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    You Feel Lucky?

    Tuesday, September 11 2012
    Shawn and Sonny rescue Alexis, Johnny and Carly spend precious moments together, and Edward gives Emma a gift.

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    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, September 11 2012 02:54 PM

    I think Edward did what every grandfather would do for a grandchild....This was pretty true to life - especially for a soap.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, September 11 2012 02:55 PM

    I do like the outside scenes. I do hope in future they do more of them as once they often did.

    Posted by maja at Tuesday, September 11 2012 02:58 PM

    OT: Thanks fromthe, I love my shirtless,sexy,Shawn!!

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, September 11 2012 02:58 PM

    I also have to say I thought the cinematography was excellent again today adding to the sense of urgency at GH and highlighting the dock action.

    Posted by raineysmom at Tuesday, September 11 2012 02:58 PM



    Loved your post about grief! Beautifully said!

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, September 11 2012 02:59 PM

    Over the years I've seen several EQ's. And every time I think the new one cannot possibly top the previous one, and every time I'm wrong. John Ingle was the epitomy of a crusty but loveable curmudgeon. I sincerely hope his health improves. GH needs his presence.

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, September 11 2012 03:02 PM

    I have to agree with most of the posters today.....I am sure there were some bleeps here and there...but, it was exciting and sad all in the same show....I remember Edward when we were first watching GH way back when.....I like the way they ended the show today...with bascially a tribute (in my estimation) to the legacy of Edward....I thought it was well done......and as Scrimage said - sad.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, September 11 2012 03:03 PM

    Random observations from today's show:

    Here's what the timer on the bomb read from one scene to the next. When they first opened the case, it was at 54 minutes, plenty of time for the bomb squad to get there, but in each subsequent scene, it went like this: 54....51....43....13...1:11. Why didn't they just take a picture of the wiring to send to the guy on the other end of the phone, anyway? They sure wasted a helluva lot of time gabbing.

    So did Jerry and Jax, standing around chatting away while people were dying. Jerry sure didn't seem to be in much of a hurry for a dying man. So it IS about money after all. It seems to me he could've knocked over a bank, the federal reserve, or even kidnapped Bill Gates for a lot less trouble and expense than what he went through to poison the PC water supply. And it's supposed to be IRONIC that he owes an amount similar to the numerical value of the Dead Man's Hand? That's not irony, that's contrived stupidity.

    Sorry Jerry, but you've been conned. There IS no possible cure for that kind of poisoning. That's exactly why the Russians use it. Gee, it's too bad that you went to all the trouble of putting together this ridiculous plan for nothing.

    Todd used one of my favorite quotes attributed to a famous actor on his deathbed. When he was asked if it was difficult to let go of life, the actor replied: “Dying is easy. COMEDY is hard.”

    Todd, the dastardly baby switcher, was hilarious in his lack of enthusiasm for getting Johnny medical treatment. Especially when he quietly said to the doctor who was walking away: “wait. no. stop.” Brilliant!

    I also loved hearing Alexis FINALLY admit it. “I'm a CASSADINE!” Embrace the darkness, Alexis!

    Carly pulled up in that car like Daisy Duke driving the General Lee. I can remember when she couldn't even drive.

    The last time I remember seeing Sonny on a boat, he was in Puerto Rico with Brenda in a bikini. Now he's with Shawn in PC harbor. Talk about trading down!

    The funny thing is that with the time change, you'd expect that the show would want to put their best foot forward to attract new viewers, but the trouble with this whole storyline is that almost every one of the leading characters looks like absolute crap right now. I can just imagine someone tuning in for the first time, expecting to see your usual unbelievably good looking soap characters, and seeing THIS scruffy looking bunch of sweaty, greasy people instead, but that's okay.

    I LOVED it!

    Posted by maja at Tuesday, September 11 2012 03:05 PM

    I hope this isn't the last we see of Edward, because I just love the actor and the character..Edward always puts his family first, and I think I'll have tissues handy when I see this scene.

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, September 11 2012 03:08 PM

    **************OFF TOPIC***************

    To those who appreciated my grief story - thank you.

    Sometimes laughter is a true healer in many ways....There were times during a really intense, heavy traffic day in the tower or radar room....You would tell anyone who had time to listen..."I CANNOT take another airplane - my radar is FULL" Sure enough here comes another one.....more likely than not we would just break out laughing - what else can you do ?

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