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    You Look Good Not Crazy.

    Thursday, July 26 2012
    Todd finds out the truth about Johnny, Heather tells Anna about Robin, and Ewen has a big secret.

    Todd is watching the footage of Johnny and Connie on the computer in his office when Kate comes in. She wants Crimson back. He wants to know about her and Johnny Z two-timing his good friend Carly. Besides, the world needs another magazine like another daytime TV chat show. She wonders if he would respond differently if Sonny asked. He can’t believe she would sic her boyfriend on him - is he talking to Kate or Connie? She tells him Connie is gone, but he is not so certain. Her phone rings and she gets the news about Olivia. She wonders if Todd knew. It is already front page news! She leaves and he reopens the video. He learns Johnny is the one who shot out the tires and killed his granddaughter. He will make sure Johnny dies.

    Loading a gun in his office, Johnny thinks that as long as Kate doesn’t remember, no one will know. Anthony appears and lays out three options: tell Starr the truth, kill Connie or run. He can’t run because he does not want to lose Carly. Anthony tells Johnny they are over, she just doesn’t know it yet. Johnny throws his drink and sees the camera. He rips it off the wall and realizes he is on the hook for everything – Cole, Starr, Hope. He is good and screwed. His door knocks and Todd comes in.

    At General Hospital, Steve looks over Olivia’s X-rays and Liz can tells he is upset. Olivia absorbed a massive amount of LSD and there is no telling how it will turn out. She is sure if anyone can pull her through it is Keenen. Steve denounces Heather as his mother – all she has ever done is use him, starting with selling him as a baby. She thinks he wanted to believe she could change. Taking responsibility for her was the biggest mistake of his life. Lulu and Patrick get off the elevator. Patrick thinks it is a mistake – he can’t do anything without Robin. He pulls her into a room and tells her he can’t do it. She tells him he will ruin his reputation if he does not get help. He will lose Emma if he keeps taking the drugs. She leaves to find Ewen.

    Ewen looks over Olivia in her room and tells Dante they will bring her out of sedation as soon as they are sure she is no longer harmful to herself or others. She may be confused and afraid when she wakes up. Steve walks in and tells Dante he knows it was his responsibility to watch Heather. Dante just wants him to help pull Olivia through. Liz runs into Ewen by the elevators. He lets her know he is still interested and she gets a bit flustered. Lulu runs up, apologizes for interrupting and drags Ewen off to Patrick. Patrick tells Ewen he has been seeing visions, like Robin is still alive. Ewen assures him he can have a life worth living without Robin. Lulu meets up with Dante outside Olivia’s room and they talk about her condition. He can’t get the image of Olivia on LSD out of his head. He wonders if the mother he knows is gone. Lulu holds him until Kate comes running up. They all gather around Olivia and say the “Hail Mary.”

    In the interrogation room, Anna wants to know why Heather would say something so cruel, that Robin is alive. Heather assures her that Robin is alive, and if she doesn’t want to hear it, maybe her son-in-law will. Heather thinks it is only fair to tell someone who will listen to the truth. Heather can reunite them under one condition - a public apology. Anna refuses, then pulls a gun on Heather and tells her to talk. Heather tells her Robin was brought into the critical care unit at Ferncliff with Nurse Fletcher, who is working with a doctor.

    In her hospital room in the Ferncliff Critical Care wing Robin struggles to refuse treatment. She promises to be good and wants to know where she is. Nurse Fletcher wanted to avoid ECT, but they have to follow orders. The nurse adjusts clamps on her head and tells her it will all be over soon. Robin tells her when her mom finds out about this she will kill her and her boss with her bare hands. The nurse assures her they know all about Anna Devane and they are ready for her. Robin demands they crank it all the way up. They better kill her, if they don’t she will kill them herself. The nurse is not impressed. Robin says her goodbyes to her loved ones as they insert a bite guard. The nurse hits the button then steps outside. The doctor arrives and she tells him Robin did not respond well to treatment. It is Dr. Ewen Keenan.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Anna is determined to get answers.

    Johnny uses his insurance policy to keep his secret safe.

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    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, July 26 2012 01:28 PM

    Today's show was awesome. I have never trusted that Ewen. Before I thought he was the one beating and killing all the strippers but it was Ronnie the Roach. Why is he doing this to my sweet little Robin? She will probably come back with a different personality. Poor Patrick and Emma. Anna is going to kick his arse. Don't mess with the WSB.

    When Anna pulled that gun on crazy Heather, I thought she was about to give out her rank and serial number. She was talking so fast and telling Anna anything she thought she might want to hear. Heather ain't as crazy as I thought.

    Johnny your goose is cooked. Time for Starr to go all crazy again. Not ready for that. Nose flaring and shi??.

    Posted by cowboys fan at Thursday, July 26 2012 01:34 PM

    What insurance policy does Johnny have?

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, July 26 2012 01:36 PM

    Lunchtime at at the GH diner. A blackboard sign reads: “TODAY'S SPECIAL - Scrambled Brains.”

    Diner Employee: “May I take your order?”

    Robin, Oblivia, Patrick, Johnny, Kate/Connie, and Heather (all together): “I'll have the special!”

    Oblivia: “Make mine EXTRA scrambled.”

    Robin: “I want mine fried!”

    Patrick: “Can I have a side of grief with that? With a little career suicide on top?”

    Johnny: “I'll have triple guilt with mine. Just pour it on.”

    Kate: “I'm starving!”

    Connie: “I'm not hungry.”

    Heather: “One BLT and a large iced tea with lemon. If I'm going to swallow THIS storyline, I'm going to need something to wash it down.”

    End Scene

    Posted by Casey1 at Thursday, July 26 2012 01:42 PM

    Hi all

    Yes, go Todd. He gets the line of the day, "the world needs another magazine like it needs another daytime tv chat show. Love it and the dig. 
    What a surprise! AZ is back to play with Johnny's conscience. Johnny found the camera a little too late. His secret is out of the bag. 
    Todd is furious and his suspicions about Johnny have become reality. Can't wait to see how and what he will do. Carly's sensors are off track. 
    So we now know Robin is being held at Ferncliffe and this is where Heather saw Robin. It's starting to make more sense how she would know about her.
    I'm not sure who was visiting Olivia. Kate or Connie?
    OMG, was that Ewen in that last scene? and why would he be involved in this? Who else is he working with?  Run Liz Run.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's show. We should have some great cliffhangers.  

    Posted by roses4880 at Thursday, July 26 2012 01:46 PM

    My mouth is hanging wide open now!!!!! Ewwwww-en...really. I never did like since Cassandra/Woman in White s/l. OM Freeking Gosh!!!! Well now GH has me hook line and sinker whooo hooo

    Posted by Scorpioqueen at Thursday, July 26 2012 01:49 PM

    What is Dr.Ewen doing with Robin has Patrick sight paper that not good for him.Elizabeth have to watch out now.

    Posted by maja at Thursday, July 26 2012 01:55 PM are on fire! so fuuny and sadly so true.I just hope that when Olivia comes out of it, she won't think she's a high school student....RC did that frightful sl on OLTL to Jessica, and it wasn't pretty! I knew Ewen wasn't what he pretended to be, never liked the character, he was just too good to be true. So Heather spoke the truth, hope Anna will be able to get a team to save Robin...OT SPOILER: Read in the upcoming issue of TV Guide, a villian believed to be dead is alive and makes a return, didn't say who, but my guess he/she is behind the Robin sl...

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, July 26 2012 02:04 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Scrimmage - Loved your scrambled brains scene.
    OT - Hope you're working through all the final details of your mom's life without too much pain.

    Where did Ewen get his own nurse Ratchett? Must be his mother - wonder who his father is - is a there a villain resemblance - could it be Jerry Jax or possibly Jasper?

    Until I saw the Ferncliff sign on the door I was thinking that those gifted doctors at Shadybrook had been dabbling with their resurrection (Lisa Niles) experiments again and was also thinking that Patrick would do his rehab there. I guess Ewen is going to take him to his special place.

    rans - I would like to clarify something and then not mention it again. My criticism of RC's writing was not about JaSam. It's clear to me that Jason is going through the character assassination that Liz went through just before she was "fired".

    Glad so many of you are enjoying the show. I grew up in the generation that learned to voice an opinion for change. I will not do that in the future, even though I think the show is a dark mess right now - don't want to be hauled off to Ferncliffe. I am going back to if I can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

    Posted by Unicorn Girl at Thursday, July 26 2012 02:07 PM

    Ok...I'm hooked again. Finally something that shocked and surprised me. LOVE IT! Now who will save one of my faves, Ms. Liz? I doubt it will be Patrick because I'm thinking the end game is him and Robin. Please TPTB don't let it be Jason. Yuck! If Lucky got over that crying fetish of his, perhaps he'll be back? Maybe Jake will arrange some rocks to tell him to hurry back home and save Mommy. As long as he isn't crying or just plain teary...I'll be happy!

    Maybe it'll be some new, handsome, sexy WSB agent they introduce. THAT would be great. Could be John McBain once Sam decides to regress and go back to Jaaaason.

    I'm hooked so I'll be watching and waiting.

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, July 26 2012 02:10 PM

    This is KINDA ON TOPIC based on posts that I have read from yesterday regarding GH.

    FIRST though...This is a tribute to SCRIMMAGE and his talent for writing. His posts are always well thought through and presented in a professional manner. What a gift he has. Even when I disagree with what he is saying his posts make sense (Wait a minute - how is that possible FROM ??)

    NOW....This may seem like a long post (well it is sort of)
    BUT there have been a lot of discussions about which direction GH is going and what ARE they doing with the story lines and characters.

    So I have to go back to my younger brother and I who would seem to be completely opposite in many ways...My daughters STILL call me a "health nut" e.g. I LOVE to workout, run, etc....Lets just say he did not...He died a couple of years ago, totally unexpected.

    HOWEVER...We BOTH loved comic books when we were young...and practically up to the day he died we loved to get netflix movies and watch them together...WHY ??? whereas we both thoroughly enjoyed the classic movies we watched STUPID movies together...The worse they were the more we enjoyed them...because we enjoyed the laughter together...and pointing out the most stupid things they tried to pass off as serious. (Plan 9 from Outer Space comes immediately to mind) They were FUN to watch.

    So I love to "stick it" to Jason and StevenLars (subject to change, of course) I do it with tongue in cheek...The disadvantage to posting is you can't see the twinkle in my eye and the arched eyebrow (or the tone in my voice) when I post. (Only MRS FROM has that privilege) (Oh FROM you are SO egotistical)......

    I watched AMC and now GH because (for now at least) it's fun to post and I just love "sticking it to some of the characters"....

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