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    Opposite Of Tons Of Fun.

    Wednesday, August 01 2012
    Shawn and Alexis think about each other, Lulu and Dante discuss the letter, and Ewen treats Patrick.

    Alexis looks for her phone at the Floating Rib and gets distracted thinking about Shawn’s abs. She asks the bartender if there is a lost and found and the bartender turns out to be Mac. Coleman hired him as the new bartender and he heard she is back in the strip-pool saddle and hustling Shawn. Coleman gave him a play by play in vivid detail. Shawn though she was uptight so she proved him wrong. She asks about Felicia and he is happy. They are taking it slow. Mac thinks she deserves to be happy and if she lowers her guard someone will snatch her up. He urges her to ask Shawn out and she remembers his abs again. She is going to make the leap.

    At Kelly’s, Shawn is so distracted thinking about Alexis taking off her shirt he spills orange juice. TJ thinks uptight Alexis got to him. Shawn sets him straight – Alexis is not uptight. She deserves his respect, not his judgment. Shawn remembers the shots he did with her and TJ leaves for school. Alexis arrives just before a woman runs in and starts making out with Shawn.

    Liz and Steve go to Kelly’s for breakfast. She wants him to take a break from the hospital and assures him Ewen is going to take good care of Olivia. He just wants to be there when she wakes up. Liz has faith in Ewen and Steve wonders if things are getting serious. Patrick put things in perspective for her, how difficult every second is after losing Robin. She may have taken Ewen for granted. She is surprised Ewen even wants to try after her mixed signals.

    At the hospital Ewen looks over a sleeping Patrick. He tells Patrick his is sorry he had to take Robin away from him. Lulu overhears. Ewen ushers her out as Patrick wakes up. Patrick grabs a picture of Robin. Outside, Keenan screams at Lulu for busting in. She should know better than stop by during therapy. He apologizes and goes back to Patrick, who is having detox symptoms. Ewen tells Patrick he lost someone close to him and was devastated. Patrick thanks him for everything. Ewen steps outside to take a call and he tells whoever it is that Robin Scorpio was transferred safely and no one knows they are working together. Liz walks up as he is on the phone.

    Dante steps off the elevator at the hospital and wonders why Lulu is there and not by Luke’s room. She tells him about Patrick’s drug problem and he wishes she would not keep something like this from him. They have issues on the backburner they need to deal with. She agrees and suggests they go home. When they are there he pulls out the forged letter from Luke. Why did she lie to him? If he read the letter it should be obvious why she did not share it. He wonders if she sees some truth in it, the fact they can’t be forever. He thinks something in that letter struck a chord and she admits it made her wonder a little bit about him and her.

    At his apartment, a shirtless Trey goes over his dad’s plan in his head. Kristina arrives and he tells her she deserves to know why he is walking away from the show. Trey did not want to involve her but she assures him he can trust her. He tells her his dad is in some trouble, and he will be okay, but he could have lost him. That got him thinking that if they moved forward with the show she could lose her dad too. He couldn’t live with himself if he cost her her family. Now the show is over and nothing is in their way. He hasn’t stopped thinking about her since their kiss. He wants to be with her. She is ecstatic and they kiss.

    In his jail cell Joe Jr. hopes Trey is doing his job. Sonny arrives and wants to take a trip down memory lane. He wants to know how Joe found out about Kate’s pregnancy. Joe tells him that he made one last stop in the neighborhood and saw father O’Brien. He told him about Connie’s pregnancy. He was concerned and thought Joe deserved to know since he was the father. He heard she was at a boarding house so he went looking for her. Connie had disappeared and had run out on her bill. The only thing left behind was her son’s body in a drawer. Sonny wants the name of the boarding house and the woman who ran it. Joe wonders how Sonny would he feel if someone killed one of his children? If he thought Joe would kill one of his kids he would take him out permanently.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Elizabeth may be in danger.

    Trey tries to get closer to Kristina.

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    Posted by Scrimmage at Wednesday, August 01 2012 01:43 PM

    Lookin' good, Liz! WOOF!

    It appears that they have instituted a daily quota for scenes with shirtless men. I demand equal treatment for women.

    It also appears that the Port Charles Transporter to the Atlantic City jail is in good working order.

    I'm glad to see the end of the stupid “reality show” subplot, but Nuke and LeDouche are coma inducing. She, especially is a TERRIBLE actress. When I go back and listen to the way she delivers her lines, it seems to me that she says them in a way the writers didn't intend, sometimes changing the meaning of the line with the wrong emphasis or inflection, but always with the same tone of voice no matter WHAT she's saying. Awful! For example, think of the difference emphasis can make in Nuke's simplest line today, which is a choice that the actress makes.

    “You LIKE me.” “YOU like me.” “You like ME?” “YOU? Like ME?”

    Or, Nuke's choice: “you like me.”

    I know Lulu demands full disclosure from Dante, so why should she be surprised that he expects HER to tell him everything?

    Dr. Bigfoot should try some of his unconventional therapy with Patrick. They should go work out together, or go for a run. I don't blame Patrick for being antsy. Regardless of any craving for drugs, it would drive me crazy being cooped up in a hospital room with nothing to occupy my mind except my problems.

    Not being familiar with the process, is Alexis over her menopause symptoms? Too bad she didn't take that leap when the opportunity presented itself. You snooze, you lose. Looks like Shawn WILL be “getting' busy” pretty soon, just not with Alexis.

    In light of all the bad haircuts on Jason, Steve, Mac, Todd, Johnny, and Dante (not to mention Sonny needs an oil change), and an apparent shortage of razor blades and shaving cream in Port Charles, the MetroCourt needs to hire a good men's barber, STAT! Shawn is one of the few well groomed men on the show, and even Joe Scummy Jr. is clean shaven, and he's in JAIL!

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, August 01 2012 02:08 PM

    Happy Wednesday Everyone,

    So is the Floating Rib going to be so busy that Coleman and Mac will be doing the tandem cocktail thing behind the bar (think Bryan Brown and Tom Cruise)? Seriously, it was nice to see Mac's concern for Alexis and his encouragement telling her that she could do worse than Shawn, with flashback of the chest. Too bad that just when Alexis decided that girls just want to have fun, she was blocked by Renalle. Were the pictures of Shawn playing pool on one of those giant HD screen ad boards? Don't be discouraged Alexis, I've never seen Shawn spill any juice thinking about her.

    After all that has happened because of StevenLars mother, and what we know about him playing God as a doctor, he's still harping on the fact that Jason is a killer? Hope you like crow, best served cold, StevenLars, because when you find out what else your mother has done, I hope you decide to atone for sins and attitude. I'm thinking Doctors Without Borders in Antarctica.

    Yes Sonny Big Scummy is stupid and arrogant. You might want to start your research with the priest that would so willingly tell BS where Kate was and work from there. Here's hoping that you can convince Spinelli to do this research for you. Trust me, the aggravation you feel when you have to talk to Spin would be nothing compared the aggravation of having Tres Scummy as your son-in-law.

    Nancy Drew, I mean Lulu, you were so close to finding your next book title - The Case of the Love Never Dies Connection. Too bad you and Dante are the next victims on the endangered couples list.

    Watching Sonny struggle to maintain himself while BS baited him at every turn today, made me think of another holiday tradition - Father's Day as celebrated by my SO's family. All the fathers, fathers-in-law, sons, sons-in law used to play golf on Father's Day after dinner at the club. I was trying to imagine Luke, Dante, Sonny, Big Scummy, Tres Scummy, Todd, and Michael on the golf course, then I decided that the shooting range would be a better place for all of them.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, August 01 2012 02:12 PM

    Scrimmage -To answer your question about Alexis, I think she's only at the first stages and one of those symptoms is, well how should I put this delicately, the urge to grab the gusto, so to speak.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, August 01 2012 02:13 PM

    Scrimmage - In other words, where do think Cougars really come from - the woods?

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, August 01 2012 02:19 PM

    Not sure how Atlantic City jails work, but jails have strict visitation policies. Visitors must be pre-registered and on the inmates pre-approved list. I hardly think Scummy Jr would have Sonny on his list. And I've never heard of any jail allowing drop-ins. Even the attorney has to follow the process.

    Posted by Navarro1010 at Wednesday, August 01 2012 02:21 PM

    So Father O'Brien can disregard pastoral confidence (is that what you call it?)by telling Joe Jr that he has a son, but he can't tell the police that Joe Jr raped Connie?

    Connie told the priest about the rape. While under hypnosis, Connie told Dr Ewen that the priest told her that, no matter how the child was conceived, it was a gift from God.

    So a priest protects a rapist?

    Posted by JadeLola at Wednesday, August 01 2012 02:23 PM

    Watch today show did Elizabeth hear everything what Dr.Ewen was talk about Robin he said he did want to do it.Helena and someone else behind this who keeping Robin.We Lulu what Dr.Ewen said about Robin he is keep Robin a way from them Lulu talk to Elizabeth he said what go on with this Dr.Ewen.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, August 01 2012 02:25 PM

    bayou - Not to mention that I would Sonny is compromising the case against Big Scummy by visiting him in jail. Isn't Sonny the main witness for the McBat VS Big Scummy trial?

    Posted by Casey1 at Wednesday, August 01 2012 02:27 PM

    Hi all

    So, so episode today. Glad to see Liz, she looks fabulous. I guess Steve and Liz are going to make going out for breakfast a routine, of sorts. Makes you wonder why so much emphasis on this relationship now. Liz is putting all her trust in Ewen, but I hope she keeps her guard up.  It became obvious at the end of the show that Ewen is working for somebody and that person may have something or someone of value to him. At least that's what I'm hoping.
    Good to see Mac on the show today. He seems happy and relaxed working the bar for Coleman. We also learned he and Felicia are happy and taking it slowly, off screen. Good advice he gave Alexis.
    Joe jr.'s plans are moving ahead as planned. Trey bought Joe's story and now Kristina is buying Trey's story about wanting a relationship with her.
    For two supposedly smart Yale students, neither has any common sense.
    Sonny has been forewarned, he just doesn't know it yet. 
    I'm starting to wonder if Joe jr. really raped Connie or if it will be like the situation with Johnny. Connie came out and convinced Johnny to sleep with her to get back at Sonny.  When Kate realized what happened she freaked and felt violated. Perhaps for a reason we don't know yet, Connie did sleep with Joe jr. and in Kate's mind he raped her and that led to her getting pregnant and leaving the baby to die. I no longer know which one to believe. 

    Posted by bayoubtr at Wednesday, August 01 2012 02:28 PM

    Lily: Exactly how I see it. But you know Sonny when he's on a mission from God.

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