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    Relationship Suicide.

    Tuesday, August 07 2012
    Heather and John meet in jail, Carly can tell Todd is hurting, and Starr tells Johnny she is lucky to have him.

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    Posted by maja at Tuesday, August 07 2012 09:21 PM

    Spoiler Talk:mamajj not only does Jerry injects Josslyn he chloroforms and injects Alexis....I've never liked that slimy piece of crap Jerry Jax's, I know some see him as a charming scoundrel, but I find him a sick psycho who doesn't mind shooting women and doing harm to others to get what he wants.I think he's sunk to new low with the kidnapping of Robin, and now harming Allexis and Josslyn, but what do you expect from a demented sociopath, hope Anna puts a stake in his heart or a bullet in him since he probably doesn't have a heart.

    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, August 07 2012 10:21 PM


    maja...yes I wrote about Alexis as well. The woman he supposedly loves. GMAB The guy loves himself that is it. I am not happy he is back. He is as sick as heather. HIS NIECE??? his own flipping family??? A little kid?? it makes me sick. I don't get why TIIC do this. to me this is NOT entertaining. Leave the kids out of it. Sorry rant over.

    Posted by young at heart at Wednesday, August 08 2012 12:29 AM

    Was thinking that possibly Ewen was one of the hooded men at the raid on the Metro Court. He would have known Liz,Sam and Robin. There was a few of the men that didn't agree with Jerry. I don't think that Robin was given the procedure. I live just south of Sacramento, and they stopped Soap net a few months ago, and if I miss the show I count on you people to let me know what went on and your opinions. Thanks !!!!!!

    Posted by Cynic at Wednesday, August 08 2012 02:12 AM

    The show has really perked up since the return of the arch villain Jerry Jax. I wonder if Ewen is his son as Jerry referred to him as "boy" in a rather emphatic way, the same way as servants and inferiors were once addressed.

    Giving Olivia hallucinations will give the actress something to do other than stand with her hands on hier hips while shouting at Dante, or cooking pasta. I for one would like to see her back with Sonny, and I would definitely like to see the end of Dante and Lulu.

    Scrimmage wrote an interesting account of the effects of LSD. I have never tried it or any drug as they were not on the scene until I had long grown up, but I did have a young friend who tried it and ended up in a mental hospital and still has flashbacks more than 40 years later. Some people DO react badly.

    Seeing Liz walk into the patient's room with her long hair flowing really turned me off. She might just as well spit in the patient's food. Nurses, and other hospital staff should have their hair short or tied neatly back and preferably under a cap. We lose hairs and skin cells all the time and long lowing hair is unhygienic in a hospital or restaurant setting.

    One other thing which puts me off Liz is the sneaky way she avoids the gaze of people she is talking to, her eyes are looking to the side as if she is looking around the room to see who else is there and if there is a better prospect. At other times she is looking under her eye lashes in the coy pose which the late Diana Spencer used to adopt, or just simpering. She drags the boyees around like a prop for 'plucky little struggling single mother'.

    Posted by terrylee45 at Wednesday, August 08 2012 03:34 AM

    speculation spoiler====== if there is a heather murder mystery my choices for the possible murders are:
    dante==for what was done to his mom: todd==just to get her off his back. jason==for what he did to sam, Sam==for what she did with her baby. "connie" for what was done to olivia,
    sonny: just because he can avenge pain to dante, Stevenlars+==he finally grew a pair, johnny===he needs and outlet for his guilt driven angst.......anybody else have any thoughts on possibles?

    Posted by terrylee45 at Wednesday, August 08 2012 03:36 AM

    off topic--i found a nice site on facebook called colours of life.....and it has really nice photo shots on it, if no else has seen it,u really should check it out....

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Wednesday, August 08 2012 06:47 AM

    Hello Everyone!

    WOW! I would have screamed bloody murder if i was Olivia & saw Heather's face looking back at me in the mirror!!! I would beg for them to put me back in the coma!!!! This is going to be a strange SL!!!

    Why couldn't Starr just shut up & let Johnny confess??? He, Trey, & "my poopie-head" Todd all need to confess!!! I still can't believe that Todd let Johnny turn the table on him when he confronted him about killing his granddaughter & Cole!!! Todd should have killed him & said that his PTSD kicked in again when he saw the confession on tape!

    I loved it when Todd was telling Carley that he kicked the door's knob & it was screaming like a little girl...Todd is just so funny!! That's why I could never hate him...just when he t's me off he turns around & makes me laugh!

    Off to read the posts!!! Lots of love, healing thoughts & well wishes & prayers to all that need them!!! Have agreat day you all!!

    Posted by SouthGAgirl at Wednesday, August 08 2012 07:11 AM

    Slades...the FOJ & FOT will help the FOD if nutjob hurts her!! She has done our beloved "poopie-head's" Jason & Todd wrong too!!!

    Posted by Dubbs at Wednesday, August 08 2012 08:37 AM

    Good morning, all!

    Just some speculative observations about the show yesterday, but first I think it was Scrimmage who first coined the term Baby Cheeto. Now, off to the show.

    Why are we all convinced that Olivia was shot up with LSD? Heather Untethered CLAIMED it was concentrated LSD. It was Scrimmage who first pointed out the massive costs of pure(?) LSD. Why are we assuming it's LSD and no, I don't trust the GH labs. So let's say that the untethered one did get the "LSD" on the docks. Who's to say Jerry didn't give it to her to give to Anna. Something "designed" to drive Anna over the edge and resemble an LSD overdose. Just a speculatin'.

    Sam is a bit stupid and easily manipulated, but did anyone else notice that she called Steve, StevenLars while at the police station? So, now we have three people who called Steve, StevenLars on yesterday's show, but I am surprised that Sam took the bait of the untethered one.

    Since when did Johnny become Johnny Zacchara, super criminal Gen-i-us? So he gets Todd's secret, learns about Connie before anyone else and has a face to face with the sire of Le Douche? Maybe Spinelli should be partnering with Johnny instead of super stubborn, "I'm not listening" Samantha.

    I have nothing bad to say about Elizabeth. She was absolutely the second most beautiful woman on yesterday's show. After my dear, sweet Delores, of course.

    Allow me to say that I almost wanted to give out a golden dunce yesterday. My choices were the untethered one for believing that StevenLars would pay for her to have a lawyer. She really has lost the better part of her marbles.

    Choice number two was Samantha for being easily manipulated and fawning all over McPain. I was embarrassed for her. "Wait a minute. Maybe we should do this?" Really, Sam? Really?

    Choice number three was Ewan for committing relationship suicide. Does he seriously believe that Jerry won't carry through on his threat. After everything that Jerry has already asked him to do. Dude, c'mon.

    And finally, Starr. I really can't fault her for trying to make Johnny feel better, from her point of view, but just "SHUT THE FRAK UP!" You learn more from listening than talking and you would have learned quite a bit. I'd chalk it up to youth, but you're the one who keeps saying you're an adult. So, sorry. No forgives-eys for you.

    After careful consideration, the golden dunce will remain with StevenLars, even though he had a moment of intelligence when he said, that "everyone calls me Steve. Only my mother calls me StevenLars." Glad he caught that, but even that wasn't enough to remove the golden dunce, but Starr is reaching for it. And reaching for it hard.

    Posted by sunshinegal at Wednesday, August 08 2012 08:51 AM

    Good Morning,
    Dubbs-when I was there a few yrs ago we went to a place called Hal's bar & grill its on Abbot Kinney Blvd the food was great think brunch was from 10 to 3 not sure about time hope this helps

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