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    My Game Face.

    Friday, November 16 2012
    AJ makes bail, Maxie tells Spin she loves him, and Robert questions Olivia about her vision.

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    Posted by GHLanteMistarrAJfan at Friday, November 16 2012 06:31 PM

    lovelymarlena- I have a feeling this comes back to BIT tracy in the ass not land AJ back in jail for breaking bail agreement. If the cops do show up I think they get told what TRACY's done and the stunt she pulled and that gives AJ another chance.

    ****************Spoiler talk******************
    Sod article and all other source suggest that AJ is at the Q's at the time of Edward's death and the thanksgiving memorial for his grandfather. ALl sources suggest that Michael is there as well.

    only way that would be is TRACY plan as always back fires in her face.

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, November 16 2012 06:32 PM

    Spoiler talk maja hope that is right. If she does sleep with him. Eweeee yuck. And they try to convince us she did not "notice" anything wrong then I may give up on gh because I for one am not that dumb

    Posted by GHLanteMistarrAJfan at Friday, November 16 2012 06:37 PM

    grayrobert- Pots needed to meet KETTLE with Carson and Sam since the moment each has learned that AJ's alive. And I think we gonna see Sam run to sonny, which she needs to stay out of it, to tell him AJ's made bail.

    Sonny should throw NO stones at all considering what a combined AJ & Michael forced him to admitting to do to AJ, also the reveal that MICHAEL was shot in the head and Sonny blantant lie to AJ. Faith kidnapped Michael, Morgan & Kristan and hand them off to AJ, if I remember correctly it was never AJ's plan to go after Morgan & Krissy that was faith's. But kids getting scared around AJ maybe... HARMED is a bit of the stretch given the REASON michael got shot it the heading being that sonny opted to protect KATE over Michael, however Michael seeming doesn't know this fact surrounding the shoot the left him in acoma for over a yr in are time but like 5 in soap time.

    Posted by GHLanteMistarrAJfan at Friday, November 16 2012 06:40 PM

    lily hunter- Robert and Lulu have always had in interesting relationship over the years. Mostly unless Lulu was pulling a stunt on him, it been a pretty civilized one. Not always but a good amout of the time.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, November 16 2012 06:41 PM

    GHLante - I'm sorry I don't remember seeing that.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, November 16 2012 06:44 PM

    Hi poodles - Are the parent's coming for Thanksgiving?

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, November 16 2012 06:45 PM

    Here for what its worth is what I would like to see happen. No spoiler jmo. Anna as southgagirl says discoveres duke is not duke rips of the mask fasion kidnaps her to where robin is Robert and Patrick go after her and rescue both women where real duke fits in I'm not sure. Just want Anna & Robert and robin & Patrick back for Christmas with Emma

    Posted by GHLanteMistarrAJfan at Friday, November 16 2012 06:47 PM

    lily hunter-

    There the little tiny matter of Edward's will which Tracy, is if spec/spiolers are right, had been omitted from but not only AJ but Michael & Danny plus a couple of non blood realives are supposedly in.

    Posted by KillerQueen at Friday, November 16 2012 06:47 PM

    For four months Sam was led to believe her own baby son was dead, dont you think that would influance her opinion of AJ more then any thing. She saw Sonny and Carly tourture when Michael was asumed dead , do you not think she can relate more to them then the sicko kidnapper. While no one was without SOME blame not once for one second did Carly or Sonny lead AJ to believe Michael was dead, that lies with AJ alone

    Posted by GHLanteMistarrAJfan at Friday, November 16 2012 06:50 PM

    the_prettty1- Olivia like Sonny wanted to see Kate/connie commented to get the help she needed.

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