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    Stop With The Fairy Tale.

    Wednesday, November 14 2012
    Ellie and Spin get closer, Michael defends AJ, and Brit can't close the deal.

    * The first half of “GH” was preempted for a Presidential News Conference. The show began at 2:30 PM in progress.

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    Posted by roropant at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:43 PM

    Starr should take pointers from Patrick!!!!

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:44 PM

    Hi ransomha! Long time, no talk. I don't think Michael is trying to jeopardize his family. Sonny and Carly have laid down the law and told him he can't have a relationship with his biological parent. They know what's best, they did this in his best interest, they did that for his future. Michael didn't tell either of them to take a flying hike. As a matter of fact he asked Carly to give him some time before she turned AJ in. All he showed was a curiosity about his natural Father. The banshee took it to the next level. And Sonny being Sonny, who believes everyone related to him is owned by him, is spouting typical Sonny talk and threats.

    And I don't care anything about Sonny not knowing Dante was his son when he shot him, he knew he was another human being. He knew he was an undercover officer of the law. He was a thug being a thug and I've never gotten over how he was so easily forgiven just because he didn't know Dante was his son at the time. Really?

    Posted by 4evergh at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:45 PM

    Isn't Monica still chief of staff at the hospital? And they say the quartermains won't give any money for the nurses ball when Patrick wants it to honor robin am interested to see 1st half of show to see reason given for not supporting something Edward would have been in favor of

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:45 PM

    Not Faison again!!!
    i hate his wispy hair. It's like he has a bad perm on the four thin strands he has.

    Michael and AJ and Sonny: This is going to be interesting. I actually like AJ. He may have been a screw up, Jason and Sonny are Mob Kings. I can't believe Sonny is throwing stones. Besides, Sonny, you were engaged to a nutjob and had no clue, so you aren't the best judge of character.

    Carly, I understand you hate AJ for the a "piece of scum" but you like Todd because he is not a bad guy?
    (give me a few minutes to scratch my head, okay?)

    Tracy, your children weren't good either, in fact, you just had a murdering rapist in your living room. So ease up on the condemnation.

    Patrick, Robin has changed you forever. The old Patrick would have just had sex with Britt chick right there in teh locker room. But loving Robin elevated you. Nice!!!!
    I can't stand Britt, although I wish I had her body.

    Posted by Rita H. at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:45 PM

    I think it's funny how Carly keeps calling AJ evil and brings up the bad things he's done, and yet, she has a thing for Todd Manning. How many crimes has he committed?

    Posted by ransomha at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:45 PM

    soapfan: I was surprised Sabrina was old enough to order a cocktail. She is like a love sick puppy, so childish and IMO using Emma to look good to Patrick.
    Britt is a grown woman that sees a man she's attracted to, and is going for it.
    I don't think she wants to be a step mother to Emma, she's looking for a hot time, and Patrick is hot. She's not playing games, but being very honest in exactly what she wants from him.
    The before Robin Patrick would have been THRILLED.
    Britt doesn't know Robin, didn't know Robin or her relationship with Patrick. While i'm not crazy about Britt's personality, I really don't fault her for wanting sex with a man she's attracted to.
    With Sabrina, she is like a child, mooning over a grown up.

    OT: Did you get my message to you about tweeting in Jan.?

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:46 PM

    If you look up the word "dysfunctional" there should be pictures of Carly/Sonny/& AJ. These have got to be 3 of the most clueless characters. They all have their "defense", just none of it hangs with their actions.

    Posted by 4evergh at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:48 PM

    I know I'm in the minority but I like ellie spinelle. I also like sabrina still can't stand brit . Maxie I love you but you had your chance move on

    Posted by enad19 at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:50 PM

    Just like I can’t stand a man who is pushy about sex, I can’t stand a woman who acts as if it’s the last day on earth and she needs to get laid this very minute. What’s wrong with letting things happen naturally? I’m not saying that it’s wrong for Britt to feel the urge to have sex and even voices that thought, but being this pushy is really in bad taste.
    I think that it’s a little too late for either Sonny or Carly to dictate what Michael can and cannot do. Michael is now an adult and the more Carly and Sonny attempts to forbid him from being in contact with his biological father, the more he’s going to defend AJ to them. Carly should know this, remember Abby? Either way, I don’t think it is farfetched for Michael to feel the urge to want to know AJ a little better, while I do not have any personal experience from draw from, I’m assuming that its natural for a child who has led the life that Michael has to harbor curiosity about the circumstances of his birth and his biological father. And some may wonder why Michael is even giving AJ the time of day or why he’s being so tolerant with AJ, then perhaps we should think also think about his upbringing where he has to have higher levels of tolerance to even ‘like’ much less love his parents and some of his extended family. Michael may be naive on certain things and a bit hotheaded, but he is loyal even when he shouldn’t and terribly forgiving, so why is it that he should be any less so even to AJ? Yes, yes, AJ did all those horrible things (and I don’t know him as a character from Adam, so I really don’t hate or like him, still undecided) but look at the world where Michael lives in, I truly do not think that Michael even thinks he has the luxury to alienate anyone who is interested in being a part of his life because he’s already lost so much. And I think that once Carly and Sonny stop telling him how to feel about AJ, he will make up his mind in due time. Carly and Sonny despite the vermin that they both can be and are at times have raised a good kid and they should remain confident in that fact.
    It’s time like these when Michael needs a calm, objective and calming presence where I really miss Jason and Abby. Somehow I think that Starr will be incredibly useless in this situation.
    I was unaware that Tracy had some type of lease agreement with Monica because if she doesn’t, she can throw her out on her ear anytime she pleases, am I right?

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Wednesday, November 14 2012 12:52 PM

    Ummmm, I'm with ransomha on Sabrina. Even if they dress her up, will she even look as old as Kristina? And for some reason, she and Ellie seem to be the same character to me.

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