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    A Cadaver We Have To Stash.

    Thursday, May 24 2012
    Todd gives Sonny an ultimatum, Heather threatens Sam and Tracy and Luke hide a body in plain sight.

    Todd is eating alone at a restaurant when Sonny arrives. Todd wants to know what his answer is regarding the deal he presented. He reminds him there are two options: either Kate goes to jail or she doesn’t. Sonny thinks there is always another option as he places his gun on the table. Todd gets up to leave but Sonny encourages him to stay because he has settled on an option. He tells Todd he is going to kill him and send Starr to prison for attempted murder and no one will ever know what happened to Kate. Todd is not really interested in option three so he opens a briefcase that may change Sonny’s mind. It is a newspaper article with the whole story about Kate and if anything happens to him, it runs. Todd wants Kate to get the help she needs because she is blameless. He puts pressure on Sonny to make the right decision.

    Delores and another officer arrive at the Quartermaine estate and tell Monica they got a call about gunshots. She didn’t hear anything and gives them permission to check the grounds. Jason shows up and tells Monica the baby isn't his, but Franco's. She assumes Sam cheated and he tells her everything, even that it was Heather Webber who sold the baby when Susan was passed out. He lets her know that he and Sam are over because he can’t promise to love the baby. She shares how she felt that way about Jason when he was a baby but when she held him all the resentment and hurt from her relationship with Allen disappeared. She thinks he can find it in himself to do the same. He leaves. Heather shows up and Monica wonder what she is doing there in violation of a restraining order. Heather suggests the go outside for fresh air.

    Tracy finds Anthony's dead body in the boathouse, then stumbles back and finds the gun. Luke walks in and, seeing her with the gun, asks what she has done. She accuses Luke of killing Anthony and while they are bickering they hear the cops approaching. They carry Anthony outside and put him in a lawn chair outside the mansion. Delores and another officer enter the empty boathouse and she finds blood. They leave to find out who it is from. Outside the mansion, Tracy hushes Luke because she can hear Monica and Jason talking. She finds out Franco is the baby's daddy. Luke and Tracy hear the cops approaching and pretend Anthony is alive, sipping ice tea with them on the patio. Delores heard gunshots and asks Anthony if he is packing. Tracy shushes her and lets Delores know his unexpected naps are the only relief she gets. Delores gets called by forensics and leaves for the boathouse, and Luke and Tracy start to really sweat. Heather comes outside and asks what is going on.

    Olivia visits Kate at Shadybrook and lets her know that Dr. Keenan is going to be okay. Olivia wonders why Kate is there anyway and Kate fills her in on her breakdown at PCPD. She found out Connie did something much worse than sleep with Johnny. Olivia apologizes for giving her grief about changing her name and tells her she has been doing a lot of research and DID is treatable. They wrap up their visit and Olivia lets her know she will never be alone with her and Sonny.

    Carly shows up at Johnny's place and wants to know why he begged Sonny to forgive Kate. He tosses a pillow over a blood stain while she yells at him. He thinks he owed Kate because he knew she didn't know about Connie. Carly wonders what else he has done to make him feel so guilty. He asks again for forgiveness and she says maybe, but when she is ready, not now. He tells her he can be patient. He closed the door and he is haunted by Anthony again.

    Heather approaches Sam at Shawn’s and lets Sam know that some people will shun the baby, but she won’t. Steve walks in and wonders what is going on so Sam tells him they were talking about how the baby would make them one big happy family. He leaves and Sam informs her that Jason is telling the Quartermaines everything. She wonders how well Steve will take the news that Heather sold Franco. Heather tells Sam that she will regret not delivering the letter she gave her for Steven. She and Steven leave, then Jason shows up. he lets her know he spoke with Monica and Sam assures him she will make sure they will have a relationship with the baby if they want. She asks Jason if he wants to join her at Lamaze.

    Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

    Alexis gets a surprise greeting.

    Michael is closer to learning the truth.

    Edward, Monica and Tracy are thinking about ELQ.

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    Posted by Dubbs at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:27 PM

    This is a repost from an earlier post from today:

    I have a better suggestion. Why don't those with a problem with OT posts, stop posting. Personally, I don't want anyone to leave, but if someone has a problem with the amount of traffic we generate with comments on the show or about other shows or hobbies, such as gardening and food recipes, they have the choice of not reading them. The nerve of those who would wish to impose their will on this community shows that they have a brazen disregard for what this community has become and what the true value of its members give one another. A cyber family which cares for one another and in that spirit...

    OT - To everyone who is sick...get well soon. To those with ill family members... my thoughts are with you. To those expecting or have had recent additions to their families... congrats! To those with a problem with this... sorry, but I'm not stopping so feel free to disregard all of my posts.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:31 PM

    Hell y'all.

    On yesterday’s post:

    Enad wrote “Straight: Remember this "di truth hurts, who caan tek it haffi splurt, run left mi pants and shirt" LMAO”.

    ROTFLOL!!! Dat a hot tune.

    On the renaming of Jason- Jerk Chicken is such a classy food and I should be ashamed and barred from any Jamaican restaurants for the next 10 years for such defilement.

    I am not getting rid of Jerkson but I will add another substitute. In honor of both the FOJ and DIJ, the fallback name for Jason his Hunk a Junk. “Hunk” for the FOJ and “Junk” for the DIJ. Never let it be said that I don’t know how to exercise the art of compromise. LOL. I am off to the nation’s capital to impart this artistic ability to the less fortunate.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:32 PM

    Since I loved the Todd/Sonny scenes so much, this entire post is about them.

    Aww, was that Conan the waiter I saw? There was even instrumental music in the background for atmosphere. One of the things that I liked with the beginning interaction between Sonny and Todd was the civility that surrounded everything. I mean, there’s no reason why enemies can’t break bread together while reasonably discussing the merits of the barter system. Blackmail is such a dirty word, wouldn’t you agree? LOL. Besides, blackmail doesn’t really fit because it implies holding damaging info over someone while forcing them to do something they don’t want to do. Barter on the other hands is where both parties exchange goods, sensitive info in this case, and both sides walk away, if not completely happy, at least mollified. I loved this entire interaction. This is the way that mob business should be conducted from now on. Good food, good manners, soothing music, a waiter on hand to see to everyone’s palette and the peacemaker on the side just in case things get to boisterous.

    Oh Sonny, that was really rude pointing that gun at my Todd. Just goes to show that manners have slipped by the wayside these days. I guess he really does not know Todd if he expected him to fold at his display of mobstershack. Sonny really should have known better given that he doesn’t back down when his own kids are involve. I just bet Sonny took Connie to Coney Island the day they covered negotiation and the barter system in economics class. Main premise, no one shows up at the table empty handed or at a disadvantage . Did Sonny really think that Todd wouldn’t have a back up plan? So not only did Sonny miss that crucial day in economics class, he also failed to show up in thugonomics class the day they tattooed on the brains of the future mobsters that lesson one is to always “know your enemies”. I can’t blame him though because a mobster gots to do what a mobster gots to do. His look at the end though showed that he knows that Todd has him by the short and curlies (No smart jokes Shrecky).

    Will back in a few to comment on the rest of the epi.

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:34 PM

    Hi all.

    OHHH we do get a weekend w/Bernie. Too funny. I can't wait to see it.

    Why is JZ letting people in if he hasn't done the proper clean up?

    Hello to all my poster friends.

    Posted by Casey1 at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:35 PM

    Hello GH posters

    ***off topic***

    Fromthestart......PLEASE come back to the board. Your perspective on the show as a male viewer is very much appreciated, as are all the other male viewers. You bring humor to the board which is quite welcome. 

    Posted by Bearsnsoaps at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:37 PM

    Hi everyone what a great powerful and funny episode today. Loved the scene with Sam and heather. That Sam would kick her ass if she wasn't pregnant. Maybe Monica will get Jason to rethink his ways. Now Sam needs to tell alexis. Why doesn't Sam tell steve what heather did why cover for her. Loved the scene with Luke Tracy and Anthony. To have him sitting there like he's taking a nap was so funny he was suppose to be reading crimson magazine. Hope everyone has a nice day.

    Posted by raineysmom at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:38 PM


    LOVED your post and ITA 100%!!!

    FROM....please come back...don't leave!!! Please don't let some insensitive comments from some people make you leave the GH cyber family that loves yoU and your input to this board!

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:40 PM

    straight...You have me LOLing right now. Short & curlies.....

    Posted by WatFan at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:41 PM

    Yeah! I'm so excited I love Weekend at Bernies!

    OT - Skip em if you don't want to read them - I skip every post about gardening - well because I hate the hobby but understand others love it and don't care as long as they put OT before and OnTopic when it pertains to the show.

    Later Gators

    Posted by REALMENLUVGH at Thursday, May 24 2012 01:46 PM

    Dear OT "Haters":

    The OT comment is an integral part of the on line experience. Also, the asides are often like mileposts in the lives of those who read and post. Without these, the discussions would still be lively (now with improved flavor from new posters), but the experience would not be anywhere near as communal as it is (who could become inflamed at Scrimmage for the 1 time out of 1,000 that he is wrong if you know his backstory? ;-)).

    I side with Dubbs (and undoubtedly many others) when I say let the OT comments ring. If they don't resonate with you, don't read them. 99 3/4 out of 100 posters mark them for your protection.

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