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    Scorched Earth, Smoking Ruins.

    Tuesday, July 24 2012
    Luke is shot, Todd confides in Carly, and Steve realizes his mistake.

    Blair shows up at Starr’s place to tell her she is heading back to Llanview tonight. Dinner with Todd ended early, probably because she is engaged to Tomas. She makes them a couple of ice cream sundaes while Starr worries about Todd. Blair can see now she gave him some mixed signals and with Todd, no gesture is too grand. He proposed to her. Starr wonders if she was not already engaged would she and Todd have a chance? She still loves Todd and she told him that. But she can’t trust him. She asks Starr to look after him and leaves.

    Anna and Luke come out of the shack. As the cops arrive, Heather come out with a gun and fires a shot at Anna. Luke leaps in front of her, taking the bullet. Anna tackles Heather and holds her till the cops pick her up. She runs back to Luke and watches as they apply pressure.

    At the Haunted Star, Patrick tells Lulu he has to go. He promises he will stop, but she tells him he has already put people’s lives in danger. He needs to be detoxed and monitored. Patrick refuses to leave with her to go to General Hospital. He took the pills from there and they will put two and two together. He could lose his job. She wonders if he could live with hurting someone. Would he trust Emma with someone high on amphetamines?

    Dante fills Steve in on Heather’s misdeeds at the hospital. She was holding Luke in a shack in the woods where she buried Anthony. She hired a forger to write letters to Anna and Lulu. Steve did not know she was capable of this. Dante tells him there is something else she used the forger for – Maggie’s suicide note. The theory is Heather killed Maggie to protect him from what happened in Memphis. They are reopening the investigation. Suddenly, Luke is wheeled in. Steve asks Anna if it was Heather and she screams at him that Heather was aiming at her. Steve works on Luke in his room. Outside, Lulu comes in with Patrick and sees Dante. He tells her Luke has been shot. She rushed to his room and Anna stops her outside and fills her in. Dante approaches Patrick and tells him about Olivia. Will he look at her? Patrick tells him to find Keenan. He tells one of the nurses on duty he does not need anything else and leaves. Suddenly, Luke flat lines. Steve refuses to give up and puts the paddles to his chest. They get him back and have to get him in OR. They are hoping for the best. Anna thanks Steve and she finds out they have Heather in custody. She leaves to make sure Heather pays. Steve tells Dante he was right – Heather was his responsibility and he failed. Dante just hopes the damage is not permanent. Dante tells Lulu what happened with his mom. She is sorry they were fighting. She just wants everyone to be safe.

    Maxie is waiting up for Patrick when he gets home, but it is Mac carrying Emma. She had a nightmare at her sleepover and only Patrick can help. Mac wonders where Patrick is. She tells him about his scuffle with the camera man at the party but he is with Lulu now so he is safe. Mac wonders why he would not be safe. And what about her social life? She has no life and no job. Mac thinks she is avoiding her own future. He leaves to finish celebrating his anniversary with Felicia. Emma comes out and asks for her daddy. Maxie tries to explain when he shows up.

    Heather is brought into the station and Delores tells her they frown on cop killers. Heather recognizes her as the cop who could not recognize a dead body sunning itself. Heather has an ace in the hole, and wants her call. Delores doesn’t think she knows who to call – he’ll have to be a magician. She leaves Todd a message. Delores won’t give her another call but Heather is not worried – she knows how to handle Anna. Anna shows up and tells her it is the end of the line. Heather tells Anna that Robin is alive.

    Todd throws things around his hotel room. Carly walks in after hearing the noise and almost gets hit. She guesses things did not go well with Blair. He tells her the night was perfect – until he found out Blair was engaged to Tomas. She turned him down after he gave her an engagement ring. Carly is impressed. He asks her if she wants it, and she is tempted. Blair admitted she loved him, but that if they do get back together he will do something horrible and break her heart. And she is right. Heather calls him and Carly guess it is her from the ring tone. She tells him what Heather did to her maid and Olivia. She also thinks he can prove Blair wrong but he thinks it is too late. She leaves to go check on Olivia and tells him to lose Heather’s number – don’t let her drag him down. He listens to her message telling him to hurry over to the station.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Heather could be playing mind games.

    John’s secret may be safe with Todd.

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    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:23 PM

    Love the scene with Blair and Starr.their scnes are always the nice of Starr to say congrats to her marrying Tomas.Blair will always love Todd but like she said she can't trust him for what he's done.that's was sweet of Starr to worry bout him.I feel for him. Aww liked when Blair and Starr said goodbye and they hug.wish they can keep Blair on GH.

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:24 PM


    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:27 PM

    **********OFF TOPIC********


    My thoughts and prayers
    are with you and your family
    of the passing of your sweet mother. ♥

    "A mother is with us always,
    first in her lifetime,
    then forever in our memory"

    You were wondering what to do with your mothers costume jewelry and vintage fashions. Some family members might like something of hers to remember her by. As for the other things you could take to a consignment shop and donate the money to her favorite charity.

    Just know you have many friends on this GH board to talk to whenever you like. You are never alone my friend.♥

    Posted by gulla at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:28 PM

    Poor Todd throwing things and Carly comes in.loved their talk bout Blair I could tell he was hurt inside.aww how sweet of him to give Carly the ring.that was sweet of her to say I'm sorry bout Blair. I think they will end up together once she finds out bout Johnny.

    Posted by joeyb193 at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:34 PM

    Can you tell me who makes Lulu's dress from the 7/24/12 episode?

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:34 PM

    Hi everyone

    Just hearing Blair talk to Starr seems she is still selfish. Why I say this because Starr asked her mother how Jack is taking the news of Blairs engagement and she pretty much said not good. Blair is still the same as she gets involved with men in her life and it doesn't matter how the kids that live with her feel about it. No wonder Jack is such a mess.

    Posted by TipsyTess at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:41 PM

    WOW!!! Heather knows that Robin is alive. Just when I think she has done everything there is always one more thing she has done in PC.
    I like the friendship that Todd and Carly has. I do hope Todd takes Carly's advice and finds a way to make it look like he had nothing to do with the baby swap. Then he can drop Heather.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:42 PM

    I wasn't expecting to see the update page available so quickly after the show aired so please forgive the early OT post to Scrimmage:

    Scrimmage - I'm glad that we could give you a place of solace during the past month. We're not going anywhere. I completely understand the complex feelings you were having during this past month. When my dad was in the process of dying, I also went back and forth by wishing his suffering would end soon and then feeling the guilt. Since I went through the loss of a parent first, I was glad to be able to let the SO know that his similar feelings during the two years of his mother's decline from cancer didn't make him a bad son.
    From the stories you've told about your mother, the world has lost a true free spirit, which saddens me because there's not many like her out there. I hope you and your sisters remember that she was one of a kind and you were blessed to have such a great mom.

    Practical advice: I'm not sure who is the executor of her will, but having gone through this with my own parents, please be sure you have a good accountant as well as a good lawyer. If I wouldn't have had my accountant, I could have made some serious mistakes during the settlement of the estate.
    As far as the clothing and the costume jewelry, try to find a great resale shop that specializes in vintage pieces. You should have no problem in the Dallas area.

    Posted by Cynic at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:50 PM

    Very sorry to hear of your Mother's passing Scrimmage. My own Mother is in her late 90's and getting very creaky, although we know she won't last forever it will be very hard when she leaves us. She was born in WWI and a young bride in WW2, so she lived in interesting but hard times. The saddest part of living to such an age is that all her friends and acquaintances have passed on before her.

    She did say the Queen need not bother sending her a card on her 100th birthday! Feisty to the last.

    The the Salvation Army and Goodwill have an online auction site for vintage and collectible clothes and jewelry, otherwise you might want to check out a vintage clothing consignment shop. Take your time. You have to grieve first.

    Posted by WatFan at Tuesday, July 24 2012 01:50 PM

    OT - Scrimmage - I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. You are in my thoughts. An idea about your mom's costume jewelry is: how about donate it to a women's shelter or a college that has a program that donates clothes to women going back or joining the workforce for the first time? I know our local homeless shelter has a program that gives men and women office attire from donated items. I'm sure assessories would be greatly appreciated as well.

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