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    Relationship Suicide.

    Tuesday, August 07 2012
    Heather and John meet in jail, Carly can tell Todd is hurting, and Starr tells Johnny she is lucky to have him.

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    Posted by Risa at Tuesday, August 07 2012 06:18 PM

    OT @ raineysmom well good for you I'm sure you need a much needed vacation!!! we get loads of visiters even after the seasons over on the cape!! so sometime in October I will get in a few GH episodes which I think will be on at 2pm eastern time.. the board seems kind of quiet these last 2 night!! I miss everyone!!

    Posted by willowk at Tuesday, August 07 2012 06:35 PM

    OT Slades*******

    Your kitty will adjust with time, maybe never like the newcomer, but learn to tolerate him. You'd have to separate them for a while, like confine the new kitty to one room or part of the house. After a while, you can let them intermingle. Check with a vet for times, don't remember and it may vary with the individual kitties involved. Good luck!

    Posted by raineysmom at Tuesday, August 07 2012 06:39 PM



    I think many posters are on vacation or are enjoying their summer since the days are longer right now!

    I was just thinking this week that we haven't seen FROMTHESTART for a few weeks. I hope everything is ok with him and the Mrs. Maybe they are on vacation!

    Hi, Slades and Dubbs....glad to see you guys back..missed you! Slades..hope your Lady is recovering.

    Prayers and positive thoughts to all my poster friends that are in need!!

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, August 07 2012 07:00 PM

    poodles - And it will give you a little time with Tula Rose when she's the only child in the house.

    I have a work dinner tomorrow night, so I doubt I'll be commenting on tomorrow's show. It's a retirement dinner and those tend to end late. I hope everyone enjoys the show tomorrow. Happy posting.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Tuesday, August 07 2012 07:06 PM

    Lily: In case you're not gone yet, I watched again & Carly never gave up what she was holding. Maybe Ms. Snoop will come up with something. Here's hoping!

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, August 07 2012 07:37 PM

    bayou - Here's hoping that Carly can bring one of her talents to the table here. Now all we need is Wilson to grab the paper and take it to Shawn.LOL

    Nite all.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Tuesday, August 07 2012 07:41 PM

    ***off topic*** (But on a related subject.)

    In the interests of clearing up certain misconceptions about LSD and it's effects, let me first stipulate that in my young adulthood, I had personal experience with the drug, and I also knew people who were proponents of it's effectiveness as a therapeutic, even enlightening medicine, which was it's originally intended purpose.

    LSD is non-addictive, is not known to cause brain damage, and is not toxic in usual doses. Before it was classified as a controlled substance in 1968, it was widely used in psychotherapy, allowing patients to gain insights into themselves that might not have come to them otherwise, often leading to breakthroughs in their treatment.

    LSD is literally a mind altering drug, and it acts on our perceptions. In our daily lives, our brains constantly take in data from all of our senses and filter out the ones deemed less important. For instance, we're not consciously controlling our breathing. Most of the time, we're not even aware of it, and we pay little attention to the process unless a problem arises. With LSD, all those filters are turned off and we experience the full array of all of our senses at their fullest capacity, all at the same time. It can be an amazing, and yet overwhelming experience, which is why a controlled setting is so vitally important, because whatever mood you may be in due to your surroundings or emotional state will be increased tenfold. If you're in a familiar, comfortable place, surrounded by friends (especially with someone looking after you), you can tangibly feel the warmth of their companionship, along with hearing the intricate beauty of a song you've heard a million times before, seeing the stunning vividness of the colors in nature (or on a cereal box), or wonder at the complexity of your own body as if experiencing those things for the first time. Your vision is not normal, but it seems enhanced, as if you can see colors and auras that are usually invisible surrounding everything.

    That has been my own personal experience. Once, I closed my eyes and just concentrated on my breathing. I quickly became aware of the air rushing in through my nose, and I could feel each and every part of my lungs as they filled, followed by the fall of my rib cage when I exhaled. I took bigger and bigger breaths, until I was so full of oxygen I thought I could feel my blood bubbling with energy, as it coursed through my body, pumped by my heart, and I was aware of every beat. It was the most fun I've ever had just breathing.

    In a negative situation, things can get ugly fast when experiencing that kind of sensory overload. If you started out concerned about being caught “tripping,” you'll likely turn into a raging paranoid, practically guaranteeing that your fears will be realized. If you're depressed, or in a place that makes you sad, those feelings can be magnified as well.

    The benefit of the drug is that instead of seeing the world the way we always do, from behind our own eyes, for the first time we are given the chance to see everything from an entirely new and different perspective that stays with you long afterwards. Many users describe the experience as a separation between themselves and the "outside world," while some remember the feeling of being connected to the entire universe. It can be both a humbling and transformative experience.

    Shamans and Holy Men throughout history have used the ingestion of naturally occurring mind altering drugs like peyote to attain a higher state of consciousness, or to enable one to go on a “vision quest” to uncover some deep, personal truth. LSD is simply a modern pharmaceutical version of that tradition.

    The depictions you've seen in the movies and on TV about people on LSD “freaking out” seeing floating blobs and spouting gibberish are as wildly exaggerated as the effects of marijuana as shown in the movie “Reefer Madness.” Oblivia's portrayal of the effects was a pretty stereotypical example of this, even though we were told she was given a “massive dose.” While it's true that geometric patterns can take on a life of their own, and flat surfaces can seem to undulate while on LSD, seeing Heather's face in the mirror is just plain soapy silliness, which is fine. I just thought I'd add a little background info as we see how the writers will treat Oblivia's little “trip” from here on out.

    Let me also state that there is a huge difference between drug use, and drug abuse, and I do not suggest that anyone should try this at home or anywhere else without careful consideration and taking all precautions. I would make the same suggestion about a bottle of Tequila.

    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, August 07 2012 08:07 PM

    scrimmage...nice explanation of LSD. I too have taken a few trips in my youth. I never had a bad experience BUT I would definitely not do it know that I am older & wiser.

    Posted by cbru at Tuesday, August 07 2012 08:18 PM

    poodles-I'm glad I am not the only one who thought it was strange about Liz being in the room.

    Olivia/Heather-this could be interesting because mom is really, really strange around StevenLarsSteve.


    mamajj-how long has it been since we have seen Joss? Will she be 7 or 8 or a teenybopper by now??? Sounds like TPTB are bringing her back to get poisoned so that Jax will come back.

    Posted by mamajj at Tuesday, August 07 2012 08:44 PM

    Spoiler talk

    cbru....I know there is a casting call for a 4 year old blonde/blued girl. So we maybe getting a older Joss.

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