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    Good Luck With That.

    Tuesday, May 15 2012
    Todd stands up for Carly, Kate and Starr get emotional, and Spinelli seeks advice from Jason.

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    Posted by Blesseddiva at Tuesday, May 15 2012 02:49 PM

    @lily: Michael has as much issues as Star. He lost Abby, killed his step mom, got raped by Carter amongst Growing Up Gotti, I mean Corinthos.
    His suitcase isnt any lighter than Star's.

    Star and Johnny: no please GH, I beg you, please don't do it. I refuse. Johnny belongs in Carly's bed, on her couch etc.

    Why are they not getting conKate a shrink? She should be evaluated, not locked in jail.

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:03 PM

    jumps - I'm quoting From here: As MR GOLD would say...."Not on a SOAP Dearie"

    Posted by lily hunter at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:05 PM

    Blesseddiva - Yes, Michael has been through alot in his life, but he seems to be sorting out his suitcase, while I think that it will take Starr years to try to stop stuffing hers to the point that she has to sit on it to keep it from popping open.

    Posted by ttoyou at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:07 PM

    OT, Risa, what part of the Cape are you from? I have a place at Cape Cod and am going down there tomorrow.

    Will make some comments about the show today. I enjoyed it a lot and am learning to really enjoy this Todd from OLTL. The guy holds his own very well.

    Posted by ttoyou at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:13 PM

    I meant, will make comments later today. Ah, well why not now?

    Why did Johnny feel the need to apologize to Sonny about his tryst with K/Con? Did he really believe Sonny would help him with Carly?

    I think young Molly sees her relationship with JT, or TJ as a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing. A forbidden, young romance, which probably would not have occurred if her mother hadn't forbidden it.

    Posted by ttoyou at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:16 PM

    I got cut off so I have to continue. Poor Alexis, she can never get it right with her children. Yet, I think her daughters are pretty terrific. Bright, beautiful, driven, thoughtful (well at least Molly is)

    I agree with From.....K/Con's eyebrows are something else.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:29 PM

    Hello all:

    It was great to see Dr. Lee today. With two baby mamas in town, I hope we see more of her. Nothing against the blonds on GH but when Dr. Lee and Sam were together, I couldn’t help but think that the dark haire ladies in PC are knockouts.

    Forget taking a drink everytime “Hope” and “Cole” are mentioned, if you want to get your drink on, you should go for the BLT option. You would think that BLT is an addictive substance that everyone in PC are hooked on and thus they can’t go a day without it.

    I am actually looking forward to the s/l with Molly and TJ. You can’t have parents on the show without having at least a s/l or two around their kids. I think that this anx with TJ and Molly is going to push Alexis and Shawn together. The Max and Alexis train didn’t really leave the station and the Shawn and Carly train derailed just as soon as it took off so I think that these two are next in line for a hook up. I liked the possibility of Shawn and Carly at the beginning, but face it, Shawn is too normal and sane for Carly. Carly likes her men a little crazy, unstable and with a healthy dose of drama for flavor.

    I can see Todd using that info he overheard as leverage and as a means to prevent Michael from testifying against Star. I don’t think that he is going to confront Michael but rather have a little talk with Sonny about KatCon. I don’t expect anything less and I sure don’t fault him for that.

    Rainys- You know if that was victor he would have done the same thing Todd did with additional threats thrown in, just saying. Victor and Todd are cut from the same cloth when it comes to bribing, blackmailing and other nefarious acts.

    Blessed- You can’t go around saying all that stuff about Jerkson because you might just get a package from the ladies of the FOJs. Lol.

    Unicorn- Maybe you can borrow that bar of soap that McBain gave to Sam for her birthday Re your comment on Jax.

    Posted by StraightTalker at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:34 PM

    Jumps- I am with you Re Michael and Star. Michael had a lot of crp that he had to work through before he became this guy that we all love at the moment. I loved Abby and and wished she was still here but when all is said and done, Star and Michael have a lot more in common than Michael did with Abby. The s/l between Star and Michael are endless, not to mention the drama.

    Posted by raineysmom at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:39 PM

    StraightTalker: Absolutely agree with you re: Todd & Victor. Look at who their mother is!!! Irene manning: Insane AND crazy!!

    Posted by dee52399 at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:44 PM

    Well it looks like Sam is going to have a boy, I can't believe that nobody said anything, if you read the part where Sam sees Dr. Lee and tells about the baby that the baby is going to have to have a test done after he is born

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