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    Try Not To Scream.

    Thursday, October 04 2012
    Todd promises to get revenge for Starr, Johnny tells Carly that he loves Connie, and Tea and John make a startling discovery.

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    Posted by soapfan1984 at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:14 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Okay, I'm very disappointed in Jason's conversation with Sam. I know that he didn't want Elizabeth telling Sam about the baby being alive, but when Jason and Sam had talked yesterday, it lead me to believe that when he had asked her if that was all Elizabeth said, he was going to tell her about what she had done. I guess, though in the end, it doesn't matter, because as it should be, Sam will get the baby back, and maybe, she doesn't even have to know the manipulation that Elizabeth ahd done, and the lengths that Jason had to go through to get the baby back. I have a funny feeling though that John will end up bringing the baby home, but who knows. I do feel sorry for Tea. That must have been hard to lost a child that you've grown attached to for four months, then, to have it get kidnapped by a crazy nutjob who shouldn't have been trusted in the first place, only to find out that child you thought was yours wasn't. How sad! I'll be glad when this story's over.
    Kelly Sullivin is an amazing actress, and she didn't only fool Sonny by pretending that Kat came back, but she fooled me too. lol!
    I wish tht I could feel one ounce of sympathy toward Star, but I just felt that all she had done was wine to Tod.
    Speaking of Tod, I don't understand why Carly had to slap him across the face? It shouldn't be Tod telling Jonny's truths to her. It should have been Jonny.

    I heard the preview of Kristina telling Sam and Jason that Joe tried to kill her, and that acting was horrible!
    Tracy's scenes trying to hide Joe were funny!
    Have a good evening everyone, and will post as I read and on tomorrow's GH!

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:15 PM

    Hey there Midas! Awsome job with that poem! I couldn't have said it better myself! Lol! Loved your line of the day too!

    I felt sorry for Sonny at the end too. It's too bad because I had thought that Connie would have allowed him to help her a little bit, but I'm honestly not surprised that she played him and laughed in his face like that. Someone get this girl help!

    Posted by SandJ4L at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:18 PM

    Seems like a pretty boring episode today. No true excitement! Jason and Sam only had 1 line today?


    I hope the rumors are not true that GH is cancelling. Looks like it though. Sonny leaving with Brenda? Liz leaving with Lucky? Has anyone else heard these rumors? John leaving and there will be no romance between him and Sam? (I hope that is true.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:21 PM

    So Connie supposedly is blaming Sonny for "letting Joe Jr, rape her and letting Kate get shot on their wedding day. I found it interesting that she said Kate let her take over when she found out that her "unwanted brat was still alive", then later on Trey asked just how long Connie has been out...
    I really do feel sorry for Sonny, he didn't see any of it coming and when he finds out that Big Scummy tried to kill his daughter and that Tres is a part of the family now, I fear he may have a stroke. He's not as young as he used to be.

    Now onto the part of the story I'd like to call Chrissy Interruptus. Of course Tres and Chrissy would burst into the lake house just when Jason was about tell Sam about his search for Daniel. Of course Dante would be the next one through the door. As much as I like the family bonding, I was concerned that Jason and Sam would get sidetracked. Here's my real question of the day: did Jason or Sam call Dante? I doubt that his second stop after going to the warehouse would have been the Davis lake house. Any way after the commotion had subsided there was one moment that I really appreciated and that was when Dante related the news that Connie was out. Jason's sigh was priceless. Even more priceless IMO was the fact that Jason sent Dante to the Q's choosing to stay on course. This time he picked Sam over everyone else.

    Posted by girlinthewind at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:24 PM

    Clapping hands @Midas, very well done, thank you. I'm going home now so I can watch in a little while.

    Posted by maja at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:27 PM

    midas you are a genius! I absolutely love your poetic summation ....I'm standing and applauding you and I don't care if everyone is giving me funny looks!

    Posted by Casey1 at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:28 PM

    Hi everyone,

    I wonder if GH will use the Amber Alert to find baby Daniel. I hope they do showcase that, on top of the usual suspects trying to find Heather.
    I was looking forward to the scenes with Jason telling Sam about Daniel.
    I guess that will be part of cliffhanger Friday, because he'll also have to tell her Heather escaped with Daniel.
    Sonny was really determined to bring Kate back and I'm still surprised how reasonable and calm he is acting. I kind of wish he had succeeded, tired of Connie.
    Nurse Tracy in the house. She should have gotten rid of Joe jr. when she had the chance. She's going to feel foolish and incredibly stupid to believe Joe jr's lies, and then Monica will be able to say, I told you so.
    Happy to see Todd today, regardless of the fact that he is bad.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:30 PM

    Now at last I get to Scummy. He is the worst mobster, third in line behind Johnny and Sonny. Does he realize that when he told Tracy Sonny sent someone to shoot him that the likely person was her nephew? He's a worse liar than Johnny and obviously hasn't done his who's who in PC research. If he'd done the research, he certainly wouldn't choose Jason's family home as a hideout. Of course Tracy is so infatuated that she pulled a slug out the slug. I really hate to see Tracy be reduced to the level of Chrissy, unless those Scully men have mad hypnotic bed skills. In any case, here's hoping that Dante can handle Big Scummy before his dad gets involved. I have a feeling that Sonny's meds can only last so long after the day he's had.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:31 PM

    Leo123 wrote: “Sonny was merely trying to detain an out of control Connie to talk some sense into her. Deke on the other hand, beat women for the hell of it.”

    Connie looked completely calm and in control to me. Sonny was the one threatening her with locking her up until the shrinks could drug and brainwash the Connie right out of her, and when she tried to walk away, he wouldn't let her, and THEN she fought him, and rightly so. Who is HE to decide who the dominant personality should be?

    And you can make all the excuses you want for what Sonny did, but there is never any justification for a man putting his hands on any woman like that, and especially a rape victim, holding her against her will, threatening her, and any man that does is a bully and a coward in my book.

    Midas – Great post! Well done.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, October 04 2012 01:34 PM

    SandJ4L - You really have to see it to appreciate it. Any update can't do this one justice. So much happened and the looks exchanged just at the lake house will make it worth watching.

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