitment to each other.

    Sonny goes to Kelly’s to talk turkey with Shawn. Shawn tells him Connie was not happy but it is all under control now. Sonny is banking on Kate being home from Christmas.

    In her cell, Heather knows something the Q’s don’t know.

    Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    AJ says, "I wasn't able to speak at my grandfather's funeral. I would like to say a few words now."

    Maxie says to Lulu, "Help me out. What am I supposed to do?"

    Sam asks Spin, "Do you want to be with Maxie?" "I am with Ellie," he replies.

    "What are you doing here?" Trey asks Kristina.

    "You drew up Daddy’s will?" Tracy asks Diane. "I want a different lawyer."

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, November 21 2012 12:21 PM

    This show sounds amazing. Can't wait for it to start. Good bye Edward. We will miss you & never forget you. ♥

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Wednesday, November 21 2012 12:22 PM

    I was good until the final scene. GH got me good with that one. Edward and Lila going up that staircase together was pure genius and my tears started to flow.

    Only one complaint really. AJ was busting to get out of that shirt. It was quite obvious to me. Just busting. I think I could see his abs in the imprint. That man is aging well.

    Posted by OscarMayerKid at Wednesday, November 21 2012 12:27 PM

    Bravo GH! What a wonderful tribute. Not even loony tunes Heather could spoil it. I had to reach for a tissue (or two!) at the end. Well done.

    Posted by WatFan at Wednesday, November 21 2012 12:45 PM

    First off - I hope everyone has a happy and filling Thanksgiving!

    Now, I haven't read today's recap, because I want to watch the show first, but I wanted to comment on yesterday's episode.

    Sonny - well he's showing his true colors. He can't have what he wants so he resorts to kidnapping! If someone did that to someone he loved he would be furious. But its okay because its what Sonny wants. I can't stand him! I'm highly disappointed in Shawn too. Why would he agree to kidnap anyone? Especially not someone who poses any type of threat to anyone but herself? Oh and Sonny, that judge that let AJ go was probable the same judge that let you off about a billion times now. Again, double standard for anyone but him. I don't understand how people defend him.

    Carly - well, the only thing good I have to say, atleast she did her own dirty work. It was kind of funny, but as along the lines of Sonny. Lets resort to violence because someone pisses her off.

    Patrick/Robert - great scenes. I loved this part of the show. They nearly brought me to tears. I wonder what's in that little box?

    Speaking of tears - I never would have thought Tracy would bring me there. This is the Q family that I love. When her and Monica hugged, I about lost it. That touched me more than anything. The dislike they have for each other was so overshadowed by the love they have for Edward. It really touched me. Everyone did a great job with these scenes including AJ Michael Sam, and baby Danny!

    Sam - Good for her. I don't blaim her for kicking John, her mother or anyone to the curb. No body - no dead Jason. She needs hope and positive people around her. Between AJ and Duke coming back, why shouldn't she believe Jason will too? Plus John irritates me anyway - I used to like his voice - now it just irritates me. Ya lost your kid, because YOU were smacking your lips with someone else. You were the one following a woman all over town that wasn't your wife. You knew what kind of family Natalie came from. You have only yourself to blaim. Dumbass.

    Great job Kelly on DWTS. Can you girls believe my husband said that Val takes his shirt off too much? I told him it wasn't possible and he should be shirtless all the time!

    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, November 21 2012 12:49 PM

    Man, that was beautiful.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Wednesday, November 21 2012 12:50 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Didn't post for a while, as I was busy doing other things, but wow, what great episodes featuring the Quartermain family! That was the best part of the show! rest in peace Edward.

    Welcome back Skye! Here's hoping that for however long you stick around, your return will be a good one, because your last return was a duzy!

    I love Sonny and Michael's relationship, and I love how Sonny said that he would support him no matter what, but he should keep his gard up as far as AJ's concerned. At least, thugh Sonny never liked AJ and would probably kill him if he ever tried to take Michael away from him, unlike Carly, he can respect Michael's decision to want to try and have a relationship with his biological father.
    I wish with the Quartermaine family and all the returns, Dinnin could have made a return too. That would have made my day!
    I wonder what Heather knows about Edward's wil? Interesting!

    I also loved that the ghoasts of Edward and Lylah went off together and looked on as everyone was celebrating and toasting to Edward. I wish Emily and Alan's ghoasts could have joined in there too.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and will post on Monday's GH!

    Does anyone know if they're going to air an old episode on Friday?

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Wednesday, November 21 2012 12:56 PM

    meant to say I wish Dillin could have made a return too. lol!

    Posted by WatFan at Wednesday, November 21 2012 01:05 PM

    Couldn't help but skim the comments:

    Scrimmage are you feeling well? Only 4 words? I guess there is a first time for everything.

    From: Yesterday's comments - xanax - that's my only word for you. That is unless you are one of those all natural types. Take that anyway you want.....

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Wednesday, November 21 2012 01:06 PM

    Hello Everyone!

    Hoping that my internet connection wil hold out for posting! Anyway, Today and yesterday were great episodes! I haven't seen today's episode, however, gathering from the recap, the Quartermaines were amazing again today!

    Someone needs to give Tracy an emmy for her work that she's done! She can do it all! She can be as nasty as they come, and then do these emotional scenes and flawlessly!

    Nothing says Thanksgiving at the Quartermaines like a good old family fight and pizza! I also love that Lila and Edward walked away together! HowSweet, and rest in peace Edwared!

    Heather's back, and she's got another secret she's hiding. Wonder what exactly she had found out by looking at Edwards will?
    ***Off topic***

    If I don't get on here again tonight, i hope that everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

    Posted by mamajj at Wednesday, November 21 2012 01:17 PM

    I am sorry but Heather pancaked off an 11 story building like a month ago & she is just up & WALKING around like no big deal? GMAFB This nut case should be in traction right now. GO AWAY ALREADY CRAZY B*TCH!!!

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