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    Big Plans For Port Charles.

    Monday, August 06 2012
    John confronts Todd, Trey has doubts about his father, and Jason has questions about Ewen.

    John shows up at Todd’ office with the picture Todd sent Natalie of him kissing Sam. John wanted to tell her himself but Todd just wanted his niece to know the kind of man who was the father of her child. Sam asks who took it but Todd keeps quiet. He chastises Sam for breaking in his safe after he was looking out for her - no good deed goes unpunished. He asks Lt. Law And Order how it feels to have his halo tarnished. He warns Sam about the stable of women John has "saved." He decided to blow Natalie’s world apart like John blew Blair’s world apart. John beats him up before Sam pulls him out of there. Todd calls the cops.

    At the hospital, Sonny asks Dante about Olivia and he assures him Keenan is monitoring her carefully. They chat, and Dante wonders how Sonny feels about Michael dating Starr, and he thinks she is nice enough. He tells Dante that "Mob Princess" is over, but he thinks Trey is a cheap hustler with slick promises and quit the show because he has an agenda. He has an eye on a bigger payoff but Sonny does not want to rock the boat with Kristina. Sonny wants to focus on Olivia now anyway. Dante gets a call and has to leave to investigate an assault.

    Starr is working on a song when Trey comes in. He is frazzled and locked out of the apartment. She can tell something is wrong and he tells her he pulled the plug on "Mob Princess" so he could have a relationship with Kristina. He doesn’t have the stomach for reality TV. Kristina would have been hurt to see her dad portrayed that way. Starr doesn’t buy it and demands to know what is going on. He tells her his dad is in jail for a crime he did not commit and wants Trey’s help. His dad swears he is innocent and he wants to believe him. But he never talks about the past and maybe he is not the guy he says he is. Starr can relate because of Todd. He makes her promise not to tell anyone. She just wants him to think things through before he does waht his dad asks. She assures him his secret is safe with her.

    Kristina pours Alexis some ice tea at home. She heard "Mob Princess" is over and wonders if Trey is going back to New Haven. Kristina tells her Trey is staying right here for her. Alexis is surprised and Kristina thinks Alexis thinks she is too dumb to make her own choices. Alexis just wants to protect her. Kristina wants to make her own choices and face her own consequences. Alexis feels like Keefer was her fault and she is truly sorry. Kristina tells her she can’t protect her from her own life. Trey is a good guy, not like Keefer. They are choosing each other. Alexis wants things to be wonderful for her. She agrees Kristina is capable of making her own decisions and will try to appreciate what she sees in Trey and not question it.

    At Wyndemere, Jerry Jacks warns Ewen away from Liz – no one can know they are working together. Ewen has done everything Jerry has asked for, so their association is over. Jerry tells him they have just begun. He has big plans for Port Charles and needs Ewen’s help. There are challenges ahead but the payday will be worth it. Ewen threatens to expose him about Robin, but Jerry just laughs. Ewen is very guilty and would be found as such. He will lose everything. Ewen agrees but if he continues he will lose his self respect. Jerry wants him to do what he is told. Ewen leaves and Jerry has a coughing fit. One way or another, Ewen won’t have to deal with him much longer.

    At Kelly’s, Liz tells Jason that when Ewen was treating Helena Cassdine’s daughter he was living on Spoon Island. Jason thinks it is strange but Liz assures him she was cautious at first but now is okay. He has been nothing but kind and decent, and it is she who has been holding back. Suddenly, Aiden starts choking, but he is okay. Liz worries she won’t see the danger in front of her kids until it is too late, like Jake. Ewen walks in and Jason pulls him aside to tell him Liz is very important to him. He leaves and Ewen tells Liz he needs to tell her something.

    Outside at Alexis’ house, John apologizes to Sam and they share a moment while holding hands. He is in the process of getting a new passport and will leave to get Natalie. Dante arrives and begrudgingly arrests John.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Olivia may suffer side effects.

    Johnny wants to know Trey’s secret.

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    Posted by Casey1 at Monday, August 06 2012 01:45 PM

    Hi all

    First impressions. If Ewen and Jerry are even remotely related, great casting. Love these two in scenes. Having said that, I'm rooting for Liz and  Ewen despite how shady he's looking right now. I think they would be great.
    Kristina looks good in her bikini. I'm sure that was for the male viewers,but I'm guessing the ones on this board would have preferred Delores.
    Unbeknownst to Sonny and Dante if Trey is Kate's son, that makes Dante and Trey cousins. Can't wait to see all that go down. 
    Enjoyed the scenes with Sonny & Dante and Alexis & Kristina.
    I'm guessing everybody high-fived McBain when he punched Todd, for his part in Sam's baby switch.  
    Despite the obvious destruction to the couples involved because of the kiss and the photo, Sam and John still can't keep their hands to themselves. 
    Like that these writers mention characters that are off screen, like Morgan being at baseball camp and keeping in touch with Dante.
    Like that Liz has been acknowledging her mistakes in past relationships and her fears and insecurities about her children because of Jakes death. I find that to be realistic, as it is something a person that goes through that would experience. 
    Finally, is something wrong with Jerry, health wise? This could mean he'll take care of anything or anyone that interferes with his plan as he has nothing to lose. 

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 06 2012 01:46 PM

    Why would Starr care what's going on with Trey.she being all nice to him and asking him questions.Starr this is not your problem. Praying they don't hook Starr and Trey up.that would not be right. She bel

    Posted by gulla at Monday, August 06 2012 01:47 PM

    Belongs with Michael.

    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Monday, August 06 2012 01:47 PM

    Jerry Jacks back again, how drool. What is Jerry’s beef with Robin and/or the Scorpios?’ Hope that John will be able to do what the PCPD can’t…..get rid of Jerry. Will Jacks return? Way too many ? s not enough answers. Coughing. What’s your disease?
    Giving a standing ovation to all women that are confident to wear a bikini. I feel like I am wearing bra and panties. It’s not my weight, big or small I love my size. Very uncomfortable wear a bikini or 1 piece.
    Kris, stop and smell the coffee. After being abused by your last boyfriend it seems that you would be careful. Trey was not interested in a relationship or sex with you while filming the show, now all of a sudden he STOP production of the show and start a relationship with YOU! Kris lay your head next to Molly and asks why he would do that. You can’t possibly think that you’re all that!!!! (Inserting humor) I AM ALL THAT but I would question …..Hmm, why!
    Blackmail, very interesting. I don’t get it. For instance:
    from, switched a live baby for a dead one, mamajj saw from make the switch and now demands things from from. Yet, from has video of mamajj confessing to shooting at a car and killing AZ. So since from and mamajj have info on each other how can one threaten the other.

    If the above doesn’t make sense, well, I just had a Milky Way Mmm CHOCOLATE!!!! Yum.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Monday, August 06 2012 02:00 PM

    Hi everyone and I hope you all had a great weekend. We have a holiday today called B.C. Day so enjoying the long weekend here.
    I think it is nice Trey and Starr are friends and Trey trust Starr so he is able to tell her what is going on with his dad. I think in the end Trey is not going to like his dad and we will Trey as a good guy.
    John just because you are a cop it doesn't make you above the law. I hope that charge sticks. Todd did what he thought was right. John you could have told Natalie about the kiss and you chose to wait.
    Loved the scenes with Liz and Jason. Jason gave Ewen a warning. Happy he is around as even though Ewen doesn't want to be part of Jerry's plan he is.
    Is Jerry dying?

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, August 06 2012 02:04 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Just in the middle of making dinner, but I want to comment on the part of the show I enjoyed. I think this may be one of the longest conversations Dante and Sonny have had without getting into an argument. I had to laugh when Sonny offered to get some of his guys to investigate so that Dante could stay with his mom. Sonny might still have to work on boundaries. LOL Speaking of boundaries, I also had to laugh when Dante apologized before he arrested McBat. Is McBat the new Jason?

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Monday, August 06 2012 02:05 PM

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Jerry Jacks on the same show as that nutjob Heather, Todd, Johnny!!

    But Liz sure does love her sleazebags. This storyline is similar to Ric Lansing storyline. Ewen kidnapped robin, Rick kidnapped Carly.

    Why can't someone kidnap Krissy? Please I will pay you double.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, August 06 2012 02:08 PM

    Casey1 - Yes, that would make Tres Dante's cousin, but if he marries Hissy, he'll also be his half brother-in-law. In any case, Sonny is going to have to get a much bigger dining room table to accomodate the growing family.

    Posted by ransomha at Monday, August 06 2012 02:09 PM

    Good for our new writers for recognizing Liz and Jason's bond/relationship. Seems like the last crew never put them in scenes together and these guys are very comfortable with two long standing veterans sharing our screen. Love how they know and understand each other so well. Great scenes. Looking forward to more.

    Also love seeing Liz in mom mode and Ewen so into her. Great stuff!

    Sam and John are just H O T together. While asking about John's wife, Sam is entwining her fingers with his while getting closer as she stares into his beautiful blue eyes. Loved that scene. These two sizzle and enjoy them so much. John jumps up to try to break the spell. Good stuff!

    Todd was smart not to hit back. Now he looks like he was totally beat up, which he was and the only sore thing on John is the fist he used to beat Todd!
    Gotta love that Todd!

    Nice Kristina and Alexis scenes too. Loved Alexis's highlights. Good talk between mother and daughter and Kristina did a great job expressing herself.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, August 06 2012 02:13 PM

    poodles - Hope you enjoy the soup. The flavors come through just as well when served cold. We had some last night with the leftover Saturday night grilled then chilled shrimp on top.

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