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    Never Know A Thing.

    Tuesday, October 02 2012
    Liz tells Jason the truth about the DNA, Sam stops things from going far with John, and Connie drops a bombshell at the wedding.

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    Posted by JadeLola at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:11 PM

    Agree Elizabeth Sam watch been and see Jake be kidnapped and never said everything to no body and she hiring gun men go Elizabeth her kids.

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:12 PM

    maja...Thank you for an EXCELLENT explanation regarding Dr StevenLarsSteve and Liz's relationship.....I feel a little better now....

    Posted by raineysmom at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:13 PM

    Scummy Jr. is an IDIOT!!!! What is killing Kristina going to get you? DEAD........ that's what!!!!

    Posted by willowk at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:15 PM

    Okay, Connie's latest plot is bizarre, who is going to believe that Kate married Johnny, or that Johnny married Kat/Con of his own free will. He's been swearing to Carly that he has no more secrets, that he loves her, and then lets her be blindsided with this. Hope they cart Connie off to Shadybrook, toot sweet.

    And Scuzzy Jr. is as evil as I thought at the beginning, planning to kill Krissy-wow that's one dark dude. Krissy may just grow up a little in this process, although part of me is like just shoot her and put us out of our misery, but my remaining fondness for the character as played by Lexi prevents me from going there.

    I thought the Liz/Jason showdown was a bit of a dud, she was overwrought, but Jason didn't get angry, seemed to equate it to the big mistake he made sending the goons after McBat --the two aren't the same as Jason didn't know about the baby having been born, and Liz knew what she was doing.

    I don't get why Liz ran over to Sam's after Jason said he didn't want her to say anything. Just hope she keeps her mouth shut about the baby, its not for her to tell Sam her baby is alive.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:17 PM

    Hello all:

    I will be back to post on the show in a little bit but before then, this post is in response to the sense of discord and tension that has been on the board lately. This is bound to happen now and again given that the board is comprised of a lot of different people with diverse point of views, etc. this post is my way to understand and perhaps in the process clarify the root of the discontent.

    I have a question and I genuinely want to hear all your responses to what I am about to ask. Bullying and personal attacks on posters are obvious) You are an idiot, deluded, your values stinks compared to mine, etc) and should not take place as cited in the guidelines for this site. In the case of Akita (welcome back and glad to see a post from you) where she was criticized for her use or misuse of grammar, that was a personal attack and should not be tolerated. There is no role or requirement that stated that posters have to have the perfect grasp of the English language amd gramatic structure or else they should not post on the board. My question then is, are we on this site able to make the distinction between relaying one’s opinions (including stating what one thinks of the show, characters, their behaviors,
    Etc, regardless if the said opinions are in the majority or minority) and personal attacks? I ask this because we can get pretty passionate about the show and certain characters, and when our emotions are so heightened, it is easy and understandable that the line gets blurred and that objectivity slides out the window.

    I think that we all can agree that we come on this board to post our comments because of our love of GH and the opportunity this cite provides for us to share our opinions on various aspects of the show. The risk of posting on any public forum is that your comments/arguments, not you, are subjected to rebuttal and counter-arguments, that’s just how it works. I think we post with That fundamental understanding and acceptance, if not, we would not all be on here but instead writing in our GH journal where no one else is privy to or able to challenge our opinions. Another option if we didn’t want feedback on what we post on this cite would be that we preface all our comments with “ Read what I write but don’t comment on what I say”. Since I haven’t come across any such post, I will have to conclude that we leave our comments open to be challenge, rebutted and refuted. The reverse is true, although the intent of our post is to express our thoughts and not to solicit other’s agreement, if other people agree with what you say, then they have the right to express that, unless you make it known that you don’t want that kind of feedback as well.

    We all know, and if there is anyone who doesn’t, then he or she should, that everyone has the right to express their opinion. However, having the right to express our opinions does not mean that we have the right to expect that everyone or anyone is going to agree with what we say or how we see things. I think that The primary and probably the only expectation that we as posters can realistically expect when we post on this cite is that we respect each other as individuals. This may be only me, but I can respect a person as an individual and also respect their right to say or post what they want and still not respect the content of their post. I think that the distinction can be gray or blurred for some of us and that could be contributing to some of the discord that has been cropping around lately on the board.

    When some posters’ opinion is in the minority, which is bound to happen, and everyone else are in accord, it is easy to feel like you are being ganged upon because you have several posts coming at you refuting, disagreeing or rebutting what you posted. It can’t be a pleasant feeling for those who find themselves in that position, but I think that is only to be expected given that the opinion being expressed is not one shared by a lot of people. I am not saying that anyone shouldn’t express their views just because the majority may not agree, but express those views with the understanding that you wil be receiving a lot of counter-views. Just like it would be unacceptable to discourage or expect someone from posting their views because they may be in the minority , it is equally unacceptable to discourage or to expect posters not to post their views just because they are in the majority. Some posters may feel discouraged, ganged upon or attacked when they post about certain characters, and while it is sad that posters may feel this way, it is important to make sure that we seperate what actually happened from what we felt happened. We can feel like we are being attacked but it doesn’t mean that we were attacked in actuality. Don’t get me wrong, no one should be attacked, bullied, or be discounted, but there is a big difference between feeling like those things are being done to you (subjective- personal interpretation) and those things being done to you (objective-factual). I am by no means trying to discount, minimize or trivialize anyone’s feelings, because, let’s face it, sometimes feeling like something was done to us can hurt just as bad as if it actually did happen to us. But what I am saying is while feelings are important, they are not facts, in fact, feelings can at times blurr and distort the facts leaving us to misconstrew, misunderstand and misinterpret what really happened and what was really said.

    So I say all that simply to say, we just need to be respectful when we post our comments, exercise a little more cautious while reading each other’s comments and pay attention to what we are feeling and how that can influence how we perceive things. Bottome line, we post with respect and read with objectivity.

    Posted by maja at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:17 PM

    double oops, I spelled since right the first time and than apologized for spelling it wrong when I spelled it right so now I'm sorry for the oops!Hope you got that!

    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:18 PM

    OK That was quite a show. I have already commented on Scummy. Again makes no sense. Trey wouldn't inherit EVERYTHING he would only herniate the money in Krissy's trust. So that is all very stupid. Also he looked greasier today. YUCK he is just nasty.

    Connie objecting to her own wedding...HA. NOW will the village idiots believe Olivia when she says SHE IS CONNIE!!!!

    OMG I am so glad & proud of Sam for backing off. I really thought they were going all the way.

    OK Liz fessed up in a timely matter I give her that but she is still not off the hook w/me. Bringing up Jake's kidnapping all these years later?? COME on. Even Jason looked shocked over that statement. She did it for one reason & one reason ONLY SHE WANTED JASON. She even said she doesn't want him w/Sam. BINGO THAT IS THE REAL REASON. There was no need to bring up Jake at this point in the game. IMO

    Hello to all my poster friends.

    Posted by SandJ4L at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:19 PM

    When the whole Sam watched Jake get kidnapped/hired thugs yada yada yada happend, some people stated that Sam was distraught and out for revenge. Angry because she lost a baby and then Liz got pregnant with Jason's kid and Liason got together. Some have said that what Sam did was wrong, but understandable because of what she went through.

    HOWEVER, here we have Liz, who's child was killed and we all saw her go a little crazy with seeing Jake all over the place. Why are some people so quick to say Liz is using Jake as an excuse? Why is Liz not allowed to be upset and want to lash out? *For the record I dislike this storyline as it seemed thrown together and doesn't make a lot of sense to me*

    Liz is not wrong to lash out but it is a little fishy that she is using Jake as an excuse IMHO. Sam did not "kill" Jake. If Liz feels this way the writers picked a fine time for her to express it. If she was lashing out at Luke I could understand. But, she did all this for a "guy". When she does things like this its because she has her eyes set on some guy. A mother may grieve for her child that she lost for the rest of her life. But, there comes a time when she has to take responsibility for her actions.

    I don't think I've seen any Liz fans say Liz was NOT completely and utterly wrong for what she did. All I've seen is people saying they are glad she admitted it right away. She had nothing to gain by admitting it; I'd even say she has a LOT to lose by confessing. Yet she did it anyway.

    Liz fans were saying..."she owes Sam nothing" why? She may not owe Sam nothing in regard to lieing about Jason, but she certainly does owe Sam "something" in regard to switching and lieing about the test.

    Also, Liz fans are using the same excuse Liz is using. Sam deserves it, its ok, its not that bad, because of what Sam did to Jake.

    Posted by terrylee45 at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:21 PM

    from----liz and steven would be "incest" lol

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:22 PM


    ***********OFF TOPIC - ************

    Does this mean I'm NOT off the hook re: DrStevenLarsSteve and Liz ????

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