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    He Needs To Be Eliminated.

    Thursday, May 31 2012
    Sam and Téa both go into labor, Sonny and Jason make plans for McBain, and Heather goes out of her way for Luke.

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    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:35 PM


    lily..sounds like a nightmare.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:35 PM

    mamajj - I stole it from someone else, but can't remember who it was.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:41 PM

    mamajj - I'm proud of the SO. He didn't lose it when he saw the house, just called me and we made a game plan to fix what they had done.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:44 PM


    Lily: I've never understood how some renters can treat property the way they do. After all, this is the place they call "home". As my grandmother would say-"some folks are so common". And believe me, she did not mean ordinary or everyday!

    Posted by StraightTalker at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:45 PM

    Peeps, this is General Hogwash where most of the things that happen does not make sense. I think that if we can get pass the fact that Chrissy is practically old enough to be Cam's mother when they were born around the same time then the rest is just child's play. Although the show does stretch the bounds of reality, you have to admit that things have been entertaining in PC in the last couple of months. Because of that fact, I am choosing to enjoy the enjoyable aspects of the show and take the rest with a grain or two of salt and up the measurement when necessary, LOL.

    Posted by Casey1 at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:45 PM

    Hello GH posters

    I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I really like Todd. His scenes, whether staring down the barrel of Sonny's gun or dealing with Tea going into labor today, are always humorous. His wet look isn't bad either.
    Poodles, I was thinking about you when Todd asked Tea if she could put her seatbelt around her big belly. I think you will appreciate that one, as you also commented on her big (basketball) belly.
    I am going to express an unpopular opinion,but I liked the scenes with John and Sam. He was calm, reassuring and supportive. Just what she needed.
    So Heather is going to take care of Anthony for her beloved Luke.
    Won't he be surprised, and what price will he pay?
    To the FOD members, Lulu was making more sense then Delores, the cop.
    She just might have what it takes to solve this case. 
    So, does anyone think Franco might be alive and he leaked the story to the paper and was also responsible for Jason's arrest? Could he be working with Heather? while Heather has her own agenda and that is to reclaim Luke.

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:46 PM

    bayou - My mother used to call people like that something much more colorful, but common is a great word.

    Posted by poodles at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:54 PM

    Hi everyone.

    Rans- Thanks for the warning. Unfortunately I had already watched. It’s raining now here in the windy city with rain and storms predicted through the weekend. I’m going to stay out of cheap motels, will be taking no rides in cars of anyone I don’t like. After my doctor appointment today, I think Tula Rose might arrive a little early.

    Port Charles needs to update their infrastructure to the 21st century. Hard to believe a storm causes both the cell and the landlines to go out, but the electricity stays on.
    I thought Sonny gave Jason some good advice even though I agree with StraightTalker on Jason blaming McBain for this distance that HE has cause between him and Sam. This is all on Jason.

    I’m with everyone who says it will be impossible to switch Grande Tea baby for a tiny Sam baby. I’m hoping no switching and no dead babies please.

    Lily- yes, I expect to see Gordon’s Fish Sticks as advertisement at any time now. LOL

    Posted by dietcoker at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:54 PM

    Hey everybody, three things about today's show that were so unbelievable they were dumb.
    1. Both women went into labor that fast.
    2. The land lines and cell phones both weren't working at the same time.
    3. AZ sitting there with that creepy grin on his face after being dead for that long. His mouth would just hang open.
    But even with those things I love GH.

    Posted by bayoubtr at Thursday, May 31 2012 03:54 PM


    StraightTalker: The amount of sodium needed for some of these storylines could be harmful to the bloodpressure!

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