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    A Wedding For The Books.

    Monday, October 01 2012
    Olivia is on to Connie, Trey confesses to Kristina, and the town gathers for Sonny and Kate’s wedding.

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    Posted by WatFan at Monday, October 01 2012 01:23 PM

    Trey/Kristiana - They just hit a road bump. Atleast they are talking. They will figure it out. Heck, I've been with my husband 8 years, and its definately not all smooth sailing - granted his dad doesn't want my dad dead. And Krissy getting kidnapped is all on Joe Jr. Trey believed his father, which is under normal circumstances an admirable trait. Anyway, I think Trey turned out pretty darn good considering his geneology.

    Posted by Midas at Monday, October 01 2012 01:23 PM

    Scrimmage, thanks, I must have heard incorrectly.

    Monkey, do as I do and swim on by...blub...blub...blub

    Posted by WatFan at Monday, October 01 2012 01:26 PM

    McBat must have the personality of a vampire - the only friend he has made in ALL of PC is Sam? Go find Anna - and quit giving Sam the hard stuff.

    Posted by WatFan at Monday, October 01 2012 01:28 PM

    I've got to run my friends. Play nice and have fun.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Monday, October 01 2012 01:33 PM

    By the magic of a 55” HDTV, I was able to read the last page of Natalie's actual letter (No joke). It's surprisingly revealing, especially considering McBat's version of it.

    I am writing to inform you that Liam is happy. If you care for him, you will abide by the order and keep your distance. There is no reason to put a child through an ugly custody fight. You have nothing to offer him; no home, and no financial support. You never meant to have a family.

    If you insist on trying to get visitation, my lawyers will shred you. I wouldn't want that to happen, but I'll do it if I have to.

    I don't hate you, and even now I wish you well. I hope you can move on with your life, but for everyone's sake – especially Liam's – you need to stay away from us.


    I don't know if that sounds like Natalie or not, but Sam sure didn't wait too long for it to sink in before she broke out the booze to help McBat get over his pain, and that was hardly a minute after she admitted that she wasn't sure about divorcing Jason. I've seen less back-and-forth in a ping-pong match.

    Posted by mamajj at Monday, October 01 2012 01:36 PM

    Hi all.

    Watching now...They just showed the DWTS clip. LOL That is good stuff.

    Well Krissy got her eyes opened today. Do we think she will learn her lesson & start listening to others advice? I am thinking NOT!!

    Maxie making sure everyone had crabs....LMAO She was seeing green today. I liked her dress.

    Waiting for Lizzy to confess her sins.


    Monkey....OH NO Please don't go. We just got you back. I hope you change your mind.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, October 01 2012 01:39 PM

    Monkey83.....We NEED your imput.....!!! Hang in there and read my next post....

    Posted by dogmom4 at Monday, October 01 2012 01:41 PM

    I don't even think Sam & John hardly took a sip. Lots of great "lines of the day" today. And Johnny turning on DWTS was too funny. Elizabeth really needs some professional help. Too bad Ewen is gone. it sure was a fast show today...

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, October 01 2012 01:41 PM

    Hi everyone,

    So many handsome men, all dressed up with no place to go. Those Corinthos men do clean up well. Sonny was so close to having his long-awaited light bulb moment today that I almost thought Johnny would be off Connie's hook, but alas the moment passed. If Olivia had only gone to Sonny instead of STUPID StevenLars...By the way can SSL be traded for baby Daniel before he tries to convince Olivia that she needs to be committed?

    Did anyone else hear the sound of the pedestal falling out from under Liz? If you couldn't hear the sound yet, you can bet that tomorrow there will be a crash that can be heard for miles. At least we had the visual from the look in Jason's eyes as she started her "confession", big doe-eyed tears and all. Can we throw her into the deal to trade SSL for baby Daniel as well?

    IMO, McBat, who is supposed to be an ethical man, has the same amount of integrity that Liz is famous for. After hearing that Sam "has hope" and that she thinks she knows where she stands with Jason, and knowing that Jason has been searching for her son, does he tell her what he knows (including the fact that Evilabitch took possession of the DNA samples he collected? No, he breaks out the booze. I think it's very convenient that Natalie found someone else, but that's no reason for McBat to insert himself into Sam's mouth again.

    If Big Scummy was the one that grabbed Chrissy, he's got on foot in he//. Depending upon when Alexis finds out her daughter has been taken,(could be another out for Johnny), Sonny's either going to go after him in a fit of rage. If Connie has time to blow the wedding out of the water, Sonny is going to after him armed with missiles and the next time we see Big Scummy he'll be headed for space Dr. Strangelove style, not so much riding the missile as ...well we've all got imaginations.

    Ellie is a cute match for Spinelli, but I'm not sure she's really ready to meet his friends. The champagne spit response upon hearing that Maxi's "husband" was in jail was too funny. Wait until she finds out that he was a GH doc.

    I would have to give Milo funniest line of the day when he told Max he was having PTSD flashbacks about Kate.

    I would give the WTH line of the day to Jason: "Now she's (Sam) never going to have a chance to be a mother" We must think very highly of our little swimmers, don't we Jason... unless her last surgery was so precise that he's the only one who could give her children.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, October 01 2012 01:44 PM

    Monkey - I just posted and started reading today's comments, but I would ask you to stay around. I'm not sure what happened earlier today, as I haven't caught up, but your opinions are valued here.

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