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    He Needs To Be Eliminated.

    Thursday, May 31 2012
    Sam and Téa both go into labor, Sonny and Jason make plans for McBain, and Heather goes out of her way for Luke.

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    Posted by StraightTalker at Thursday, May 31 2012 01:44 PM

    Hello all:

    Somebody please wake me up because I felt like I was in a twilight zone while listening to Jerkson and Sonny. Wen did Jerkson worked up that BS of a spin regarding Sam’s pregnancy? And when did his inability to step up and be a husband to his wife reverted to this smere campaign against Sam and John? I am not goint to reiterate the many opportunities he had to talk with Sam when John was not around , but he instead chose to walk away every time. I want to know how “getting rid of McBain” is going to fix the problem of the real issue of the baby and his lack of commitment to raise it with Sam. The unlightened and woefully ignorant jerk sauce kept going on and on about how Sam keeps running to McBain. Whose fault is that may I ask? It’s not as though she can expect any response or emotional reciprocity from a cement block.

    So Sonny is now among the ever growing list of people who have given Jerkson a variation of the man-up speech. Spin gave his version followed by Liz which was then followed by Molly then Monica which was followed by McBain and now Sonny. I can’t see how any of it has done any good because Jerkson is no better off now than he was a month ago. While I give Sonny two thumbs up for his man-up speech, what in the world was the rest of his talk about? If that was his attempt of psycho analysis, I have to say that he is as good at it as he is at firing a gun. So according to Sigmund Freud II, Sam is “pushing Jerkson away because she loves him and because she is unintentionally seeking to destroy the best thing in her life, or the thing she wants the most”. Now that is a classic case of projecting if I ever heard one. Sonny, when you attempting to analyze someone, you can’t go around prescribing your own messed up way of dealing with your mess up life to other people. Then again, I can’t be too hard on him because Jerkson only gave him selective parts of the story and not the full picture.

    Oh my, my Todd was on today and was in excellent form as usual. Tea is really a screamer, that poor baby is going to come out of her womb with a massive migraine. Although I must say that if there is ever a time to scream it’s during child birth. I love the entire scene, heck, I would go as far as to say that I liked Tea today (Take that Aussie, LOL). I think that she is at her best when she is mad, irritated or annoyed with Todd. I was hooting with laughter when she demanded that Todd get that car moving, even if it means he uses his mind to do it.

    Sam baby is coming early and Johnny on the spot is on hand to help. I hope that he is the one who gets to help her deliver the baby, but with Smith and Wesson planning to cause trouble, I’m not sure how long he will be available to help with the birth.

    Posted by sladest38 at Thursday, May 31 2012 01:45 PM

    This show is really starting to stretch credibility and my patience.
    1)Seriously our we to believe that it is credible for the mama's to be going into such a quick labour...Come on!
    2)Wowzer how long was Tea in that garage passed out and nobody until Todd discovered her.
    Seeing that Lulu is related to a person of interest(her father) a
    police department would be asking to her leave immediately and not leave her alone with the accused.
    4)A law enforcement officer let's a known convicted criminal off as per a lame excuse like Heather's(I forgot my licence(stupid stupid stupid)
    Ok rant over.....breathe slades breathe
    It was nice to see my dear sweet Delores not one but two days in a row.Niiiiiiiiice!
    @watfan-yeppers CW(boneheads)are moving our Winchester boys to Weds night,but at least they cancelled that godawful Secret Circle.

    Posted by dogmom4 at Thursday, May 31 2012 01:50 PM

    Hi All,

    Wow, did the storm bring on the labor? I agree with Rans - very unrealistic. Too funny, Heather making AZ smile!


    Aussie - I read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, and have to say that is was a little disturbing. (Note: I still read all . I've heard it's supposed to be made into a movie. I can't quite imagine that.

    SoGeorgiaGal - My condolences about your doggie. Truly, I know how you feel and my thoughts are with you.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

    Posted by Scrimmage at Thursday, May 31 2012 01:53 PM

    Heather and Anthony make such a lovely couple.

    Let's see, two cars on the same rain soaked road. Hmmmm... Whenever they show two or more cars, there's usually a wreck not too far off. I was surprised when it didn't happen, but the night is young. I wonder if Oblivia will get popped for disposing of Anthony's body, since it was her car the cop pulled over.

    Geez, I know Ransomha saw this coming, but I hope there's no baby swap in the very near future with both Sam and Tea delivering in twenty minutes (or it's FREE). And for Pete's sake, keep Heather away from the hospital for the next few weeks – especially the maternity ward.

    Todd is a hoot. He makes me chuckle all the time. Tea can screech like a banshee all she wants (and BOY, can she!), but she has only herself to blame for her current predicament. If she had simply stayed at the MetroCourt, she could've WALKED to GH, but NOOOOO! She couldn't possibly stay in the same hotel with “the man who killed my husband!” How's that decision workin' out for you now, Delgado?

    Well, since Anna turned down the job, I guess Lulu is acting Police Commissioner. It's a self-appointed position, kinda like what she's doing at Crimson. At least you'd think so, the way Defective Falconeri and Delicious Dolores are reporting to her. It made me laugh when Lulu told Luke he needed to start talking to her so she could help him.

    MEMO TO LULU: Little girl, your father will tell you what he wants you to know only if and when he's good and ready. As for needing your “help,” he was dealing with this sort of thing literally before you were born, so I think he knows what he's doing. If he needs you to do something for him, he'll let you know. Don't forget that you're married to the cop who arrested him, which as Luke said is “close enough.”

    Now if Luke can only get Tracy to quit flapping her gums. And what's with the instant DNA tests? I could buy that maybe they could identify the blood sample as human, and maybe it's type fairly quickly, but to match it specifically to Anthony so fast is ludicrous. We do not possess the technology to do genetic comparisons “while-U-wait.”

    When Sonny and Jason were discussing McBat and his methods and motives, and how things look from their perspective, they were actually commenting on how far-fetched this whole storyline is. I couldn't help but think how things would make so much more sense if they were right about McBat, and that he really IS a vindictive cop with a personal grudge against Sonny for something he didn't do, and that he actually IS using Sam and any means necessary to get to Sonny through Jason. The story would be much more realistic and lot better if that were the case, although we'd hate McBat. What we as viewers know as “the truth” is much more unbelievable, and it's hard to fault Jason and Sonny for not buying any of it. I've seen everything that's happened between Sam and McBat, and even I'm not buying it.

    Posted by fromthestart at Thursday, May 31 2012 01:56 PM

    Jason....I am SOOOO tempted to call you a DOOFUS, but that name has officially already been taken by Matt and Maxie....
    We'll try and think of another name worthy of your actions.

    Posted by Bearsnsoaps at Thursday, May 31 2012 02:01 PM

    Hi everyone ot a cold rainy day here 49 degrees for our high. I knew heather took az. When she put that smile on his face it was so funny. I kept waiting for her to meet up with Todd and Tea. I thoughtthey were all on the same road. Now I know when two women in same town are pregnant there's usually a baby switch but I don't think they can do that same isn't as far along as Tea correct? I think Luke should have it figured out jz is setting them up. Heather had some great funny scenes today. Enjoyed today's show.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, May 31 2012 02:15 PM

    When has childbirth EVER been realistic on a soap?

    Posted by lily hunter at Thursday, May 31 2012 02:18 PM

    On to today's show:

    I would have titled this recap Got Stakes until I watched the last five minutes. Now I think dueling labor would be a much better title. Although I've never gone through the birthing process myself, I've heard from friends that have that it can take hours, sometime days, so I'm a little confused about Tea and Sam both going into overdrive birth today. I guess Sam was right when she said, " Something is seriously wrong here". Let's see, could it be the writing?

    Sonny's meds are really working well. I don't think I've ever seen him be the voice of reason for such an extended period of time. IMO his best lines of the day were "I'm tired of McBain" (I know I am) and his ending advice to Jason, "You can't turn your back on Sam, she needs you". I also liked the fact that he pointed out that Sam and McBat wouldn't have a relationship if Jason could MAN UP (paraphrasing here).

    Okay FOD, your girl was center stage today at the PCPD. Too bad she's not as good at the smart work as her appearance. Nice that she's playing the Ronnie guilt card on Dante, but we all know where he sleeps, so I think Cupcake is going to solve another crime, that is unless Luke uses his phone call to bring Anna to the PCPD. Once she sees this group in action, she'll have to take the job she was offered, if only to clear the Scorpio family name.

    If all this action wouldn't have been enough to entertain us, apparently Heather mugged a Gorton's model and took his slicker. I don't know how she thinks she's going to bury AZ though. I doubt that Tracy has gardening tools in her trunk.

    I loved seeing Todd shaking Tea's cell phone as if that would make it work. For those of us who are old enough to remember the first TV remotes, I think we remember doing the same thing to reseat the batteries. LOL

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, May 31 2012 02:19 PM

    Hi all.

    Watching & posting...

    Since when does a TINY drop of blood mean someone is injured or killed. That spot of blood was tiny. AZ could have had a splitter, a paper cut what ever. It wasn't like it was a puddle of blood. IF he were shot there in the boat house wouldn't there be more blood? YES GMAFB Once again the file clerk is making more sense then the dectectives.

    Posted by jumps at Thursday, May 31 2012 02:20 PM

    Like John told Jason yesterday, "you were not there" when Sonny killed his sister.
    Jason has no idea what type of mobster or what Sonny had to do to get to the top back in the early days in AC. Jason was not there.

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