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    Anyone Got A Plan C?

    Monday, July 23 2012
    Heather stabs Olivia, Johnny unloads his guilt on Connie, and Anna makes it to the shack.

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    Posted by raineysmom at Monday, July 23 2012 02:17 PM

    Steve, you are a %#&?!@ IDIOT!!!

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 23 2012 02:25 PM

    Reg: Steve, you are a %#&?!@ IDIOT......I think that is new wave French...I learned that through the Rosetta Stone.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, July 23 2012 02:26 PM

    I'm not at all happy with this Patrick as an addict SL. It is the exact replay of the Noah Drake debaucle, so one would think that Patrick could man up enough to realize that he is a father, above all. Considering how much he resented Noah for falling apart after his mother's death and knowing that Robin had experienced the loss of her parents for years, one would think that a brain surgeon would be smarter. Did he really say that he can only see Robin when he's high?

    Posted by raineysmom at Monday, July 23 2012 02:32 PM

    Hey, From,

    who is "Reg"??

    Posted by mamajj at Monday, July 23 2012 02:32 PM

    Hi all.

    Have the show on DVR will watch later.

    Looks like the walls are closing in on Heather. FINALLY!!! Man she is crazy. I just watched Fridays show & the way she guzzled that tea was very disturbing.

    Looks like hanging out w/Anna has made Dante a tad bit smarter. I am telling you ANNA is the smartest person on this show.

    So Dante doesn't punch StevenlarssssSteven in that stupid face of his? Bummer. He deserves an a$$ kicking for letting loose that batsh*tcrazytart.

    Hello to all my poster friends.


    Glad to see no one here was directly affected by the Co tragedy.

    Casting talk************

    So KS is on set this week. Jen Lily put out a you tube video say good bye. Kinda sad. she was crying. I do feel bad for her. She got some horrible treatment. best of luck to her.

    So they are recasting TJ but only because the actor who plays him got another job & is leaving.

    SB is not happy that Jasam didn't have their happy ending. he says they should be a family right now not going through all this drama but it's a soap. rumors & gossip. If anyone is interested.

    Posted by maja at Monday, July 23 2012 02:33 PM

    ITA lily, I don't know why they've turned Patrick into such a wimp, also where are all those concerned friends and family that promised to be there for him, with the "amazing" annoying duo of Lulu & Maxie I would put on ear plugs and amp up the amphetamines and do a happy dance off the roof of GH.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 23 2012 02:36 PM

    Rainey.....Sorry I had some StevenLars cereal for breakfast.....I REALLY meant "RE:"

    Posted by cbru at Monday, July 23 2012 02:37 PM

    Light bulbs going off all over the place. Anna realizes that Luke is in the shack that she didn't bother to check and Dante finally gets a clue.

    Olivia should never have turned her back on the nut job. And, of course, Heather makes a getaway to jump on the magic transporter to make tracks to the shack.

    At least Anna got one good punch in while she was saving Luke. I also think Luke will get shot so he can return the favor and save Anna. I have a feeling Heather will try to get out of this too but her luck hopefully will have run out. If nothing else, put this nutjob in a cell and throw away the key.

    StevenLarsSteve-is coming off like a 12-year-old complaining to Epiphany that Olivia is out to get his mommy.
    Gee, Dr. Stupid, do you get it now??? And, after all the havoc mommy has caused-and it will come out- I want to see this clown groveling at Olivia's feet and hope she kicks this loser to the curb. He is going to be bombarded by Dante, Anna, Luke, and eventually a few others. Dante is right-StevenLarsSteve is legally responsible for his whacked out mother and he couldn't be bothered to watch her. He let her go on her merry little way, killing and kidnapping. I hope they put him in a cell right next to each other.

    Dante-surely there are other doctors at GH. I wouldn't trust that idiot to take care of a hangnail, much less my mother. Hey, even Epiphany knows more than he does.

    pumpkingirl-agree with your post this am. I can't wait for KS to return as Maxie. I never warmed up to JL. There will only be one Maxie and that is KS.

    Hi aussie, tipsy, rans, 4my, 4ever, dubbs, straight, enad, FUBU, been, bean, blessed, willow, lily, unicorn, bayou, dex, midas, from, slades, maja, mayzo, poodles, cynic, mamajj, canadagirl, cowboys, scrimmage and anyone I missed.

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 23 2012 02:38 PM

    I think the writers may realize they have gone too far with the stupidity of StevenLars...when they have him slap himself on the forehead, saying "Duh, I could have had a V-8"

    Posted by jest at Monday, July 23 2012 02:38 PM

    Posted by fromthestart at Monday, July 23 2012 02:25 PM

    Reg: Steve, you are a %#&?!@ IDIOT......I think that is new wave French...I learned that through the Rosetta Stone.


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