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    Your Civic Duty.

    Friday, June 08 2012
    Anna takes the job, Todd and Téa leave the hospital and Heather holds the real results to the baby’s paternity.

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    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, June 08 2012 02:12 PM

    to Raineys Mom good post.

    to Bears good point why didnt Sam ask for a dna test on the (I hate to even say the word) dead, ugh, baby. If I thought someone had switched mine I would move heaven and earth to prove it. I know she is in shock but go with your instinks girl.

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, June 08 2012 02:14 PM

    Anna.....YOU GO GIRL!!!.. She is not going to stand for any cr@p from the crime element in PC. It was great that she gave Jason fair warning and that this kind of stuff won't be tolerated!!! We all know she gave Jason fair warning because Robin and Jason had mutual love for each other and Anna was doing this because of Robin.

    Haven't seen the show yet; I will tonight and I can't wait!!

    Anna is no pushover. It looks like the days of the PCPD Keystone cops is coming to an end, and it will be even better when Anna brings McBain on board! SPECULATION ONLY (about McBain)...but I think we all know that this is going to happen!

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, June 08 2012 02:16 PM

    Thanks 4ever..!

    I hope your family is coninuing to improve daily!

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, June 08 2012 02:17 PM

    to Gulla and all OLTL posters, I am so sorry for the way this has been going for you. I can't imagine having your soap canceled then you think there is a chance to see a happy ending and what have they done to your characters especially Tea.
    It has been many years since I watched OLTL so I am not familiar with these people, but I can tell you are really hurting over this.

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, June 08 2012 02:21 PM

    Happy Friday everyone,

    Before I get to the good portion of the show IMO I have to point out that the stupid train just stopped to pick up more passengers: Dr. Kelley Lee, McBat and the new loose-lipped nurse who shouldn't be discussing anything about patients without putting in at least 15 years on the job.

    Of course Anna should be the PCPD commissioner. If we don't count the years that Shawn Donnelly took over after Robert left to find her, there's been a Scorpio heading up the PCPD since 1981. I have to say that Anna is bringing a unique style to the office having face time with all the trouble makers, telling them how much they mean to her, then warning them that if their name comes across her desk again it would put her in an awkward situation and she'll show no mercy. I wonder when she's going to have lunch with Sonny to deliver the same message. Too bad she hasn't realized that Heather is running a one-woman crime wave, but hey, it was only her first day. Here's hoping that Heather has an attack of "I will not be ignored" in front of the new commissioner, or just outside her bedroom door in Luke's suite.

    Am I the only one who sees the pairing of Mac and Felicia as the future of Spinelli and Maxi? I guess time and curiosity will heal all wounds, plus a long dry spell for the curious, especially when there's envelope licking involved.

    I have to say that the lines of the day for me belong to Luke and Anna, but I have to paraphrase here. Just as soon as Luke cautioned Tracy that the police are not our friends, "Slim" enters to ask Luke why he didn't call her last night, then invites Tracy to pick her bone.

    As for the rest of the mess of the show I'm choosing to "go with the flow", in other words, watch, forget, and send off another critical email to ABC.

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, June 08 2012 02:23 PM

    thanks Raineymom, yes they are baby and mother good, got MRI on Mr today was what we suspected, arthritis and narrowing of the spine in lower back. atleast his pain is now gone and he has been off hydrocodine for 2 days and his bp coming back down. prognosis epidural (he has had them before) or surgery.

    Hope Aussies spoilers from last night happen soon these baby stories are getting to this Grandma of 5 LOL

    Posted by Blessed Fan at Friday, June 08 2012 02:23 PM

    Yea! Jason is the father. I hope the writers don't prolong this story line too long and everyone will know the truth. Heather is reaking a lot of havoc around Port Charles and is not leaving anyone out. I wouldn't be surprised if she lied about Franco and that he is not Jason's twin brother.

    Posted by raineysmom at Friday, June 08 2012 02:25 PM

    Duh!!! It's nice to know it's a fact that Baby Cheeto (love that cute!) is Jason's baby....even though we all figured it out months ago!! Franco plays mind games...and we could tell when the "alleged rape" may have occurred, that it was his way of screwing with Jason's head, and then the bogus DNA results saying Franco is the father.....That Stank like unrefrigerated 3 day old fish!!!

    I'm with Scrimmage....Heather doing these super human feats..... "off camera"....puh-leeese!!! She is not Wonder Woman for crying out loud!! (and she doesn't look anything like Lynda Carter either!! LOL!!)

    I'm getting so tired of her sanctimonious smugness.... SHE NEEDS TO GO DOWN!!!

    Posted by 4evergh at Friday, June 08 2012 02:26 PM

    cant remember all of Scrimmages teams but did he have Anna and Olivia as one?? I think that would be cool also

    Posted by lily hunter at Friday, June 08 2012 02:29 PM

    raineysmom - Now you made me go to the part of the show I was trying to forget. If Tea is affected by hemophelia, wouldn't she have almost died giving birth on bus stop bench?

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