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    Let It Roll.

    Friday, June 29 2012
    Starr defends Kate, Sam and Liz spar, and John and Jason settle in for a flight.

    John McBain answers a call from Natalie while sitting on an airplane. She wants him with them, but he has to see this through to the end. He hangs up and Sam calls him. She needs a friend and he tells her she has it. She is hurting. He thinks about it every day too. The plane is about to leave. He is glad she called and when he hangs up, Jason is standing there. He tries to switch seats, but they are stuck together. John tells him she just needed to talk. Jason does not need him to tell him about his wife. McBain thinks Sonny sent him to go get Joe Jr. Jason tells him his sister was not the only one Joe Jr. hurt. No matter what Jason has planned, John tells him to shut it down. Joe Jr. is his. Jason asks about Sam. John tells him she is hurting. Agents come on the plane looking for Jason.

    At The Floating Rib, Sam asks for a beer and goes over her conversation with Todd in her head, about how her baby was taken from her. Liz shows up. Sam knows she overheard the call to John and thinks she is going to run and tell Jason. Liz informs Sam Jason is not in town. She doesn’t care and Liz knows that is not true. Lashing out at Jason will not help. He came over to talk about it and Sam is surprised she made her move so fast. They start to fight about Jason, and Sam tells Liz she has been patient. Now is her chance. Jason is only going to give Sam what he wants. If she keeps pushing Jason away, one day he will be gone and the only one she will have to blame is herself.

    In his office, Todd is thinking about Sam. Carly shows up to go over his lease. He has hired Sam as his assistant and she is shocked. She thinks the paper is Todd’s fresh start, and the fresh start he is giving Sam is like the fresh start Johnny is giving Starr. He does not want to be compared to Johnny – he would never cheat on her. Why does Johnny need to help Starr? She could ask the same about Sam. Todd does not like Johnny. She defends him and Todd goes off. People don’t change like that. He will always make the wrong choice, even if he wants to change. She knows they are not talking about Johnny anymore. He denies it is about him. She asks why he is in town. He is protecting Starr from Johnny. Carly trust Johnny. Todd knows she is too smart to say something like that. Johnny has secrets. Everyone does.

    At the club, Michael tells Starr she looks beautiful when she is happy. Trey and Kristina bust in with the cameras and tell them about Kate’s confession. Kristina pulls Johnny to the side and wonders why he looks like he just dodged a bullet. He feels bad for Kate. She needs help, not punishment. He wants to know what is up with the cameras. He bets if she looks at all the other kids at Yale, they got in on connections too. Meanwhile Trey thinks Kate is heading right to jail. Starr and Michael leave and the cameras turn their focus to Johnny and Kristina. He wants to talk. He was raised in this life but it is a bad business. He is managing a singer now and has a special lady. Trey cuts and wants to keep it real. Starr returns and tells Johnny the charges were dropped. Johnny admires Starr and wishes Michael luck getting Kristina away from Trey. Michael is impressed with what Starr did for Kate. She was incredible. They share an intense look and he offers to drive her home. Kristina is excited to finally be alone with Trey.

    Kate remembers something in the courtroom about Johnny, but it is just out of reach. Alexis spars with the opposing attorney until the judge comes in. Ewen testifies about her DID. Alexis moves to have the charges dropped because of Kate’s illness, but the motion is denied. Starr and Michael walk in, and she wants to speak on behalf of the victims. She knows Kate is not responsible. She has seen DID first hand. Let the pain stop and let Kate get the help that she needs. The judge recesses and Kate thanks Starr. The judge returns and, provided Kate agrees to therapy, he will dismiss all charges. They are all ecstatic. Alexis owes all their thanks to Starr. Sonny wants to celebrate with Kate. She is so grateful for him being with her. He loves her. He chokes up and won’t let anyone hurt her again.

    Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Kristina and Trey flirt.

    McBain gets himself in a mess.

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    Posted by gulla at Friday, June 29 2012 01:36 PM

    Love how Starr and Michael getting closer and closer.liked how Starr defended Kate. So go ahead and hook these two up been waiting for a long time now.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, June 29 2012 01:42 PM

    Happy Hot Friday everyone,

    First of all where is Coleman, out in back smoking ribs, or does Heather have him stashed as her back up plan if things don't work out with Luke?

    So, I was kind of surprised that Dante wasn't in court today after the lengthy conversation he had with his father on Monday (finally got to see that episode last night). In any case, since Starr's plea reversed the judge's decision allowing Kate to do out-patient therapy, I guess the Michael Starr summer love affair will have the blessings of the Corinthos family. Let's see, if they ever have a child, he or she will be heir to the Quartermaine, Manning/Lord, Corinthos, Spencer, and Cramer dynasties with all rights to the inherited wealth, skills, and insanities that will afford the baby.

    Then there's the other summer love story - Hissy and TV Trey. I have to give Johnny the line of the day: "What's the clown's name?" I was so hoping that Johnny would just pop him once in the mouth, but I'm guessing JZ doesn't think he would be worth the trouble, so instead he volunteered to talk about mob life on camera. I hate to say this, but good for you Johnny. I also hate to say this, but I'd love to see the "all grown up" Hissy revert to type and try to use JZ to make TV Trey jealous.

    Now to the "deep and dark motives" portion of our program:

    I really hope that Todd figures out some way to put all the blame for the baby switch on Heather because I'm starting to like having him in PC. IMO the new Todd is not so much evil as hapless finding himself in situations that he's not equipped to handle with the limited moral code "passed down by blood".

    Speaking of blood, if Fire Bad (Jason) and McBat could have stuffed the machismo in the overhead compartment, they could have pooled their information and their skills to be sure Joe Jr. receives the justice he deserves. Yes, Jason we all know that you want to kill someone right now since you're in default Stone Cold mode, but did you ever think you could just let McBat put the guy in P'ville, where he could be treated to some jail house rapist justice? Oh well, it looks like you're going to have some time to reassess now that the uniforms boarded the plane in N.O.

    Just throwing this out there, but does the fact that Natalie and Liam are on an overseas flight make anyone else think that the flight will never land in England? McBat suddenly single, problem solved. Maybe he'll be so temporarily broken and brooding that he'll attract the attention of Liz the fixer. Again problem solved.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, June 29 2012 01:45 PM

    bayou - The SO decided that it was going to be too hot to go fishing today, so he's of course been underfoot all day.

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, June 29 2012 02:03 PM

    Hi Gulla I always look forward to your comments when Starr and Michael are on. I am beginning to like this Starr much better than when she 1st came on GH. I agree I think they make a cute couple

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, June 29 2012 02:05 PM

    That CAN'T be all there is to the new opening can it? Jason, Sam, and McBat, but barely a glimpse of Sonny and Carly? And no Q's? There's GOT to be more.

    Kate: “I was remembering something important about Johnny, but now it's gone.”

    Me: “Auuggghhhh!”

    Whaddaya know? Kate really IS a big tease after all.

    “Mens Rea” huh? Mental capacity? Sounds legal to me. Alexis got lucky, but I'm glad she wiped the smug look off that DA's face. I guess this means case closed for Johnny too. Gee, his plan worked even better than he expected.

    Not exactly a cliff hanger today, but it left me with a lot of questions.

    What's going to happen when Kate DOES remember? Will she tell Sonny, or Starr? Will she tell Johnny? Of course, the last thing she'll consider will be telling the authorities.

    And what now for Kate professionally? Is her reputation in shambles? Is she a pariah in the fashion industry? Will she be working with Todd, Sam, Heather, and FauxMaxie until Todd and Heather get exposed as baby-nappers? Will she ever get her office back? Will Todd try on her bloody wedding dress?

    LIZ, SAM, WAITAMINNIT! Just let me get the bikini's and break out the cooking oil. I loved their little snark-fest. It echoed a lot of what's been posted on this board for a long time. More please!

    And in the Men's division...

    If looks could kill, McBat would be a dead man. These two need to go find a bar and have a few drinks, so they can clear the air. New Orleans is the perfect place to do it. Wouldn't Sam be surprised to hear that Jason and McBat had teamed up to bring McBain's sister's killer AND Kate's rapist to justice? Especially if she goes to meet their plane, and the two of them get off joking around, giving each other grief, like old friends. She'd have a WTF? moment, for sure.

    Let's face it everybody. The real reason why things aren't working out between Natalie and McBain, and why Jason is so jealous of his relationship with Sam is because Jason and McBain are soulmates. They belong together. You could just see it when their eyes met on the plane. McBason! It's destiny.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Friday, June 29 2012 02:05 PM


    Lily: Would you believe hubs said Sunday would be a good day for fishing? I looked at him like he lost his mind. It's supposed to be 100 here everyday for the next 6 days. Plus the lake he wants to go to scares me. It's very shallow and unpredictable. Last Sunday a squall came up & sank a BR couple's boat. They had to swim for their lives & spent 8 hours up a cypress tree to get away from gators. They don't this lake "gator crater" for nothing.

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, June 29 2012 02:08 PM

    to Lily I did not watch Todd when he was on OLTL but I agree with your post I enjoy his expressions and his comedic timing.

    of topic:
    most of our public fireworks displays have been canceled due to burn bans. We help sponsor one at the lake but the county just banded it today due to hot and dry weather. Does not matter that they shoot the fireworks out over the water to the county. We usually have the boat in the water and watch from it.

    We have not even been able to get our boat into the water this year as the lake level is so low our lift would not work

    Posted by Bearsnsoaps at Friday, June 29 2012 02:09 PM

    Great new opening for gh. I'm so sick of Trey wish they'd get rid of him he's most likely going to turn out to be kates son though. I'd allso like to see Connie come back confront Johnny with the fact he shot out the tires. Does she know Todd bought her magazine? Little let down by the show lately they need to pick it up.

    Posted by thundering herd at Friday, June 29 2012 02:13 PM

    Off Topic

    Just saw a pic of Farah Fath, and she is pregnant. Anyone out there know anything about it?

    Posted by Scrimmage at Friday, June 29 2012 02:16 PM

    ***off topic***

    Thundering herd – Well, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...

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