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    Never Know A Thing.

    Tuesday, October 02 2012
    Liz tells Jason the truth about the DNA, Sam stops things from going far with John, and Connie drops a bombshell at the wedding.

    At the Haunted Star the wedding is about to begin. Michael is nervous about his speech but Starr encourages him. Olivia tries to convince Steve and Dante that Kate is now Connie, but they stop her from telling Sonny. She overhears Steve tell Dante that she may need treatment at Shadybrook. Meanwhile, Max and Milo assure Sonny there will be no disruptions. Alexis calls Kristina but it goes right to voicemail.

    Lulu walks in on Johnny grabbing Connie in her dressing room. Connie covers that she just wants things to be perfect. Lulu and Johnny leave and Lulu comments that Kate is back to her old self. Alone, Connie finishes getting ready.

    Joe Jr. kidnaps Kristina and takes her to the coffee warehouse. He forces her to call Alexis and apologize for not coming to the wedding. He reveals himself as Trey’s dad and she loses it. They scream at each other. He tells her Sonny made a big mistake when he didn’t kill him and this will all be over before Sonny even says I do. She tells him to call for the ransom but he does not want that. He wants the money, power, reputation – everything Sonny stole he wants back and he will get it as soon as she is dead. When she dies, her husband will inherit everything and Trey will never know a thing.

    Back at the wedding, Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina is not coming because of a fight with Trey. They both are hoping for an annulment. Johnny rejoins the party and Carly wonders what is going on with him. Maxie asks Ellie about her date with Spin. Ellie has tons of compliments for Maxie and Maxie can’t hate her because she is too nice. Dante tells Lulu about Olivia’s suspicions and she tells him about the encounter she saw between Kate and Johnny. Sonny tells Alexis he thinks the shock of finding out about Trey will send Kate into a relapse, which is why he wants to wait until after they are married to tell her. Trey arrives and is surprised Kristina is not there. Michael grills him about their fight. Starr stops Michael and they let Trey go. He runs into Connie on his way out. Maxie cues the music and they all rise for Kate’s entrance. She walks down the aisle to a beaming Sonny. The reverend begins the ceremony. He asks if anyone knows any reason they not get married. Olivia tries to tell them about Connie but Steve yells out that Olivia is not feeling well and she backs off. They move on but then Milo jumps up to object. Max tells him Milo just got caught up in the excitement of the day. They proceed, until Connie objects. She tells Sonny she can’t marry him. She is already married – to Johnny!

    Liz stops Jason from leaving the penthouse and tells him there is something he needs to know about Sam’s baby. She changed the DNA results. She hands over the real ones - Sam’s baby is still alive. He can’t understand why she lied. She tells him that Sam watched while Jake was kidnapped and didn’t say a word. She has tried to put that behind her, but if it had not been what Sam did maybe Jake’s life would have turned out differently. She realizes that she has slowly been losing her mind ever since they lost Jake. He knows what it is like to make a mistake. She asks him to be kind to the mother who has the baby and he asks her not to say anything yet.

    Sam and McBain kiss at Alexis’ house and things get intense. She pulls back and tells him if they don’t stop now they won’t be able to. They are both hurt and angry and if this is where they are heading then what they have is not going anywhere. Suddenly Trey pounds on the door looking for Kristina. McBain and her agree the day has been strange but not all bad. He leaves. Outside, Jason calls and tells John he needs to see him. Later, Liz shows up and tells Sam that what she overheard was a lie. She wanted Sam to believe she was with Jason but he told her they would never have a future. Divorced or not, he still belongs to Sam.

    Back at his apartment Trey finds Kristina’s bracelet on the ground outside. He frantically looks for her and thinks about his father’s obsession with his marriage. He searches for Joe.

    John meets Jason at the penthouse and hands over the real DNA results. Sam’s baby is alive and living with Tea. John hurts for Tea. Jason just wants Sam to have her son back.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Jason tells John, "We need to get Sam’s permission to exhume the body."

    Liz tells Sam, "You need to hear this and I am not leaving until you do."

    Sonny tells Connie, "You really want me to believe you married to that son of a bitch?" She replies, "Yeah."

    Carly tells Johnny, "You need to stop this and tell us all that she is making this up."

    Joe Jr. cocks his gun as Trey rushes into the warehouse and cries out, "Dad, what are you doing?"

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    All screen shots courtesy of ABC.

    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by 4myJylli at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:23 PM

    Color me confused, but according to Liz, Tea has been raising Sam’s baby for 4 months, but what about Sam been without her son for those same months. Imagine what Sam has missed, tucking him in at night, watching him grow on a daily basis, his first smile, he’s probably teething by now, I could go on and on. And this is a woman that is also a mother. Contrary to what Sam did to Jake, watching him being kidnapped and all, what about Sam saving hers and Jakes life, putting her life in danger while doing so. Maybe if Sam hadn’t come forward about what she witnessed, maybe, just maybe Jake would indeed still be alive, albeit living a very different life with someone else, but alive.

    I also found it hard to feel any sympathy for her after she shows up at Sam’s door with that snarky look on her face, like she was doing Sam a favor by telling her she had made the performance of her life because she knew Sam was listening.

    Nothing against Ellie, but my heart will always want my Spinxie back. So happy that the Real-Maxie is back. Loved Maxie’s dress, royal blue is definitely her color. But then again, Maxie looks good in anything.

    Since not watching GH in such a long time, I actually find myself liking Trey (who knew). Starr is also much tolerable so maybe some of Michael’s charm has rubbed off on her. Kristina, the jury is still out.

    My girl Carly is in for some heartache a la Johnny. He will definitely regret the day he trampled on her heart. Can’t wait for that day to come.

    One of the cheesiest weddings I’ve ever seen. With all the money that Sonny has, I would expect more. Tired of all this Kate/Connie/Connie/Kate crap. End it already. It was fun to watch in the beginning but not anymore. Marrying one mob-boss for another lying-child/daddy killing mob-boss seems to me as a step down for Connie, but then again, maybe not, after all this is Connie.

    Thank God Sam put the breaks on when she did. I was actually screaming at the TV hoping that she would hear me and not even kiss McBain, but I’m glad common sense kicked it. Although it did appear that if Trey hadn’t shown up when he did, they would have kissed again.

    I just want mother/son reunited. I hate the thought of all that Sam has missed for which I blame both Heather and Todd.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:23 PM

    Hi everyone

    What a great show today! Jason was dissapointed in Liz but the same look he would have given Carly. Yes they will remain friends

    Loved that Liz went over to Sam to talk. Sam listen to what she has to tell you.
    The wedding...Oh I kinda figured that is what Johnny had to sign. I do feel bad for Carly and very very bad for Sonny. I wish Olivia would have just yelled out that Kate is Connie!

    Posted by ransomha at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:24 PM

    Good for Liz, fess up then move on.
    You don't owe Sam anything, and Jason handled your confession and apology beautifully .

    OMgoodness Sonny, RUN from this crazy woman.

    Trey needs to save his wife, his dad is crazy and makes me even more convinced he raped Connie.


    Good show today, lots going on.

    spoiler talk: Note false spoilers of how "mad" Jason was going to be at Liz.

    Posted by Dubbs at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:25 PM

    I haven't finished the daily yet, but Scummy Jr. is an idiot if he thinks he can get everything by killing NuKe. Unless, he's planning on killing Dante, Lulu, Michael and Morgan, as well. That's just stupid planning.

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:26 PM

    "Scuzzball" are you SERIOUSLY going to kill Kristina, because you want the power OR you don't think she can act...Be honest..

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:26 PM

    That wedding had more objections in it than a courtroom.

    Johnny, your goose is cooked...stick a fork in yourself because you're done...your number is're in a pickle...HELP! I'm drowning in a sea of idioms

    Waterworks turned on...CHECK!
    Realizing that you are losing your mind---CHECK!
    Jake card played---CHECK!
    Deluding self about a non-existent love affair---CHECK!
    Coming clean to Sam---PRICELESS!!

    Hello posters:
    aussie1, lily hunter, enad19, Cbru, raineysmom, StraightTalker, maja, Monkey83, Canadagirl17, poodles, Age87, Scrimmage, Dubbs, SouthGAgirl, cynic, willowk, PumpkinGirl, mamajj, 4myJylli, Casey1, fromthestart, lovelymarlena, TipsyTess, bayoubtr, sunshinegal, kittyhawk, jumps, Zachtopia, FUBU, zachiesis, Dexdon, beenaroundalongtime, 4evergh, bikette, misvicky, simplypeachie, Redcanuck, WatFan, Sabebaby, scruffytic, Blesseddiva, girlinthewind, ransomha, renesha318, WhySoSerious2, anyone I missed and new posters. .

    Posted by 4myJylli at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:27 PM

    OMG From, I'm doubled over here with that

    Posted by Midas at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:28 PM

    From, now come on, does her acting really deserve a bullet?............

    Posted by 4myJylli at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:28 PM

    Midas, love it!

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, October 02 2012 12:31 PM

    I also loved Maxie's dress and it was funny when after Maxie had talked to Ellie she says it is hard to hate her as she is to darn

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