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    There Will Always Be Haters.

    Monday, July 02 2012
    John gets tied up, Steve chooses sides, and Trey and Kristina flirt.

    Olivia meets Kate and Sonny at home and hugs Kate. Kate tells Olivia that they think Connie is gone, possibly permanently, but they did find out how she came to be. She couldn’t handle the rape, but Connie could. Olivia is heartbroken for her. Kate feels if she did not push it down all those years, she would have her son. Kate is ready to go back to work right now. She just wants to put everything Joe Jr. did behind her. Inside, Sonny is on the phone with Jason. If McBain has Joe Jr., he has to get him to Sonny. Kate walks in and he hangs up. He just wants her to heal and is not going to let anyone hurt her.

    On the plane, McBain tells Jason he is bringing Joe Jr. back but not if Jason gets there first. Suddenly, the feds approach Jason because he is on the watch list. Jason accuses McBain of being behind it. The verification will take a few hours, so John gets on the plane while the feds do their thing. Jason calls Sonny and the feds finish up while they are on the phone.

    Outside Kelly’s, Heather goes over her personal and professional success in her mind as she writes her first column. Let people hate, she thinks. Steve walks up and she shuts her computer. She has been agonizing over her column and can’t concentrate because someone is following her. She even counted her pills to make sure she did not miss a dose. But she caught Spin ogling her and he admitted Olivia had hired him. Olivia walks up and Steve asks her if it is true. She admits it is. Heather has been lying for weeks and he is eating it up. Heather agrees to tell the truth. She was with a man she met online, where pathetic and lonely losers go to die. He rented a room at the motel thinking she would put out. She told the cop he was her husband because she was ashamed. Steve admonishes Olivia for snooping. He knows better than anyone what she is capable of. He tells her they will talk tomorrow and leaves to be with Heather.

    Michael walks Starr home and they talk about the trying day they have had. He thinks she is doing great considering the circumstances, but she needs to get used to Kate being guilty. That is why what she did with Kate was so amazing. She invites him in for ice cream. They walk in and the place is trashed and the ice cream is all gone. They throw all of Trey’s things out the window until they butt heads. They lean in for a kiss but she breaks it off. She feels it too, but she feels like she is cheating on Cole. He understands. He loved Abby and she wonders if he is ready to let her go. He is not sure, but wanting to kiss her felt right. It still does. She does not want to hurt him. He is okay with being friends. He leaves and she thinks about him.

    Trey and Kristina talk about the TV show at the club. He is trying to establish a career, but she thinks there has to be more to him. His dad Joe Jr. calls. He hopes the stars are not giving Trey trouble. He can handle them, it is the rest of the cast that are a problem. Joe Jr. encourages Trey to charm them into getting what he wants. Trey admits it has been tougher than he thought, but not to lose faith in him. Would he bankroll it if he didn’t? A customer comes in and Joe hangs up. Trey tells Kristina his dad has always been there for him. His mom dumped him off on his dad and left. Kristina kisses him but he breaks it off. He does not need any distraction because his dad went out on a limb. He is not about to fail him. She wonders if he would rather be kissing Starr. He admits he would be attracted to Kristina if they were not working together.

    John enters Joe Jr.s shop and pulls a gun on him. He denies he is Joe, but as McBain goes to cuff Joe, he gets hit on the back of the head by a thug. He wakes up tied to a chair. They need John to disappear. Jason busts in shooting and gets the goons. He stops Joe from grabbing his gun. John thanks Jason for the save and wants to call it in. Sometimes the system will get it right. Jason takes Joe Jr. but leaves McBain tied up.

    Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Starr and Trey have roommate issues.

    Sonny wants revenge.

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    Posted by ransomha at Monday, July 02 2012 01:32 PM

    Love shoot em' up Jason.

    Well guess we now know Trey is Kate's son. Big surprise.

    Like Michael acting like a young man his age should be acting.

    Heather is a riot!

    Off topic:

    Lily hope you're hanging in there.

    4myjylli: Glad you are ok, so sorry for your troubles.

    Hi my sweet poodles: Hope you are doing well with all your babies.

    Posted by gulla at Monday, July 02 2012 01:36 PM

    loved Starr and Michael talk today.Starr was funny when she said gross when she seen the apartment was a dump.she says Michael we will not clean behind Trey mess we are not his housekeeper.Trey should of cleaned up before he left just disgusting.funny how they threw Trey clothes out the window and they bump heads.aww liked how Michael went for her face to check her head and almost went in to kiss her.wish they could of kissed that would of been hot and heavy.but she got cole on her mind still.i could tell she wanted to kiss Michael too.she wants to be friends and i know Michael dont want that the way he looked when he walked out the door.i really wanted them to hook up and be in a relationship.

    Posted by jumps at Monday, July 02 2012 01:47 PM

    Gosh, Jason must be so proud, FINALLY got one up on John. Enjoy it while you can Jason, it won't last long!

    Posted by jumps at Monday, July 02 2012 01:48 PM

    Well, it is confirmed, Trey is Joe, Jr Jr....LMAO! Guess he does NOT know the truth about his conception or birth!

    Posted by jumps at Monday, July 02 2012 01:49 PM

    I think Starr and Michael are just too darn cute together. Glad they are not rushing into anything physical just yet.

    Posted by jumps at Monday, July 02 2012 01:49 PM

    Oh and Steve is an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by 4evergh at Monday, July 02 2012 01:50 PM

    and the award for best liar goes to (drum roll) Heather Weber

    and the award goes for biggest dunce (drum roll) oh it is in the same family what a coincidence! StevenLarz/Steve

    Posted by ttoyou at Monday, July 02 2012 01:51 PM

    When Jason is good, he is very, very good and he was at his best when he plowed in to find Joe Jr or whatever his name is and McBain. I loved the scene.

    I'm really confused here and perhaps someone has already explained it during my absence but.......Wasn't Kate Connie first? Wasn't she named Connie and everyone knew her as Connie? And didn't she block Connie and go off to become Kate? So why is she now Kate and not Connie? I don't get it.

    Posted by lily hunter at Monday, July 02 2012 01:58 PM

    Seriously RC has pulled a flaming bag of bulls**t out of his hat this time making TV Trey the son of Joe Jr. and doing all the cutesy scene cuts to make us believe that he's Connie's son. The writers on SNL could have a field day with this, well, that is if they were clever enough.

    Here's my take on NuHissy (Nissy?) - her parents should have used the major portion of the money they donated to Yale to first buy this obnoxious ungrateful girl a clue, then spent the remainder on some intense therapy. The mob "princess" practically dropped to her knees today to get TV Trey's attention, and probably would have if big daddy from New Orleans hadn't called.

    I wonder if the return trip to PC is going to be some sort of amazing race between Jason and McBat with Joe Jr. as the prize they keep stealing from each other along the way. Now that would be some good TV, especially since today I saw the first glint of an odd couple vibe developing between them. Forget the women, these two could set up their own bat cave to fight crime in PC.

    Despite the fact that Heather is running circles around all her "nemeses" I have to give her the line of the day recounting the tale of Spinelli "ogling" her: "I found him nosing around my picnic basket". EWWWWW on so many levels.

    I'm thinking that Olivia might have to go to Monica and have StevenLars put on leave until it is determined what kind of drugs Mommy has been feeding him at home. Seriously, unless he takes off his shirt soon, he's the biggest waste of air (insert joke here) on the show. Speaking of Olivia, I almost gave her best line of the day for: "Connie wasn't your best side".

    Young love and as yet unfulfilled bowls of ice cream. Well, I guess this is what the young people want to watch. LOL

    Posted by 4evergh at Monday, July 02 2012 01:58 PM

    ok so let me get this straight. I have a man in my car passed out (dead drunk) so I would be less embarrased to say he was my husband to a police officer who I will probably never see again than to tell him I just met him on line. okey dokey. makes sense to me. LOL

    the difference between Heather and Todd that I can see is that Todd atleast has a concious, Heather has none.

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