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How Can I Be Okay?

Thursday, June 07 2012
Olivia asks Spinelli for help, Matt turns himself in, and McBain hurts for Sam.

At home, Alexis wakes up to a film crew in her face, but Kristina refuses to have them back off. They get total access or she leaves forever. Molly interrupts - Jason has texted. Alexis steps outside and calls Jason. Kristina is being a brat about who Jason killed this time. Alexis comes in and tells them the baby is dead. Kristina gets upset with the camera crew for filming, but that is part of the deal.

At the hotel, Matt takes off his wedding ring and leaves it on the pillow next to Maxie. She wakes up a while later and sees the ring, then the note. She quickly sees he has gone to turn himself in.

Heather visits Dante at the station and asks to see Luke. She wonders how they could arrest him without a dead body. Dante wonders how she knows so much. Matt arrives and wants to talk to Dante. Heather tells him to wait his turn but it can’t wait. Dante urges Heather to go home since Luke can’t see her anyway. She leaves and Matt tells Dante that he is turning himself in for Lisa’s murder. Maxie shows up and begs him to put the ring on, leave with her and live his life. She is not going to change his mind though, and he tells Dante he is ready to give a statement.

At The Floating Rib, Olivia sees Spinelli passed out in a booth and wakes him up. She realizes he was there all night and asks him if he saw Heather. He is not sure because he was so drunk. Olivia thinks Heather is hiding something and maybe Spinelli can help her figure out what it is. Heather shows up and wonders what they are talking about. She thinks the bartender likes her and Olivia thinks that’s weird because he doesn’t remember her. Heather is miffed Olivia is checking up on her, then checks her watch and leaves to meet Steven Lars. Spinelli sees what Olivia is talking about and agrees to help her.

In his motel room, McBain finds out from the hospital that Sam’s baby didn’t make it. Anna shows up and comes in. She wonders how he feels and he tells her about Sam losing the baby. Anna is worried he is feeling guilty. He is confused because the baby was healthy. He went to get the car, but was jumped. When he came back Sam was gone. She guesses the thugs were from Jason. McBain thinks if it weren’t for him, maybe Sam would not have been there and could have gotten to the hospital in time. Now they will never know. Anna insists on taking him to the hospital.

In her room, Téa asks to see her baby. Todd tells her the baby is dead. She accuses him of killing her baby. Todd wakes up – it was a dream. Téa is holding the baby and is so happy right now. Steve comes in and tells them they can be discharged today. However, the baby has a potentially serious blood disorder, common with people of Italian or Greek ancestry. She is confused because she is 100 percent Puerto Rican. If she stays one more day in Port Charles, they can order the tests so she can know right away. Todd tells her he has a plane at PC airport and they can do the tests in Llanview. She agrees and he leaves to get a car.

Sam is in her room holding her son, but then wakes up and her arms are empty. Jason tells her it is going to be okay, but how can it be when her baby is dead? She just doesn’t understand why John did not come back. Jason tries to explain something to her about the baby, but she is too upset to let him go on. As they are arguing, Alexis, Kristina and Molly show up. Sam tells them what happened while Jason leaves the room. He listens outside while she tells them about John not returning. He walks off and then Todd walks up and listens in on Sam. She must have passed out and when she woke up, Jason was there and the baby was dead. Alexis leaves to get Dr. Lee and runs into Todd outside. She warns him to stay away. She finds Jason and he tells her he is sorry about the baby. She wonders if he really is. She blames Jason for not being there for Sam. Inside, the girls say goodbye. Sam leaves the room and sees Téa in the hallway with her baby.

Todd comes back to Téa’s room and Heather soon enter. She wants to have a chat. Outside, Jason and John run into each other.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam has a realization.

Anna takes the job.

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