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    A Strong Moral Center And A Shorter Rap Sheet.

    Tuesday, November 13 2012
    Tracy is on the rampage, AJ and Sonny meet, and Connie gets Crimson back.

    Sonny and Milo are boxing in the ring when Milo tells Sonny that that Ms. Howard came on to him. Sonny knocks him out. When Milo comes to, Sonny apologizes and reminds Milo that Ms. Howard is not herself and that it's not his fault. Trey walks in and takes the blame for Connie not being committed. Sonny tries to comfort Trey saying he wouldn't want to know the woman he saw in court. Carly interrupts demanding they talk about Michael – AJ is alive, arrested and Michael already knows about him. He's probably at the PCPD seeing if AJ is okay. Sonny swears to Carly that he's lost Kate, his best friend is dead but there's no way in hell that he'll let AJ take his son from him.

    At the Haunted Star, Johnny signs some papers for Connie. She passes Lulu on the way out saying "Hi dodo, by dodo." Lulu asks Johnny if he's ready to tell her what's going on. Johnny admits that Connie does have something on him but doesn't want to put Lulu in a position where she has to lie to her husband. Lulu alludes to lies that blew her and Dante's chances of adopting a baby. She explains that she panicked and that they've been blackballed in the national adoption database. Lulu declines his help and they talk about the complications of surrogacy. She's skeptical but Johnny assures her that she will get what she wants. Later, Dante walks in on Lulu reading the surrogacy pamphlet and she says maybe they should look into it.

    Starr rushes into Manning Enterprises begging her father to promise not to tell Carly Michael's secret. She's surprised to hear when Todd says he didn't tell Carly. The least he can do is keep Starr's secret since she's hiding a hefty secret for him. Connie suddenly appears in the doorway and says, "Your secret may be safe with Starr. With me? Not so much." She brags about her freedom and the sympathetic judge. Starr reminds her that she murdered Cole and Hope. Connie denies it – if Starr doesn't believe her then she can ask her father. Starr is infuriated when Connie demands that Todd give her Crimson magazine and says her father will never give the woman who murdered his granddaughter her magazine back. Connie disagrees – Todd is bound contractually to do so or he will face penalties and hands him the contract with a note on it. As Starr storms out, Connie demands Todd give her her office back too. Todd vehemently refuses. Connie seductively proposes they share the office.

    At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly tries to call Michael unsuccessfully as Monica walks in and mocks her attempts. They shout at each other and Carly saying she has nothing to feel guilty about. Monica says, "Try telling that to Michael." Carly questions Monica's motives. She says it's all on her as she reminds her about when she lost the baby after her fall from the stairs and Michael's post-traumatic stress disorder when AJ kidnapped him. As Alice walks in, Carly threatens that Monica never got Michael as a baby and she won't get him now. She leaves. As Alice is telling Monica that Tracy is on the loose, a furious Tracy walks in with a boat oar and goes after Alice who grabs a fireplace poker. Monica tries to get in between them. Eventually, Tracy puts the oar down and Monica tells her AJ has been arrested. Tracy calls the police station, and later taunts Alice and Monica as they are escorted out of the mansion in handcuffs.

    At the police station, Anna leaves a message for Duke – she is happy he is back from the dead. Dante walks in with an undead AJ in handcuffs and informs Anna of the charges AJ is facing – kidnapping, fraud and attempted murder. Anna is about to book AJ, when Michael storms in declaring that nothing happens to his father without him. Michael tells AJ not to say anything without a lawyer - maybe they should call Alexis. Dante and Michael argue over Michael defending AJ. As they argue AJ finds out that Dante and Michael are brothers and later lists Sonny's crimes of torture and threats. Michael begs him to stop talking but AJ insists that Sonny forcibly took his son from him. Anna intercedes and asks Dante to leave. An officer tells Anna that Tracy Quartermaine is on the phone for her. AJ is lying in a prison cell, when a stoic Sonny walks in to face him.

    At the Swiss Clinic, Cesar Faison threatens Duke who is tied to a hospital cot. He accuses Duke of hiding information and lying, then pulls a gun and tells Duke he will suffer for it. Later, Duke asks how things have been going in Port Charles. Duke sneers that Faison's plan is futile, Anna is a detective and will figure Faison out – Duke's supplied him with more than one false memory. Faison offers to let Duke live for now and plays the message Anna left for Duke earlier that day saying she was glad he wasn't dead. Duke lies helpless as Faison baits Duke with tales of the kiss that he shared with Anna the night before. Does that sound like a woman who doesn't believe? Faison leaves the clinic dressed as Duke, with the face mask on.

    Outside Manning Enterprises, Starr confesses to Michael, who is still at the police station that Todd knows about AJ being alive. Carly walks in as Michael tells Starr it doesn't matter, someone else decided to turn AJ into the cops.

    Sneak Peek!

    Monica and Alice are arrested for assault – Carly is in disbelief.

    Spinelli helps Maxie and Ellie on moving day.

    Lulu and Dante look into funding their surrogacy plan.

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Verachan Martyr

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    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:13 PM

    OK I am only 13 minutes in but I gotta say the line of the day goes to Milo...I didn't give them the full Milo. LMAO

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:16 PM

    With everything going on today, I thought Tracy stole the show. She was going to get her way “OAR” else! Her knock down, drag out scuffle with Alice will go down in history along side some of the best of the Q's classic hijinks. That was great! Especially Tracy's poorly hidden glee seeing Monica and Alice taken away in handcuffs.

    From the “Now I've Seen Everything!” department...

    Sonny? Correcting Milo's grammar? “Mute” vs. “Moot?” Sonny must be reading this board. Still, knocking Milo out was a pretty harsh way of making a point, moot or not. It was a cheap shot anyway. Milo wasn't even trying to hit Sonny, because he knows if he did, he would drop Sonny like a bad habit, and Milo would be out of a job, if not on the run for his life.

    True to form, once again Carly runs to a man to solve her problems. So much for the strong, independent woman. That's what I like so much about Connie; she takes care of herself. Sure, she uses men to get what she wants, but she relies on no one but herself to take care of business. I'm really hoping that her partnership with Todd is on something more substantial than a mere fashion magazine. I hope they turn Crimson into something modern, like a major news magazine / blog site. I see tremendous potential here.

    Seeing Faison and Duke face to face, it's even more obvious how ludicrous this impersonation storyline is. We're supposed to accept that Faison went so far as to alter his fingerprints to match Duke's but, as anyone can see, didn't bother to have his yellowing, crooked teeth capped to match Duke's pearly white smile? Puh...leese! There's has to be something else in this for Faison, and more to all this kidnapping Robin, getting Duke out of a Turkish prison, etc. business besides just getting into Anna's bed. This is a ridiculous amount of trouble to go through for that when he could've just kidnapped and drugged HER! I guess he struck out at online dating. Heck, it would've been a helluva lot easier if he would've made Frau Blucher wear an ANNA mask.

    Random observation: Johnny's a lefty. I never noticed that before. Thank goodness he didn't fall for the old “You'll feel better if you tell me your secret” trick. That's almost NEVER true! It's nice to know that least one person understands the meaning of “secret” on this show.

    Anna's jaw dropped when she recognized AJ. It's getting to be a Zombie convention around here.

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:24 PM

    I think I'm beginning to think Michael isn't so bad after all. Maybe, just maybe, he'll give up completely on wanting to be in the mob with AJ back.

    I hope Michael makes Carly work, and work, and work some more for his forgiveness. Read a blog today with some history and the blogger confirmed Carly never even tried to give AJ a chance to be the father. It was her way or no way.

    I like Lulu and Dante's friendship. He gives her more information that he gives anybody. She can't keep a secret, as I'm sure he knows, but he still has a comfort level with her that I don't see between him and anyone else.

    This story is the first time in a long time that I've liked ANYthing Monica says or does.

    Dante, maybe you should open your shirt and look at your scar before you defend your Father in a situation that happened way before the bullet was shot into your chest.

    Everytime I look at Faison/Duke I think of old Mission Impossible stories from the 60's? 70's? I don't know when they were on.

    Sonny, just share Michael. Geesh! It's like an incomprehensible concept for him and Carly!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:25 PM

    Thought the scenes with Tracy, Monica, & Alice were the best of the episode. Poor Monica trying to protect her possessions was priceless. Did anyone catch what was written on the contract Connie handed Todd? I tried to read it but wasn't fast enough.

    Posted by Casey1 at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:26 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Loved the scenes with Monica, Tracy and Alice. Classic Quartermaine.
    Tracy has a lot to lose right now, so I expect her to play dirty.
    Good for Anna for taking Dante off the case. Conflict of interest, for sure.
    Carly's actions are always predictable. Of course she went straight to Sonny. Looking forward to the exchange between AJ and Sonny.
    So Duke went from the hell of the Turkish prison, to the hell known as Faison. 
    Enjoyed the scenes with Lulu and Johnny. 
    Connie has Todd over a barrel right now, but I hope not for long. 

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:27 PM

    Hello Everyone!

    Wow! This story with AJ is so stupid! They're arguing over Michael when he's not even a child anymore! Michael can make up his own mind on whether or not he wants to have a relationship with his father and it's really not Carly or Sonny's call to make on the matter.

    I love that Tracy is getting revenge on Monica and Alice! Lol! I'm shocked that Monica's evil roots hadn't been revisited before now, and I'm looking forwart to seeing those scenes!

    Poore Duke! i hope Anna figures all of this out soon!

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:29 PM

    Forgot to say can we move this Lante story along? Do whatever you have to do, but make a decision! I want my Lante baby yesterday! lol!

    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:31 PM

    LMAO Tracy rushing in w/the oar. I am right here. her hair all messy. HA HA This is great.

    Posted by ttoyou at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:32 PM

    OKay, I'm pretty sure that Faison, who I happen to like by the way for some strange, really strange reason, has another mask to pull off. And when he does, ta da, He's dr Hayward from All My Children. For who else can keep bringing back the dead, and who else can make people shiver and shake in their shoes, but dear Dr. Hayward. I loved him too. Weirdos, I guess I love them all. I bet he brought back AJ too. Great and ridiculous show all at the same time. Pure soapy. I love it.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, November 13 2012 01:32 PM

    Huh? Wouldn't Kate have used the contract to get Crimson back?

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