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    Friday, October 05 2012
    Dante looks for Joe, Sonny wonders how to commit Kate, and Connie and Johnny spend their first night as man and wife.

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    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, October 05 2012 06:45 PM

    poodles - So Baby Daniel will be related to Michael (cousin), Hissy (aunt), and Molly (aunt) by direct bloodline. He is a Cassadine/Quartermaine. IMO this young man will run for president someday.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, October 05 2012 06:47 PM

    Lily- Cheeto for President. It has a nice ring.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, October 05 2012 06:53 PM

    poodles - You made me laugh. I guess by that time he would say he doesn't really need secret service as his mother and dad are always at his side.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, October 05 2012 06:53 PM

    PumpkinGirl – I've heard a retired psychiatrist who used to be chief resident in psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital say that back in the late 70's, after examining a patient who was exhibiting symptoms of some kind of psychosis, he could sign commitment papers himself, but now the process is a lot more involved, and doctors are hesitant to do it out of fear of malpractice suits. He said that's the reason why so many of the mentally ill wind up homeless on the streets instead of in some kind of mental health facility.

    In Connie's case, I think any judge would be hard pressed to commit her on the basis that she poses a danger to herself and others. She (or her lawyers and her own experts) could even make a case that she's actually cured, that the alter, the fictional “Kate Howard” was finally gone, and that the original personality, Connie Falconeri, was finally back in control, healthy, whole and fully integrated, which is also why she wouldn't be held accountable for Hope and Cole's deaths, since that supposedly happened when she was sick. Right now she's fine as long as Sonny isn't trying to marry her, and even though Sonny and company might not like it, I doubt if any judge is going to lock up a well known socialite and publisher who is reasonably sane and non-violent just to accommodate the local crime boss.

    Heck, if it was THAT easy, the PCPD and the doctors from GH would've had Sonny involuntarily committed YEARS ago.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, October 05 2012 06:57 PM

    PumpkinGirl - The criteria for committment is different from state to state.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Friday, October 05 2012 06:59 PM

    Its true scrimmage many don't like to sign them. The process is very involved now to make sure civil rights are not violated also.

    Posted by PumpkinGirl at Friday, October 05 2012 07:04 PM

    My only point is the show is portraying the issue of no one being able to get her evaluated and treated/commited but her husband. I realise specifics vary state to state but the core rules really don't.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, October 05 2012 07:04 PM

    In this state, the coroner can commit anyone who poses a threat to someone. But then, this is a state unto iself.

    Posted by poodles at Friday, October 05 2012 07:07 PM

    ******SPOILER TALK*******
    I know we have been given spoilers on how Cheeto will be returned to Jason and Sam. I'm hoping these are true. Aussie gave us one that said Heather was going to be dangling Cheeto off a roof top-- Please tell it's not any way possible that they ( the writers) would have her throw him off. I can't Imagine, but with some of this other stuff, I would have said the same thing.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, October 05 2012 07:09 PM

    poodles - I wouldn't worry about the spoilers. 90% of them have been wrong. I can't believe even these Jackholes would pull a stunt like that just to mimic the late Michael Jackson.

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