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    I Don’t Think I Like You.

    Wednesday, May 30 2012
    Kristina brings in a camera crew, Luke and Tracy are caught with the gun, and Maxie and Matt go home.

    In the courtroom the DA orders Maxie to testify against Matt, but she informs him that a wife does not have to testify. She shows off her ring and Patrick and Spinelli are shocked. Maxie expects all charges against Matt to be dropped and the DA agrees that since Maxie signed the agreement as a single woman, now as his wife she can’t be compelled to testify. Plus, her release stands. Mac tells them they will have to stay married forever in order to prevent her from ever having to testify. She asks Mac and Felicia to be happy for her. Spinelli tries to remind her about her previous problems with Matt. He wants to marry her instead and give her a big wedding she deserves. He pleads with Mac and Felicia to change her mind, but they know they can’t. Mac tells Felicia Matt is not good enough for Maxie. She invites him out for a drink like old times. Maxie and Matt leave while Spinelli holds back tears.

    At the police station Delores tells Dante that she found a blood stain at the Quartermaine boathouse and is waiting for the results from forensics. Dante wants her to come with him to Johnny's to question him about the tire shooting. He is a suspect again and to Dante, Carly's alibi is meaningless.

    At home Johnny is haunted by Anthony. The murder has not yet been reported despite all of his efforts. Anthony thinks it is because he always screws things up, like when he killed those kids. He accuses Johnny of regretting killing him and doubts any charges against Luke and Tracy will stick. Dante and Delores arrive with a search warrant. He tells them he had nothing to do with shooting Anthony’s tires and instead they should start with Tracy and Luke. Anthony came over there scared because they wanted to kill him. Delores finds Anthony’s cell phone. Johnny tells them he got a text and left to meet Tracy. They get a call that the blood was Anthony's and leave. Alone, Johnny wonders where the body is, but Anthony tells him there is one problem. Luke and Tracy didn’t do it.

    Luke and Tracy are in the boathouse looking for the body. They know he could not have walked away but Tracy begins to wonder if he was really dead. Luke tells her someone must have moved him and again they accuse each other of killing Anthony. She swears on everything she holds dear, like her father's life. He tells her to pick someone she truly loves, and after smiling at him, chooses her mother, Lila Quatermaine. He swears on Lucky and Lulu. So if neither one of them did it, who did? She thinks maybe Sonny, but he doesn't agree. Luke tells her they have to get rid of the weapon. As they are holding the gun the cops come up and arrest them.

    At Alexis' house, Kristina tells Molly, Sam, Sonny and Alexis they are going to star in her new reality show, "Mob Princess." Sam tells her the last thing they need is media exposure and she will regret it like she did when she did reality TV. Sonny is not sorry about Yale because he did what he thought was best for her. Alexis thinks she is overreacting. They had good intentions, but it was misguided. Kristina is taking charge though, and the camera crew comes in to set up. She introduces Sonny before Alexis threatens them with lawsuits. Kristina keeps talking about everyone and Molly begs her to stop. She doesn't and Sonny breaks a camera. Kristina threatens them to all be part of her show or she will leave and never come back. Alexis realizes Jason had been arrested and tells Sam. Molly tells her she is only cares about Kristina but Kristina thinks it'll be fun. Outside, Alexis prefers not to lose Kristina, but Sonny refuses.

    At Mcbain's hotel room Jason accuses him of calling the cops and wonders how it helped Sam to feed the story to the paper. Jason also defends Sonny in regards to his sister, but McBain tells him he wasn't there. Jason wants to know of McBain wants him out of the way to get to Sonny or Sam? John tells him it doesn't matter since Sam loves him and if he loses her it is his own fault. Jason leaves and runs into Sam in the hall. She heard about his arrest and he tells her Liz posted his bail because he didn't want her involved. She wonders why they are arresting him for an old murder and he tells her to ask McBain, then leaves. Inside John calls Natalie and leaves a message telling her he does not want to lose her.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Todd surprisingly runs into someone.

    Both Sam and Tea’s baby’s need medical help.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by beenaroundalongtime at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:37 PM

    To the mob prickette's ultimatum...bye heifer.

    Johnny, little mob-boy a little advice......don't kill YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE MURDER.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:37 PM

    Regarding yesterday’s posts:

    I find it quite amusing that we expected Chrissy to be this normal, well-adjusted, grateful, and loveable young adult considering her parentage and upbringing. We are talking about a girl who has a neurotic, controlling, possessive uptight, over-protective, snobbish, and image conscious, be it a loving woman, for a mother. She also has a bully, bratty, arrogant, power hungry, neurotic, possessive, irrational, unstable, impulsive, dangerous, criminal, hot-headed, and controlling, all be it a loving man, for a father. She has never taught the value of taking any personal responsibilities for the wrongs she did because both of her parents did not allow it, and more damaging, they often covered and stood in her stead when consequences were dealt out. Although Chrissy had what we would term a privileged childhood where she did not lack for any material things, this was offset by the fact that she did not get to live said childhood in the manner that other kids her age had the privilege to do. She had to be the perfect daughter with the perfect grades and the right kind of friends. She never had the opportunity to discover who she is as a person or what she could be or do as an individual. Alexis practically had Chrissy’s life mapped out for her since she was in the womb, and everything that she has done, even though from a loving place, has been geared toward procuring that perfect future and life for her daughter. A person’s character is developed and formed as a result of the mistakes and failures of life and the triumph that results from overcoming those failures and mistakes. Alexis and Sonny has deprived Chrissy of this very important aspect that is crucial in any child’s development.
    What Alexis and Sonny did to get Chrissy into Yale was wrong on so many levels, and I for one adamantly disagree that Chrissy should have been grateful that her parents loved her enough to get her into the university of her dreams. It’s not as if Chrissy couldn’t have gone to another university that had a stellar academic reputation. But no, it had to be Yale, and why was that? Yes, it was her dream school, but more important than that, it was Alexis’ alma mater, and nothing else would do but for her daughter to attend just like she did. In that vein, she colluded with Sonny to bribe and strong-armed Chrissy into gaining admission into Yale. I understand parents loving their children and I also understand them doing whatever they can to help their children’s dreams come true. However, there are lines that
    Should not be cross, especially those that conflict wit the same values you are trying to foster in your children. What Alexis and Sonny did may not seem like a big deal in the scheme of things, but look at it from another angle. What if instead of being on a wait list for Yale, Chrissy was instead on a wait list for an organ? Would it have been okay for the two to bribe and strong-arm the people in charge to bump Chrissy to the top of the list so she can get her organ transplant? What about the individuals who are before her on the list, and who are desperately waiting for their name to be called? Are they less deserving? All I’m saying is that you can “love” your children to their detriment. When other things such as prestige, personal reputation and social image are thrown into the mix, and you are trying to live your life through your kids, then you have a giant mess on your hands, which is what Alexis and Sonny currently have. I am all for helping your children succeed, but not so much on the buying them success part. I can’t blame her for leaving Yale after all the crp hit the fan.
    Now, I can understand Chrissy’s anger, disappointment, outrage, and disgust at Alexis and Sonny, but I don’t condone any child that disrespects a parent, no matter if it is deserved. I get where Chrissy are coming from and the impetus behind her outrage, but there is no way that I would talk to my mother like that. Heck, I am in my twenties and my mother isn’t afraid to tell me that “I brought you into this world and I can take you out” if I ever forget myself and forget who she is, hahahah. Then again, she raised me better and so I behave accordingly. Sonny and Alexis whole heartedly created that hot mess that they have on their hands, and like Frankenstein, they have to deal with the consequence of their creation. Now that is the extent of my understanding regarding Chrissy.

    Will be back to post on today’s epi,.

    Posted by lily hunter at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:40 PM

    Hi everyone,
    I haven't watched the show yet, but did manage to catch up on the comments I missed.

    raineysmom - I'm thinking it's not so much the way that Hissy got into Yale as much as the way she's acted since she arrived that causing her friends to "turn" on her. A little therapy could do wonders for the girl, or better yet, if Ethan was so important to her, she might want to join the hunt for him. Holly would have a field day with her.

    Scrimmage - As usual ITA with your comments, and I have to commend you on the "right off the bat" phrase (pg 15) addressing the surprise pairing of Claudia and Sonny.
    Continuing, yes I was put off by Maxi's smug appearance and wouldn't mind having her thrown back into P'ville with Tiny as her roommate. I believe the "legal" precedent she's citing has less to do with the law book she was "reading" and more to do with the case of the first Mrs. Morgan.


    lovely - I hope everything goes well with your meeting. I'm sure that your experience, institutional knowledge, and past performance will stand on it's own merit and everything will be fine.

    sladest38 - Not exactly sure what your post meant, but that never stopped me from giving my opinion, so here goes. I personally prefer tomatoes, and I really support getting rid of the apple, letting women off the hook for original sin and all.

    sladest38 and Dubbs - You're very lucky that cat kings of the house just sniffed you. After all, they could have presented you with a hairball to show you that they know just how you feel. LOL

    The SO finally collected his things and left at 3:30 this morning, but not before making one last trip to his man shed to pack even more power tools that he just might need. He should be arriving in Illinois by 6pm. As for me, I think it's going to be an early night as I was up and down until 3:30, then the kitty feed me alarm jumped on the bed at 5am. Quiet time has begun.

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:41 PM


    Spinelli, Spinelli, Spinelli....SOMEONE- ANYONE needs to have a man to man talk with you...MAYBE even a woman to man talk....Let me put it another way...You are beginning to make "RADAR on MASH look very "SUAVE" when it comes to the opposite sex....

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:45 PM

    OMg. this storyline reminds me of YR's Naked heiress. It will bomb quickly. this new Kristina is feisty and ungrateful. Boo hoo hoo, Daddy paid a little money to get you into Yale. If your grades sucked you wouldn't even have been on the waitlist.
    Why not transfer into a new school, why quit school all together? you are embarassed and dont want to be married to the mob, but you want a tv proclaiming yourself as a mob princess? little girl logic.

    Johnny, i hope everything you are doing is worth it because you are a jump and skip away from being Kate's roommate. Again, what a crappy way to take out AZ. Loved that actor.

    WE all know Heather has the body. Let the games begin.

    Matt is so desperate to stay out of jail that he married Maxie. Poor Spinelli, who worked his butt off gets left with nothing, again. Oh well.

    Posted by Blesseddiva at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:49 PM

    StraightTalker: What off the parents that pay for a new science building? Is that bad values? It happens all the time.
    Alexis, agreeing to do a reality show will just embolden your brat. Say no and mean it. Why would you want anyone to see how you live, with your crazy cassadine ways? No, stand up to Krissy or cut her off financially.

    By the way, since the crime occurred prior to her marriage, Maxie can still be compelled to testify to the it.

    Posted by KillerQueen at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:50 PM

    Maybe if Alexis and Sonny LOSE Kristina for the summer she will not be such a BRAT. She makes Molly look like the ADULT

    Posted by fromthestart at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:50 PM

    Alex wants to give Kristina what she wants so that "they" don't lose her....Oh man - are you kidding me ??? It reminds me of movie previews I saw recently......

    "You gave me candy for breakfast"

    "But, that's what you wanted"

    "You're SUPPOSE to say NO"

    Posted by raineysmom at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:51 PM

    Lily....ITA totally with your comments about Hissy.

    LMAO re: your comments to Slades and Dubbs re: "cat kings (and queens which I hace) of the house"!! Absolutely true, although, I believe that female felines are a little bit more delicate about it. I did have a male cat, so I can judge the comparison!

    Posted by Bearsnsoaps at Wednesday, May 30 2012 01:51 PM

    This new Kristina is annoying. I know they are trying to write her as being angry but it's just coming off as annoying. I think maybe it was her new friend maybe the one who gave the info to the papers about Sam and jason for publicity. Why was Luke still walking around with that gun he should know better. I still think heather took Anthonys body. Poor spin he loves Maxie so much but isn't Matt suppose to be leaving so maybe he will get his chance. Unless this Maxie leaves too.

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