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    Try Not To Scream.

    Thursday, October 04 2012
    Todd promises to get revenge for Starr, Johnny tells Carly that he loves Connie, and Tea and John make a startling discovery.

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    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:24 PM

    OK Johnny doesn't make any sense right now....When Carly says we don't have anything left between us and Johnny says - "yes
    we do" THEN Johnny follows that up with the fact he married Connie, because he loves her. Does he know Dr StevenLarsSteve ???

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:25 PM

    Many thanks, queensgirl, Casey1, Dubbs and willowk.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:28 PM

    Right now I think the best thing Scummy Jr. & Johnny could do is to catch a fast cab over to the Trujillo Bros. and sign up quick. After Sonny finishes up with them, even hell won't have those two scumbuggers.

    Posted by Dubbs at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:30 PM

    Sorry, but I'm glad Sunshine got his little fee-fees hurt. Granted I have never been a big Kate/Connie/KatCon fan, but I can't wait to see how this plays out. Sunshine got what he deserved, but fear not. Now he can focus on killing Scummy.

    An aside: Scummy has got to be even more stupid that StevenLarsSteve. Dude, why are you still in town? You tried to off Nuke. You think he's not going to come after you? You are so two kind of ways dead.

    I have no sympathy for Johnny. I have no sympathy for Carly. They both brought this upon themselves. Carly spent months throwing herself at Shawn and then out of the blue jumps into bed with Johnny and starts professing her love. I'll say it: dumb choice. She would have been happier with Shawn and Wilson. And Johnny looks like a hot mess. What an f'in coward.

    STARR!!! The snarl is back where she belongs. Whining on daddy's doorstep. Just reading that made me think about the scene from Superman 2 where Zod is in the Oval office and Lex tells him he can give him the son of Jor-El.

    General Zod: Revenge! We will kill the son of our jailer!
    Ursa: Revenge!
    Lex Luthor: REVENGE! Now we're cooking!

    So now the lake house is official HQ. BTW, is it just me or has Sam been spending a lot of time there lately? She should have thought of that when she was pregnant. ZING!

    Seriously, why is Dante there?

    I'll be another year older by the time Jason gets it all out. Should I feel bad for Tea? Right now, I'm just not feeling it and how can McPain call in an APB. Does he still work in Llanview?

    Possible spoiler
    Someone said something on this board today about something that is going to happen. And they don't even know it's going to happen.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:30 PM

    Question: How do we know that this ISN'T Connie finally recovering from the dual traumas of her rape and getting shot on her previous wedding day? She's come full circle since then, once again battling against her familiar demons, her rape, and her well-founded fear that marrying Sonny puts her life at risk.

    Connie returned after coming face to face with the child she thought she left for dead, which must've been quite a relief, even though he still reminds her of his father, which is why she's so hard on him (not that he deserves any better). Then she faces another wedding, and in light of what happened to her the last time, it seems healthy to me that instead of being afraid for her life, she takes control and uses the occasion to finally free herself from the danger Sonny represents. She even mentioned that the opportunity was “too delicious to pass up.” Maybe this was just the catharsis she needed to finally become whole. After coming to grips with her tormentors on her own terms, what if Connie no longer needs Kate, the person who lived in denial of every bad thing that happened to her?

    What if this is the form that “re-integration” takes? Connie remembers everything about both she and Kate, right? Isn't that the criteria and the definition of an integrated personality? And if she's fully integrated, doesn't that mean she's finally cured? And if she's cured, shouldn't everybody be happy, or at least, let it go at that? It's not like Kate's dead, she's still a part of Connie (the boring part), and for all we know, she was never even real.

    Of course, Sonny doesn't care about any of that because that would mean he doesn't get what HE wants, and as we've seen before, it's all about Sonny in his world. He wants to lock her up, pump her full of drugs, and put her through shock therapy, or anything else that MIGHT bring his subservient, adoring eye candy back for him to put on display. If it doesn't work and instead ruins her mind forever, then so be it. Now THAT'S love. Why can't he just leave Connie alone? That's all she's ever wanted, and it's the reason behind every terrible thing she's ever done. Sonny can deny it all he wants, but the truth is, there is a part of “Kate” that is not only terrified, but disgusted at the thought of being with him, and yet the selfish bastard still refuses to let her go.

    Posted by Midas at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:31 PM

    Thank you All! I appreciate it. I take nothing for granted. I enjoy everyone's comments, scenarios, thoughts, 'if I had written it' scenes, etc.
    We have a talented group on this board. As I have stated before...GH posters are Rock Stars!!!

    Posted by StraightTalker at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:33 PM

    Hello all:

    I haven’t watched today’s epi as yet but I had a few things to say regarding the Jason/Liz/Sam situation. I will be back later to post on today’s epi and to read all the comments.

    You know what is so ironic about Liz switching the DNA test? One, she just went through the same thing not too long ago when Helena tampered with Aden’s paternity test, and look at the chain of events that resulted from that one act. Nicholas fell in love with a child that wasn’t his and end up having to relinquish Aden to Lucky. He ended up leaving PC as a result of that. The other chain of event that took place was that Jake ended up on that road that night where he was hit by Luke’s car. Luke almost destroyed himself over the guilt. These were all unforeseen consequences that resulted from that one DNA tampering. What will be the fall out from this one? Back to the DNA tampering,I guess Liz took notes from Helena; wouldn’t she be tickled pink, all beit not surprise, to learn that Liz copied her move.

    The second thing that I find ironic is that when Sam was hospitalized after she gave birth and Liz came into her hospital room to offer condolences, she asked Sam if there was anything she could do for her. Sam’s response was “Can you give me back my baby?” I distinctly recall posters commenting that Liz’s display of sympathy and compassion were genuine because she too knew what it was like to lose a child; that if anyone could understand the grief that Sam was feeling, it would be Liz. I also remember reading comments that suggested that if it was possible for Liz to return Sam’s baby to her, she would do it in a heart beat. So a few months later after that scene in Sam’s hospital room, Liz was presented with the opportunity to do what many said she would have done given the chance, and guess what, she seized the moment to try to further her agenda.

    The explanation that she gave about feeling sorry for Tea was total crp. She didn’t know Tea from Adam; she didn’t know what type of mother Tea was or what type of environment the baby was living in. For all Liz knew, Tea could be a child abuser who happens to be a successful lawyer. When Franco kidnapped Aden to give him to that woman (forget her name because she wanted a child so badly, Liz was not sitting at home thinking about or sympathizing with that poor woman, nope, all she wanted was to get her baby back pronto. So that is why her suddenly professed empathy for Tea rang false and hallow. While she had the time and mental awareness to put herself in Tea’s positions, a woman she doesn’t know, she didn’t have the time to spare one thought to a woman who like herself, had a child that died, another child who was kidnapped before she even had the chance to know him, and a mother morning what she thought to be the death of two children. This is in addition to Liz knowing how medically complicated it was for Sam to even conceive a child, coupled with her knowing and being privy to the facts about Sam’s rape and what unfolded from that. Unlike Tea, Sam is no stranger to Liz; she is the wife of her good friend Jason who she has known since dinosaurs roamed the earth (to hear some people tell it). So some may argue that Liz owed Sam nothing, including any consideration given what Sam did in 2007 (an argument that I might add that does not hold water), so my question then is, what did Liz owe Tea, a woman that she doesn’t know or had a conversation with? The answer to that is nothing, and that is why that part of her explanation does not make any sense in the least.

    I could understand a mother losing her mind out of grief at the death of her child such as in the case with Liz and Jake. I could even understand her going a little postal over the fact that a woman, who did what Sam did to her in 2007, now having a child when hers is no longer alive. I could understand her going mental and seeking some type of revenge on said woman if it weren’t for a couple of things. One, Liz said that she has been slowly losing her mind over the last couple months/years ever since Jake died, but we the viewers haven’t seen any evidence of that. In fact, we have seen the opposite. Point of fact, if Liz has been going bunkers as she professed, the perfect time that we would have seen signs of that was on the anniversary of Jakes death or on his birthday. We didn’t see any cracks in her behavior on those ocasions, matter of fact, Liz looked more calm and peaceful that time on the bridge when she and Jason released the leaves in memory of Jake. If Liz was having such a difficult time over what Sam did in 2007, and if it made her so distraught to see Jason with Sam all this time, then where is the evidence to support that claim? There hasn’t been any internal conflict or struggle with Liz regarding this matter before she brought it up the other day as her explanation for doing what she did. None of what she threw out as her reasons for her actions made any sense. As I said previously, if you were to do a step by step analysis and look at all the facts and evidence regarding the time line of what occurred since 2007 to now and from that stand point view Liz’s explanations for her behavior, it is clear to see that the dots do not connect. If you isolate certain events, you could say that she has a point, but when you look at the entire picture, the evidence is not in her favor.

    I think that everything could be summed up in the answer to this one question. If Jason had not rejected Liz, would she had done what she did to Sam? If the answer is no, then everything she said about slowly losing her mind because of grief and how what Sam did in 2007 played a role in her actions is completely mute.

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:35 PM

    If Sonny were James Cagney he would shove a grapefruit in Connie's face right about now.

    Posted by Dubbs at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:37 PM

    I stand and applaud you Scrimmage. You put into words everything I was too busy thinking about Superman 2 to put into words. I completely agree about the integration of Connie. Kate is dead! Long live Connie!

    Posted by Cynic at Thursday, October 04 2012 02:38 PM


    I would like to clarify something about a post of mine yesterday in reference to an ambiguous sentence about Johnny's double plays catching up with him. The reason for correct punctuation and grammar is so that the reader knows exactly what is being said with no mistake. If a sentence doesn't work and cannot be punctuated clearly, the thing to do is reword it so that it does work.

    The problem with using popular or regional slang is that no one who is not from your region, gang, workgroup or age group knows what you mean. After a few years, it sounds embarrassingly dated and ridiculous. Who goes around calling everyone 'Man' now. When was the last time you heard 'Way out' or 'Cool.' Watch the Marlon Brando film 'The Wild Ones' which was the epitome of cool in the mid 50's and that beatnik jive talk would have you running for the exit with a brown paper bag over your head. If you want to be clear, use correct English and punctuate properly.

    The worst trend IMO is the use of swear words, especially four letter words, by women in conversation. Swearing was never done in polite company and NEVER in front of women. Now women use potty language in public, in movies and on TV. It does not make them look any better, just coarse and vulgar.

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